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How much does your dream worth.

Why is it so  important to have a dream!?  

Dreams gives us motivation and willingness to fight for our future!

Some people have a dream to write their own book, maybe biography and maybe fiction. Other people dream to develop their own application or a website. Some girls wish to become models or movie stars. Another category of people willing to become a scientists and discover something new, some one wants to win a gold medal during  Olympic games.


Today we would like to take this subject deeper into a logic of Humans  and describe some of the real life examples when people achieve or fail their dreams.

tricky mind

Author wants to stay anonymous

I always wanted to become my own boss, not only to get an authority of being a Director of Corporation, but also a chance to make my own decisions. Ability to analyze  businesses and to make the right decisions  for an employers pushed my so hard to go separate direction.  


The rudeness of bosses, who feel right to scream at their personnel is exceeds all expectations. Sending my ideas to the garbage cane and three months later takes the same idea and converted as their own, made me sick.

Acknowledging their employees as slaves, pushing them around and never admitting the positive results and their dedication to the company, feels the worst of all.


In most cases an owner hires a professional business analyst, who develops the entire plan of execution, who plans carefully step by step all departments for the smooth operations and to adjust and convert business into the new era of social networking.

All of it stops once the owner lost control on payroll hours.

Work for an idiot

Owner who is not being able to understand the concept of time and the Internet Commercial needs is not a good boss.

Not being able to monitor their employees, who are sitting in front of the computer all day and clicking and digging around social media. Sometimes it is beyond their understanding. Strongly believing that the only person who needs to sit in front of the computer is themselves (Bosses)!


Their old school of training and running businesses doesn’t work anymore.

Couple years from now, they will close their businesses because they don’t want to adjust to the new reality of social networking within a digital world of matrix . 


They tried by making me sit on the phone for the entire month, and call new businesses over and over again without a single result. It was a huge proof that old school of business is dying. 

“What do you think the first thing a business manager does in the morning?” – I asked her once. 

“Checking the email box for new messages,” – she replied to me right away.

Software package box Word cloud concept illustration of affiliate marketing

“So why do you make me to spend so much time calling that person, who refuses to pick up the phone, while he or she reads the important email information from some other business? Why you don’t let me to email them instead?” – my words came out so fast in the sense of business analytical mind.

 I tried to make her to understand that old school is left behind and it is time to learn newest tricks in digital world.

growth and change

Being as a team member for six months on the specific project, I never heard a good word from that business owner towards me. She refused to acknowledge the facts that sales grew over 100%  within my first month.

One day she just told me that she doesn’t want to proceed with digital networking and it doesn’t give her any results, she sent me home for further notice. 

I deleted all accounts that I linked her business with my social media and that was the end!

no coming back

Couple months later I received an email from her company, where the tax return document for the 12 months of business, opened up as an attachment in front of my eyes.  

Black on white; the results shown me that during the time I was working for the company, I generated 100% increase from the previous months and once I left the company, the sales decreased more than 100%. Apparently it was her loss. 

She tried to get me back on her team after she saw the results, but I was re-playing the entire situation in my head with her business and her attitude towards me, I politely explained that I am working on different project. 

dont think i am stupid

Another major role played the feedback from her: “I am not a micro-manager! I don’t need to know what and how this is done!”, – and while all that said, she physically doesn’t let me do my job.

That statement made her disagreed to her own previous statement:”This is my business and I am the boss! I decide what is good for the company and what is not! You are my employee and you will do what I say!”


Well, this is 100% correct, she is the boss and it is her business. No one tries to take her business away.

I was there to execute her digital world as a contractor, not a partner and to make more money for her and her company. But how am I supposed to work when I have two absolutely opposite statements about executing my job.

