Yuenglingblingbling Installs in Northern Liberties

Yuenglingblingbling Installs in Northern Liberties


LOVE Yuenglingblingbling‘s falling series, including this new falling Polaroid installed this week at 2nd street and Girard avenue in Northern Liberties!

Here’s a couple more shots from Yuenglingblingbling’s falling series found around Philly…


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Character Limits Aren’t What Ails Twitter

Character Limits Aren’t What Ails Twitter

twitter gidRecode reports that Twitter is working on expanding its famous 140 character limit to a 10,000 characters. Users might click “read more” to expand a tweet to the full length. If it carries through on this change, I think that Twitter needs to retain both high information density and easy browsing of tweets. The existential risk it runs if not is that it would lose product differentiation versus…

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Twitter CEO Responds To Furor Over Character Limit With Screenshort

Twitter CEO Responds To Furor Over Character Limit With Screenshort

After hours of fierce debate over a report that Twitter was building a way to expand its famous character limit to 10,000 characters, Twitter co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey responded by tweeting a picture of a statement, embedded below.


— Jack (@jack) January 5, 2016

I ran the image through free online optical character recognition software to get the following text:

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Pants busting your balls? The solution is as simple as ABC

Pants busting your balls? The solution is as simple as ABC

Guys, what’s your greatest fear? Going bald? Having a colonoscopy? Being French kissed by Madonna?

How about getting your balls crushed by your pants?

If that last one is an issue, Lulelemon has your back (so to speak).

abc2I always buy clothes that actually, you know, fit me properly, so this has never been a problem. But apparently it’s a big enough issue for some guys that Lululemon (yup, the…

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A Label of Mad

A Label of Mad

I was moved when I read this post, at least in part triggered by the one I shared yesterday. I deeply appreciate Tig’s courage in sharing her experience and believe that every time someone has the courage to do this someone somewhere will read about it and regain hope themselves. Please click and read the full post. The more we understand the better we can help.



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