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The Blame

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Blame is the act of censuring, holding responsible, making negative statements about an individual or group that their action or actions are socially or morally irresponsible.

Being blamed for everything, is called an abuse.

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The reason I am saying abuse, because when a person gets to be blamed for everything, it’s becomes almost like sickness and aggression towards each other!


Very good article to read: Blaming Justifies Your Own Bad Behavior”  for those who is involved or around people with angerness and abusement at home or surrounded by others.

By trying to protect our personalities, we become wild, unbalanced and most likely stressed out. Many different health problems could accumulate from that kind of behaviour!

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Blaming someone for not being successful in life is very typical for most Humans. In the beginning, in school years, there is always one bad teacher, who we blame for not passing the class, or one bad kid, who makes school years hard and frustrated.

Later in life we meet many different nations, people, bosses, who are putting us down and blaming for mistakes we make.

It’s almost like a cycle in life and I am pretty sure that almost everyone has to defend their big ” I am”, just to look better.


Previously I mentioned that Humans are made of the body and soul, and ” I am” is our body. When people die, they lose their body, and their souls, doesn’t have any understanding of who:  “I am”!? This is why, we are Humans, afraid to die, because we lose our physical presence. 

In more simple words, it’s our ego, our physical appearance and we have no clue yet what it can do without body.

energy in body

When we blaming someone, we protect our body, but we don’t do any good for our soul.

The soul, in many religious, philosophical and mythological traditions, is the incorporeal and, in many conceptions, immortal essence of a living thing, meaning that our back conscious knows more truth, than our ego “I am”.

Simple, but yet very powerful words, are the key to kill our inspiration, success and support. It’s not the right way to continue our existence. Let’s  talk about communication and we will see how different the life can be!

For example:

A person can say to another person: ” I hate you”, they could become the best friends for life.

Another example is when a partner says: “I love you, man, you are great”, and another person feels being hated from their tone.

Ladies and gentlemen, please respect each other!

Words are very important, and listening the tone of those voices, and try to understand each other. Support your significant other, because it’s important to have a peace of mind!

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Endless fights

Today’s post brings inspiration and asking everyone to support Peace on Earth!

This little poem makes no sense but for some people it will make a lot of sense.

Watching news is very depressing and one of the most upsetting stories is how fast growing social networks for ISIS terror organizations. Girls and boys are getting recruited over the Internet, promising sweet chocolates and amazing “heaven” with 50 virgins waiting for them. I want to spread the words to every girl and boy, all teenagers, all adults and to the World,… they are lying! 

There is no 50 virgins, not in this World, not in any World! Get over it!

For sure, there is no heaven for people, who has blood on their hands!

So, please be careful to whom you make a reply online and don’t listen to sweet stories about how great this World is going to be, when other nations will be destroyed!

Terror will bring blood, hate and hunger to many innocent people, and if they will try to kill other nations, they will kill you! Not because you did not do what they asked, but because they are killers. Hard, cold blooded, worst than any wild animal, hungry for blood!

The history is trying to repeat itself, and it’s only up to us( Humans) to stop it. In the memory to all those, who lost their lives during WWII, don’t ignore this problem! 

I decided to take a chance, and maybe all of you, who is reading and visiting Human Relationships blog, will support my words, and share with the young kids and the rest of the World!

By standing together against ISIS crimes, we will be one step ahead!

Also for the parents, please watch kids activities online! It’s getting just as dangerous as outside!

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Long across the ocean line,

In between two worlds, us,

Cities, laying next to sand,

We are happy at the end!

When we see the “Hell” and “Heaven”,

They competing with each other,

Value souls and feeling bodies,

Makes us stronger, humans, touchy!

Giving strength, support and love,

Sending messages to us,

Bringing message in the rounds,

Circle us, and our minds!

I believe success is nearly,

Walking slowly next to me,

And support my, growing stronger,

Makes me feel myself, again!

Thank you, dear, I am your slave!

Thank you for believe in me,

Let me listen, when is needed,

Make me be your messenger!

                                                                 Making peace across the World,

Stop to “wars”, destroy “terror”!

Let them all die by themselves,

Just include us in the “pray!”

Nazi, terror, hate and blood,

Leave together! Let them die!

There is no religions “bad”!

Humans “bad”, they lost their ends!

Let us pray together loud,

Give us strength to smile loud,

Building World, building life,

Take away the endless fights! 