How wrong of someone to say: “I am not a micro manager, but I am the boss and you do what I say!” –  Confusing? That’s right!

i quit

In the result she lost trusted and hard-working employee, ability to generate double income sales and  closed the doors to social media option.

basic stupidity

The statement of the boss:” I am not a micro manager!” It is the most absurd statement I have ever heard!  

no patch for human stup

For example: if the corporation has over 1000 employees, each department has a manager, who takes care of the main issues, this statement can possibly pass for a true and correct approach.

But we are talking about a company with less than five employees! That specific owner has only five people to manage, and it is her business!

That statement breaks down in tiny little pieces, where the stupidity and mentality of  a human being stays above those broken pieces!  Not even high school diploma needed to understand this!

human stupidity

In one of the previous articles we published about the difference between a boss and a leader.

boss vs leader

As we discussed the differences, many comments and opinions came to our email box from all over the world. We clearly developed an idea that the leader –  is a person, who knows how to train and to monitor employee’s progress. Leader is that person who knows how to make the job done and not afraid to work with the employee one on one.  The boss is almost like a dictator who points the finger towards the job, but never spend any time to train or to show the correct ways of any particular job.

boss 2

During the development of those differences, we recognized and tracked down the highest turnover of employees – belongs to the companies with bosses-dictators, while the companies with leaders; train, support and keep their employees for years and maybe a decades.

leadership is a key

Training is a key to successful growth of the company! Without proper training most of the employees will fail the required job.

Huge factor plays a key role, when the company creates a team of players and each employee have a feeling of being important, motivated and involved with different projects.


How many times a person hired by the company had an experience with a business manager, who don’t like to acknowledge that the newer employee produced better results. He or she will do anything to keep sitting in the same chair for years, getting a good chunk of paycheck in their pocket and slowly destroys the reputation of the good, hard-working youngster.

Stressed businessman governed by puppeteer hands

It is almost like a boomerang; an owner –  don’t know the details of a current situation, takes a side of an older and trusted employee; business manager – pushes out the youngest hired person, and the youngster –  loses the confident and motivation to be  working at the place where the abuse and disrespect exists.

Let’s turn around the possibilities in the same situation; business manager – spends a good amount of time and gives a proper training to the new employee, where the new idea or innovation is  supported. Gives an opportunity to be involved with development and follows up on the progress.  In the result –  the sales growth becomes visible and both of them become a team.  Business owner satisfied with their work and production and happily raises both of their salary. It is almost a fairy tale with happy ending.


So why so many owners are not  even trying to get  better results?  Why so many unhappy employees, who feel not appreciated and under paid? Why many companies close their eyes on such an important factor of training their team? Don’t they understand the importance of a Human?

never stop learning

I don’t care how much education anyone has, I care if a person is trainable!  I had many situations where an immigrant with broken English was able to learn within a time frame more than an individual graduated from a higher institute with a Bachelor Degree.

As of today, I became seriously tired of watching how many businesses destroy other’s people lives.


Huge disappointment working for such a boss-dictator, who promises a golden gates opened for their future success and never keeps those promises.

But I am not sorry to experience all those bosses. I am thankful to every single one of them –  for pushing me so hard, where my dream becomes a reality!  

Where my experience and knowledge can be advanced and innovated for the new era of digital and printing world!  


remember why y started

oblogka 8_2016 issue 1

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Opening Line

Opening Line


It was the first time, and it wouldn’t be the last… when I decided to create something totally new. My excitement was growing with every page and every picture I implemented into my new project.

Every page was getting done very slowly and considering that a deadline is very close, I was never making it on time.

My head was full of ideas, but something was getting on my way of distraction. Pulling my hair off  and not being able to sleep for days, I noticed that my project started to move faster.  

Two months later I got to the last page and from the moment of my first time and until now  I know that it wouldn’t be the last!

Please welcome the cover page for the new magazine Human Relationships, where the first Issue date for printing edition will be changed to August 2016!

oblogka 8_2016 issue 1



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To All of The Fathers on Earth!

father and son


One of the greatest titles in the world is parent, and one of the biggest blessings in the world is to have parents to call mom and dad.


