When people ask me to tell them a little bit about me, I frankly get confused. How can I tell a little bit, when I have a lot! How can a Person be described in a little bit?!

We are a lot, and describing myself in two sentences almost impossible, but just to get everyone trust and support I will describe myself as a mother of three young kids, who are living this hard life, just like everyone else, trying to survive and making the best of each moment in this life.

I  consider myself a strong person with an unbelievable sense of humor.

Good Humor make people smile!
The more we laugh, the longer we will get to be here, on Earth, healthier and happier!
This forum is made not only for a good laugh but also to help people to believe in themselves!
Believe that YOU ARE beautiful, smart, strong, energized, funny, loved and most of all UNIQUE !!!
This forum doesn’t know how much money we make, or what kind of car we drive.  This forum makes everyone Unique! Enjoy!


What is Life? 

Life is a mystery and to understand it we need to create a pathway that it easier to walk through the woods. Sometimes people are so complicated that they don’t understand the meaning of life. Humans search for materialistic and physical pleasures, and the just a little is never enough. The more we have, the more we want to have.

Every Human is very individual and every person looks on the World through their own lenses.

For example:


In one small city, there was a couple. They lived in a small apartment, in a tinny neighborhood, where the windows from each apartment were facing each other. 

Every day the wife complained to a husband: “Honey, our neighbor is doing laundry today. Every week she is hanging her clothes outside and it is always dirty. I wonder if she is blind!”

A week after a week she repetitively questioned if her neighbor sees that her laundry stays dirty, until one day, when her husband washed the windows in their apartment. 

Suddenly she ran to him saying that surprisingly the neighbor made laundry and clothes were clean! 

The morality of this story:  we see the reality with our eyes through the dirty, cracked window.

Most people assume that Life is about things, big or small. In some way it is correct. If we enjoy and get relief from emotions by getting a beautiful dress or a sharp business suit, we are happy!

Happiness is something that makes us smile! When people smile, they are happy. They look younger; they feel weightless when they are laughing.

What makes us happy? 

Again and again, we say that every Human is Unique and this is why depending on a personality, many people searching for their happiness within themselves.

A human being as an individual can find a searchable key to happiness only inside of their soul. Sometimes it takes a lifelong journey to discover where that special key locates.

When we think about something very specific, we want to achieve it, get it, use it and most likely we will.

Our thoughts are our reality!



Right away, after reading the previous paragraph, we want to create thoughts of something we want. Imagine, magically appeared genie comes and gives out what we want…

How awesome! Right…

The perfect advice was given by a person, who runs a huge marketing scam. A totally misleading company created a huge marketing software online, recruits people, promising millions of dollars in 5 minutes! Once people are signed into a program they had to pay. Every step for using their million dollar revenue program must be paid.

Pay or no highway!

But most importantly, they had the best training and inspiration towards the future. Something that supported the Code of Life!

Here is what the letter said:

Are you not sick hearing quotes like:

“Do Nothing and Get Rich” syndrome?


Hi, what happens if?

You go to high school and “Do nothing”?
Go to college and “Do nothing”?
Start a new job and “Do nothing”?

Here is the answer and we all know it!!

You will FAIL miserably!

So why is it that so many people fall into the true SCAM of things like.

Click a button and get rich 

Do 5 minutes a day and get rich…

Honestly, all of it really upsets me to the core…


It’s all a SCAM and a lie!

I will tell it to you again… Are you ready?

Getting RICH by doing nothing does not exist or we would all be rich!!

At that moment the scam company agrees that anything that offers: “Do nothing and get rich” is a scam! 

How is it possible? 

Easy… this is what makes rich and successful people stand out from any crowd. They don’t stop searching, creating a path to their financial freedom. Those companies don’t do anything illegal at all, but they are so much smarter than us, regular Humans, who believe their beautiful inspirational stories right away. They think ahead of us and they work much harder than any of us because they want to achieve those results and get the golden key.

How exploratory and very simple!

The middle road to success is making the right decision. The hardest part is to achieve the searchable results. It is still doable, but the results vary on the personality.

More than 60% of humans at this point stopped, looked around and returned back home, in front of their TV, warmly loved couches, and cozy spots; disappointed, upset and angry.  They blame everything and everyone except themselves. But the worst part comes later. The situation like that makes us stop believing in ourselves. It is a dead end for most people, who give up something they wanted to achieve.

This example teaches us a huge secret of life. And the only good motivated point out the conclusion, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

The reality from disappointment makes the willingness and outcome in life either stronger or weaker.

Maybe getting dressed and go back out; searching again and again, instead of the comfort of the calm and relaxing time, will bring a good result sooner than we all think.?

Working harder guarantees success.

Think about it and don’t stop halfway! Find the key to your happiness and only then, you will find the key to life!


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 Thank you!


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