More Than 800 Stuffed Animals Treated At ER

More Than 800 Stuffed Animals Treated At ER

FORT COLLINS, Colo. (CBS4) – Sometimes even teddy bears need a little TLC.

To help with the demand, UCHealth Poudre Valley Hospital threw open the doors to their new emergency department weeks early.

(credit: Poudre Valley Hospital)

(credit: Poudre Valley Hospital)

Teddy Bear Hospital took hundreds of stuffed animals and dolls from check-in to exam and beyond Saturday so younger people patients could experience what goes on…

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St. Sabina Hosts Gathering, Hopes To Unite Over Trump Admin. Concerns

St. Sabina Hosts Gathering, Hopes To Unite Over Trump Admin. Concerns

CHICAGO (CBS) — People of different faiths and backgrounds gathered under one roof Sunday, on Chicago’s South Side, united by their concerns over the Trump Administration.

Father Michael Pfleger and St. Sabina Catholic Church welcomed members of the Muslim community, the Hispanic community, former gang members and others.

“And the opportunity is for people of truth to unite as never before. And I…

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Cyclists Raise Money For Cancer Research In ‘Cycle For Survival’

Cyclists Raise Money For Cancer Research In ‘Cycle For Survival’

CHICAGO (CBS) — Spin classes this weekend in Chicago and across the country have been helping to raise money for cancer research.

Dave and Jenn Linn came up with the idea of ‘Cycle for Survival’ in 2007 after Jenn was diagnosed with sarcoma, an uncommon group of cancer that arises in the bones and connective tissue.

“We were really surprised to see how few treatment options there were for these…

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High School Girls Kickoff Random Acts of Kindness Week

High School Girls Kickoff Random Acts of Kindness Week

CHICAGO (CBS) — If a teenager bought your coffee today or gave you a flower on the street, it was part of an effort to spread kindness.

Wearing purple and blue satin capes, soccer players from Whitney Young and East Aurora stopped people along State street in the loop to give them lollipops, packets of tissues, flowers and inspirational notes.



Carmela Hayden, a senior at Whitney Young,…

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an incandescent heart

A few of your words
and I opened my door
inviting you
you walked through every inch
of my Lukewarm being
and like a hot summer breeze
blew in the face
of my halfhearted heart

spreading yourself in me
you inhabited my existence
covering every gap
In the dark of the night 
in the light of the day
you were everywhere I turned

and I couldn’t let you go anymore
even if I prayed and tried
cos I just…

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NS teachers, students, opposition MLAs concerned about back-to-work legislation

“This might force through a contract for teachers but all of the issues around classrooms will remain unresolved”