My father used to say that it’s never too late to do anything you wanted to do. And he said, ‘You never know what you can accomplish until you try.’

i love y because y do

I imagine God to be like my father. My father was always the voice of certainty in my life. Certainty in the wisdom, certainty in the path, certainty always in God. For me God is certainty in everything. Certainty that everything is good and everything is God.

I have a Father’s Day every day.


I pray to be a good servant to God, a father, a husband, a son, a friend, a brother, an uncle, a good neighbor, a good leader to those who look up to me, a good follower to those who are serving God and doing the right thing.

When it comes to Father’s Day, I will remember my dad for both being there to nurture me and also for the times he gave me on my own to cultivate my own interests and to nurture my own spirit.



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Independent Voice

Today we would like to mention the best independent publishers, who are listed inside of the April Edition of the Independent Voice.

Please take your time to go through the pages to know what authors are published inside of – Ingram Advanced Independent Voice Magazine.


Independent Voice


The Self-Publisher’s Toolkit

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Sell More Books

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What you pay for is a greater value through an experienced and reliable self-publishing partner.

Take a look for yourself. With more potential money in your pocket per book sale, you’d be hard pressed to find the same excellent service at a comparable value that offers opportunities like these.




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Never say Never…


Never get mad at someone with anxiety for apologizing a lot.



It’s a coping mechanism and yelling only makes it worse.


They don’t need tough love or anything like it.

IMG_5367 (1)

Reassurance that they are fine is the most important thing!!!!






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One hour from Past…

1hour (2014_12_04 07_22_20 UTC)

Sharing anonymously: 


“I only wish for that “one hour” to spend with my Dad for the past 20 years! Knowing how fast times fly, I truly think that one hour just to sit on that bench and talk about 20 years missing for both of us, would be ideal!

I just want him to know how much I Love Him, Miss Him and Hoping to get that chance to talk to him for an Hour!!!”





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Dying of a Heroin Overdose Does Not Make You a Scumbag

When I came across this article and my first association was about Human Relationships, Addictions, Human Minds, our physical and mental “inner you”. Very interesting comments about this article, great discussions and most of all we are still humans in every way possible.  Many of us experienced having someone you love next to you being involved in drugs, alcohol abuse and substances, some of us even tried and abused alcohol, and more., but only a personal experience in being involved in any situation above will create  a good story or a comment.

If you would like to advertise with us we offer these options:

human relationships personally written promotions, human feedback, and increase in traffic
human relationships advertising products or brand

Please share your thoughts!


by Ph.D A. Thomas McLellan

•In the wake of the tragic death of Philip Seymour Hoffman, I am shocked by the vast range of opinions and emotions that have been voiced in the public discourse. Media outlets of all shapes and forms are weighing in on his death — and specifically, the foolish, self-destructive choices he made associated with his addiction. The explosion of speculation and moralizing surrounding this death brings to light how conflicted our feelings, as a society, are about this disease. And the science is clear on this point. Addiction is a disease — and like so many other diseases — its onset is caused by an inextricable cluster of biological, behavioral and environmental factors. But for some reason, this disease still inspires a socially acceptable prejudice that is simply not appropriate and certainly is not right.