11 Promise day

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Inspiration Video

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The Note

Tired, feeling dirty and exhausted after returning from a three days trip, finally was letting me know that it’s a good time to go to sleep and forget about everything that just happened. I had no more powers in me to move my arms or legs. My thoughts were too tired to even create any good idea or memory from the past.

Pulling out my keys, I decides to check for mail in my mail box. Pulling out pretty big stack of letters, I quickly browsed through them, when my eyes got caught on the big , fat envelope. The letter to me? I know this handwriting, it’s reminded me of someone, but the address was unfamiliar.  As I opened the envelope, I pulled out the pictures from the passed summer. Me and my brother, with my dad and his family, and my school mate friend came to visit me as well. What is this? Who is it from? 

When my eyes started to follow the words on the paper, I stopped in shock. It’s like a joke the life is playing with me! How is it possible? Who could play such a horrible joke on me? And then I realized, I have not been home in three days, the mail must have been here for couple days already. He must have wrote this letter just before we got to him. My eyes filled up with tears trying to recover the whole trip with all the consequences, that happened.  

Five days ago, happened to be my birthday. While celebrating with a good circle of friends, looking like a super star, I was getting buzzed from drinking and dancing! My boyfriend was next to me, and I couldn’t be more happier. Suddenly, I received a phone call from my dad, and in the best mood ever I answered it right away. 

“I want to wish you a happy birthday and always enjoy this day as much as you can! I love you very much, but I really don’t know if I will ever see you again!”

What do you mean dad, I responded as happy as I could, while my heart just dropped all the way down, on the floor. I will see you very soon, I reply. You will come to see me on the holidays, right? 

“I am afraid that I will not live till the holidays, I am in the hospital now, and I don’t want to die, without seeing you!”\

What? Why hospital? What happened? I yelled loud, but all I heard was the busy signals. The phone call was dropped and my hands were shacking. 

My party was over! I packed my cloths into backpack, called the bus station to find out times for next bus schedule, going to New York City.  All my thoughts were about making it on time! I had no clue why he was in the hospital, but by his words I knew that something is terrible wrong. He was never a drama man, and he never complain about being sick or hurt. His sense of humor was above any problems he ever had, as we were growing up, not once I saw him either sad or mad! 

When bus pulled up in Manhattan Union Station, I saw my brother waiving me! I jumped in his car, and he started driving, fast and dangerous throughout huge traffic and small streets, as a short cuts. I was afraid to ask. Now, I really saw big trouble, I was feeling that we are not making it!

My heart pounded so loud, when I walked in his room. The hospital was overfilled with people and relatives. All those doctors were running across hallways, some visitors were praying, some were crying. His room had 6 more patients with all kinds of problems.  At first, I didn’t recognized him. I never saw him looking so white, and so sick. When I came closer to his bed, I was told that his is in comma for 2 days now. The monitors were showing his heart beat, trying to hold on for a little longer. 

I took his hand in mine, and slowly started talking to him. I wanted him to hear me, to talk to me back! I wanted him to laugh and open his eyes. 

“I am here, dad! I told you we will see each other soon! I am here next to you! Everything will be fine! I love you very much and I need you now like never! I got a boyfriend, dad! I am in love! I am adult now, dad! Do you hear me? Wake up, dad!!!”

The expression on his face started to change! I was sure that he is ready to wake up, when I heard the beep from the heart machine slowly started to beep one long sound! My ears stopped hearing anything around.

I got thrown away by the doctors, who started to massage his heart very abrasively:” One, two, tree, bzzzz; again, one, two, three, bzzzz; again, one, two, three, bzzzz”….. and everything stopped. Quiet two seconds lasted  the century…

” He is gone!”- the doctor replied, ” we did everything possible, sorry for your lost, you can pick up  your body anytime tomorrow”!

I remember myself sitting in the hallway on the floor of the hospital, when some lady doctor came to me and ask if I need anything, when my word could only say ” I need my dad back, can you do it?!”

All those memories came back, when I was reading that letter from my dad. He came back from comma first time, when he asked for a pen and paper. The words were very uneven, traveling on the paper all across different lines, but I could still clearly read and understand what he had to say to me!  

He died on my eyes, he waited for me to come, so he can die freely, and three days later he asked me for his forgiveness!

It’s not only changed my life, it’s changed my future! The letter he addressed to me, written prior him passing away, and receiving it right after me loosing him, made me believe in  G-d stronger than ever.