•Last week I was speaking with a prominent and well-educated journalist who was doing a report on substance abuse. He was interviewing me as an expert in the field — having spent my career researching addiction and working to advance policies and practices to support improved care. But in addition to my professional experience, and like so many of us out there, my experience is personal as well. In 2008, I lost my youngest son to an overdose. And yet, despite knowing my professional and personal background, this seemingly intelligent reporter made the following statement to me in casual conversation: “What a weak piece of sh** that Philip Seymour Hoffman was, eh?” Even as I sit here several days later, I am dumbstruck by the callousness, the audacity, and most of all, the ignorance of this comment.
•Overdosing on heroin doesn’t make you a scumbag. Having a drink after 20 years of sobriety doesn’t make you weak. Having an addiction is not a moral choice. In fact, I think it is accurate to say that having an addiction is not a choice at all.
•Sure, it is a completely voluntary act the first time anyone picks up a drink, smokes a cigarette or uses another drug. And that remains true for at least several more voluntary choices to drink and/or use. But then something happens in the brains of about 10 percent of those who use — we don’t yet know exactly all that happens in those brains but for sure there is triggering of genetic expression, and likely induction of immunologic reactions. We know that those biological changes have primary effects in the brain especially in the areas responsible for governing judgment, inhibition, motivation and learning. We do not yet know why some drugs produce these effects in some people; how much or often one has to use to bring about these changes, or how long these brain changes last. And we do not yet know which of those who drink or use for the first time will go on to become addicted. But we do know two things for sure. Nobody — nobody — has their first drink in order to become an addict. And we know for sure that the brains of those who become addicted are very different from the brains they started out with.
•I wonder how the media or the public would have reacted if Mr. Hoffman had passed away as a result of another disease that he had been struggling against for 23 years? Say cancer? I think the young actor’s triumph over cancer likely would have been celebrated throughout his career as an example of his personal strength — a story of a talented individual bravely overcoming the odds. Perhaps he would have been “the face of” recovery from his particular form of cancer. Giving hope to fellow sufferers, raising awareness and needed research funds to find a cure. What, then, would have been our response if the cancer had come back, and ultimately he lost his valiant struggle? My guess is we would have had compassion — we would have celebrated his struggle and remembered him for his courage — and we would have been right to do so.
•But Mr. Hoffman reportedly died from the disease of addiction. An acquired, progressive, relapsing disease that he managed to beat back for 23 years of his life. And it was likely a day-to-day fight. Science has shown that drug addiction actually produces lasting changes to the brain’s structure, particularly in those areas responsible for inhibiting actions and moderating motivational urges. For example, we know that environmental cues associated with alcohol and drugs (like alcohol commercials on TV) can trigger brain changes associated with substance use. These environmental events (people, places and things associated with substance use) have been shown to evoke strong cravings even in sterile laboratory settings; and even among those who have remained steadfastly abstinent for years. In other words, commonplace situations — like being offered wine at a dinner party — can literally cause the recovering addict’s brain to work against his effort to maintain sobriety.
•Cast in this light, maintaining recovery from addiction sounds like a pretty heroic effort to me. So why haven’t we celebrated that part of Philip Seymour Hoffman’s story? Why are there no national campaigns celebrating the many day-to-day battles that recovering individuals fight to stay clean and sober? And why — if this disease overtakes you and you lose the fight — do people who should know better sneer and suggest that the victim was a “weak piece of sh**”?
•We don’t talk about other diseases like we talk about addiction. But we used to. I am old enough to remember that before science helped us understand other stigmatized diseases like cancers, tuberculosis, polio, depression and HIV — those who suffered from those illnesses, and their families, were also ashamed, alone and angry. But science and medicine changed public understanding for these still terrible diseases. Those who suffer from these diseases also fight relapse and they do it valiantly — but at least they no longer have public approbation and scorn to add to their struggles. And they have large, well-funded public associations properly championing new and better treatments for them. For each of these diseases science has changed the way they were perceived and managed; and with those changes came public understanding and ultimately public support. The science is equally strong in the case of addictions and it is time that media and public perceptions about addiction catch up with the science about this disease. Until that happens, too many talented and extraordinary people will struggle in silence and die in the shadows of shame.


Need help with substance abuse or mental health issues? In the U.S., call 800-662-HELP (4357) for the SAMHSA National Helpline.

Be the one who survives, not a victim of emotions and weaknesses!!!

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    Everyone has insecurities. It happens. It’s natural. We’re humans, after all! And we live in a world that is often setting up expectations full of judgment. I am no different than anyone else. I have had my list of insecurities. I don’t normally do this, and I probably won’t do it again for a long time, but I thought I would love to hear your thoughts and your judgment about yourself.

    Please share some facts about you that you used to struggle with or still do

    Write public if you would like to hear feedback or comments, or email privately to: if you want your  story or post to be shared anonymously.

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      Romantic Relationships

      What women need from their partners?

      Women just like men love sex,  when  men makes it so obvious by saying it out loud,  most of women keep it a secret. In the real life, when couple is married for 10-20 years, busy with work, kids, household and so on, there is hardly enough time to have a good, quality, romantic relationships.Usually it’s quickly done with no more trying!

      Women are  petite and beautiful with flawless soft skin. Their bodies need  soft touch, slowly making them to beg for roughness. The stronger men are in their sexual ending, the more love  women feel toward their loved ones!

      Please, don’t forget to give your lady a colorful  bouquet   of flowers!

      Women loves colors!


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        Simple Words

        When God decided to create a Human, he called Angels to ask them about his idea.


        Angels replied to God with ” NO”, explaining why they don’t think it is such a good idea….

        god and world

        “Putting a holy soul inside of a body, would not be a good combination and will not have any success”.

        Sometime later, after God has created our World, he called Angels and asked them if they can give any names to each object they see or to any animals, but Angels couldn’t create even one name.

        raffaello creation of animals detail

        On the sixth day, God created Adam ( first man) and called Angels to see his creation. While Angels were looking at the first Human, God asked Adam to name all objects around him.

        naming all creatures Jan_Brueghel_the_Younger_Creation_of_Adam

        Adam started naming everything in words ( birds, sky, blue, green and so on) without even thinking!

        He was creating names, combining them into sentences by using simple words.

        Angels were amazed on how quickly Adam was giving names to everything his eyes saw around him: grass green, water, clouds, butterfly, apples, trees and so on. Finally, Angels agreed with God that his idea was successful.

        creation of the world

        Going back in times our Humanity was made to create a new World of communication by using our skills in using words!

        Ability to communicate in simple words gave us an ability to grow and progress in every aspect and field.

        One of the biggest invention by humans using simple word practice is definitely Internet, Virtual World of Matrix, in which we are existing now and our future generation.

        world and creation

        Please understand the importance of your words! Sometimes words can hurt more than a hit, cut or a broken leg!


        Human’s nature is to remember bad words longer than good words, because painful words leave a deep scar in our hearts and  souls!


        Love each other by respecting, listening and understanding simple words!

        It gives much better results in the future, when politeness is used. Applying simple words in friendships, marriage relationships, work environment and just in everyday life in correct and polite ways with respect and knowledge, gives such a high level of respect to others and to ourselves.

        Using proper language helps to understand and support each other in any hard situations.


        Copyright @ 2014-2016 Human Relationships. All Rights Reserved.


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        How much trust do you put in people by telling them your secret?


        What if you tell your closest  friend or your spouse about your personal secret and that person shares it with his or her friends?

        What if you find out that your personal secret is not a secret to many people anymore, and does it feels that your inside private life was taking outside?

        How much trust do you put in people by telling them your secret?

        This is what I believe and heard from many people before:

        “Why do I have to know? I didn’t ask her or him to tell me such a personal stuff! Why do I have to care about that?” – very simple explanation from a person you consider a good friend.

        Most of our parents will tell you: –  “Be very careful  when  you choose a trusted friend.  Most people are fake and careless about other’s secrets. It is a gossip that they need to tell someone else, because keeping it inside is very hard. “


        When your secret is being shared with someone who don’t really knows you, it is not considered a secret, because other person just needs to be there to listen.  Once they heard something interesting, they have to share it with their friends, so they don’t keep it inside of them. By describing other’s personal secret, they forgot couple major parts to include in the story. From that moment the story becomes brutally abused , but the real person, who’s secret came out of the closet still exists. 