The Note

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Copyright by Human Relationships

Bless Your Page

Bless Your Page



“Once upon the time, there was a very poor young man, who wanted to marry one girl, whose parents were very rich and known in their community. Many boys tried to marry their daughter, but the father would always decline their offers, due to their status and capitals they own.

This young man was so poor, that he didn’t even had a good cloths to come and meet the family. After many long nights of thinking, he asked his friend to call one of the biggest banks in the city, asking for hiring young man for an executive position, claiming to be a husband of that rich girl. When the manager of the bank heard the family name, he hired the boy on the spot. Young man worked very good, he was extremely smart, and in one month he made enough money to come and meet the girl.

When he called the parents and asked for permission to marry their daughter, the first question was about his position and status. When the father heard about his high status in bank, he allowed this marriage to happen.”


The moral in this story is very simple, if you really want to succeed in life, don’t just wait for it to happen! G-d gives us chances, but we need to acknowledge them, and take the first step forward! 



All Humans Together


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In memories of Robin Williams (1951-2014)

Robin Williams, a comic and sitcom star, died today in Marin County.

Read more at  Story Gallery and Full Coverage

The news of the beloved actor’s death rocked the nation. Channels broke into their usual programming to announce tragic news within minutes.

Along with President Obama, who noted his passing, and all USA and Entire World,  I can’t describe the sorrows from the bottom of my heart!

Robin Williams was not only my favorite actor, but his deep thoughts, amazing sense of humor, and brilliance in every his step, word, smile made me never forget his face!

From all Humans and Human Relationships, along with all Internet, media and social World, along with all my friends, family, co-workers, circles and much more, I ask everyone to support Robin Williams’s family and share any of your media, comments, stories, pictures, your favorite movie, or just:  press like or share

My tears tonight were coming down,

With pain and burn, and crazy fire!

My heart was screaming loud, loud,

I am in pain, and burning down!!!!

My dearest actor,  gone in foggy rain,

Unreachable, from distance, in my dreams,

The deepest cloud covered all my roads,

To reach your hands in suddenly awaken death!

 Apparently, I cry along with all my Nation,

I feel in tearing all the burning  pain inside,

I love to watch your life from pictures,

From movies, links, from the Universe!

Your heart just passed us, quickly, quickly,

From cloudy sky and distance in the foggy rain!

You touched us all, so deeply, like an arrow!

Straight to the middle, inside our hearts! 

You killed us all with love, and a painful sorrows!

Your voice, your talents,  crowing out, from inside

For Nation,  you are  always,  has been such a Hero!

You are, always, Our “Bicentennial Man”!!!!

…..In memories of Robin Williams by Human Relationships…

…………………….With Love forever!………………. 

August 12, 2014

One of my favorite movies made by Robin Williams:

   “Bicentennial Man”

Bicentennial Man

An unforgettable role was done by Robin Williams in this movie, played as a robot,  who falls in love with human girl, who becomes a woman and keeps on getting older, while a robot still stays young and lives forever! 

Dramatic love leans him to become a human!  His will was to die along with her, becomes true!

If for some reason you never watched this movie, I highly recommend to watch on the brilliant movie played by Robin Williams!

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Poetry & Love

Human Relationships:

Poetry & Love

Originally posted on Poet In Process:

Hello Poets!

As you may (not) know, I am getting married in 300 and something days from now and need to make all these bride-zilla decisions that I don’t particularly care about. However, I have come to the conclusion that I absolutely MUST have poetry at the wedding in some way.

So I have been all over the internet and rummaging through my old anthologies (English Major Pride!) to find the best poems that would translate well to people who might not know how to read poetry, but would still enjoy a good one.

I wanted to share one that touched me the other day:

Rita Dove’s Flirtation

It made me feel as if I had just fallen in love!

Let me know if you love it with a Like or a Comment below, and feel free to share your favorite love poem with me! I would really enjoy your thoughts!

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And so …

Originally posted on charles1958:

And so it happened

that I thought of many things,

but they did not out weight

my love for you

that carried forward

through all the turmoil

and here at three

in the morning it

is still you that I

think of, hoping soon

to be snuggling up to

in our nice warm bed.

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Just to be Safe

Human Relationships:

Just to be Safe

Originally posted on A North Hare:

“Did I wash my hands?”
“You better wash them again just to be safe.”