        Couple weeks later the circle of all mutual friends closes and the story comes back to a narrator in such a different version where it is almost impossible to recognize. The only true part stays with that story: is the name of the narrator. 

        What do you think the person (narrator) feels when they recognize themselves in that gossip?  


        You know that person for many years, you should know what you can or can’t trust them with, but in real time, friends separates on categories: social friend, communication friend, and trusted friend. All three categories are still your friends, but which category  you should trust?

        1. People believe that their trusted person is the same as you, and that is a wrong assumption and not true! Everyone is unique in their own way. What is important to you, not necessary is important to them! 
        2. People would like to give a second chance, believing strongly that the person they trust, will change and understand their mistakes from previously made before. Some people learn from mistakes,  some don’t and you are not having  those rights to judge them, but not trusting them on your own. It is your choice to trust them, but understand the outcome of it,  you are the one,  who probably will get really hurt later!
        3. People who’s priorities to have  and enjoy their closest friends next to them, for good and bad life experiences, will never give out your secret away, just because they are born that way, they know what a real friendships are all about, and how hard to find a truly trusted friend throughout life experience!

        You are in control of yourself to pick the right category of friends who is the most trusted to you, and they respect you and your personal secret will be safe with them.

        Listen to your heart and make a right decisions.


        When you meet and make a new friend,  try always test them with a false secret, see if that fake secret will hit fast around the world or not.


        don't pretend


        Unfortunately, after having a real life experience in trusting to a wrong  friend, this test should tell you if your new friend will be respected and a  true friend!

        Good Luck!


        Copyright @ 2014-2016 Human Relationships. All Rights Reserved.

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        How much jealousy is enough to make significant other go crazy?


        Some people call it jealousy, some call it craziness, some people believe it’s a sickness.
        Looking at many life experiences, most of those people called: damaged people, who either experienced bad love relationships, or themselves thinking about cheating.

        But what if it’s not true?

        What if, that person, imagined in his head that his love is cheating and the way she talks to him and acts, gets irritable fast about every question he asks, he starts believing stronger in his theory?

        Frankly, I believe that person is not sick or jealous, I strongly believe that he is just Selfish person, who don’t care about what bothers their significant others, and instead start accusing them of cheating and making another person go crazy!

        All this will link to a divorce, because not too many people can handle to be wrongly accused!
        Many women like when their guys are jealous, but in many relationships there should be trust.

        Trust is a beginning for a good relationships.

        Communication is the key to resolving all mistrust, but what if other person is not willing to listen?

        Listening is the key to save any marriage!

        Understanding is the key to saving not only marriage, but also the existing love as well!

        Stop being Selfish and give more care, understanding, communication to the person you love, and in return you will be successful in your marriage.


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          How Money Can Hurt Employee Motivation

          success (2014_12_04 07_22_20 UTC)

          •Think money motivates your employees? Sure. But it’s not the biggest motivator.
          •Many entrepreneurs believe that digging into their pocketbooks will help drive employee engagement, but the reality is that 67% of workers say praise and commendation from a manager is what truly motivates (vs. the 52% who say an increase in base pay does the trick.)
          •Instead, consider making quality time with each employee a priority, pick up a personal tangible gift, offer a high five or fist bump, tell them they’re doing a great job or pitch in on a task. Connect with them. They’ll respect you more and work harder as a result.
          •This infographic takes a look at the truth behind employee engagement and how you can motivate your workforce without reaching into your pocket.
          •42% of the global workforce says they’re disengaged at work.
          •90% of leaders say employee engagement is essential to their businesses.
          •75% of leaders do not have an employee engagement strategy.


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          Rio Olympics 2016: Ban Russia from Games, says British IOC member

          Russia should be banned from next month’s Rio Games, says British International Olympic Committee member Adam Pengilly.

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          Human Relationships

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