“I locked my car right?”
“I think so but, just to be safe, you should check it.”
“I’m sure I locked it.”
“Better check one more time.”

“Did I turn off the stove?”
“We should check, just in case”.
“Ok, but we’ll have to unlock the front door first.”
“The stove is off.”
“Are all of the lights off?”
“Yes, they are.”

“Did we lock the door?”
“Yes, do you want to check again?”
“Yes, better just make sure to be safe.”

“Are my car lights out?”
“Let’s check just to be safe.”

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Originally posted on greythoughts:

Words are a magical thing that we as humans possess. Words create stories and they’re freaking fabulous. I adore words, big and small. Learning new words brings me so much joy. Quotes and words said by people create the best things in people’s lives. Just as words can create someone, they can tear someone down. But I prefer to focus on the positive when it comes to words.

My three favourite words are: concur, redundant, and coddle. Concur I learned from someone I once new. She taught me the word when I was young and we were close. I don’t remember how she used this words, but I do remember the word and I have for years now. Concur basically means to agree. I use this word on a daily basis and I try my best to teach it to new people because I want other people to love…

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a new world

Human Relationships:

A new world

Originally posted on loueliot:

i want to write, to squeeze out words like hot little bullets. it’s april and life has sparked up, I feel as though someone’s swapped my blood for lemon juice and it’s all I can do to zip, sit and fizz.


i sewed my wish into a palindrome minute. we think time flows forward, but this is the biggest lie there is- that time is linear. really, it’s a circle. we think it goes one way simply because causes must happen before effects. Things get hazy when time loops in on itself but if you stare it down you’ll realise it’s all connected, there is no A to B, and you’re never very far from every you you’ve ever been.


i shouldn’t think like that, it’s hazy and overwhelming. i sit at my desk, i drink my tea, i type my words, i love the people I’m supposed to love…

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Thanking Mother Nature

Human Relationships:

Thanking Mother Nature

Originally posted on Through the Fog poetry:

earth-without-art-is-just-eh-791x1024Have you ever been inspired?
Truly awed by what has transpired?
Have you stopped to thank the source?
I mean Mother Nature, of course…
For without her loving, graceful hand,
There would be no sky, no sea, no land.
When you truly see, you’ll understand
How our very existence is truly grand!
Some dwell on being hurtful and hateful,
I’d prefer to be graceful and grateful.
Our time allowed here is not very long,
So we keep filling it with poetry and song…
Happy Earth Day!


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That Day Will Come

Human Relationships:

That Day Will Come

Originally posted on The Long Way Home:

http://www.awf.org http://www.awf.org

That day will definitely come when you have to make a choice to:

– live for yourself or live for others
– to accept or not accept a simple truth that It Is What It Is
– keep going down the path you have been struggling on or take a leap of faith and do something different
– be happy or be a victim

Life is not complicated even though most of the time it is hard to explain your choices. It is never about it being complicated, it is always about you making it complicated.

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Human Relationships:


Originally posted on creamythinking:

A world we created to resemble a little of what we hope heaven would be like. But, they always have alternative aspects. A world with greater possibilities than our actual reality.

Is it wrong for those who get to sucked into fantasy? Some could argue organized church and religion is fantasy. So aren’t the people involved in dungeons and dragons almost the same thing? Just an alternative way to make reality a little less horrifying.

There’s days where I wish I could have the mind set of the individuals who can believe is something, and because of all of the faith they have from believing, they live happier lives. But, I can’t put my mind on one belief because every single one has similiarities. I rip and shred every aspect of the belief and I ask questions that seems like nobody has ever asked before, because they always come up…

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Human Relationships:


Originally posted on dimdaze:

Oh my god what’s is he writing about now? No worries, “they” tell me I’m crazy. There is no telling what is going to come out of my head and end up in a blog post. Most of the time I don’t know what I’m going to write until I begin typing. If there can be anything positive about having bipolar disorder with a side of ADHD, it’s that there’s no end to the flow of ideas. Your mind is perpetually in motion, ’round the clock, 48 hours of every day. You NEVER stop thinking. Trust me there is absolutely nothing positive about thinking every waking moment.

Einstein was quoted as saying, “If you can’t explain it to a sixth grader, you don’t understand it.”

I hope I can explain phenomenology at that level today. Pretend you are a sixth grader. The word for today is phenomenology, pronounced phe-nom-e-nol-o-gy. Studies of this word are found…

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