Gainsville, Florida’s UV-TV obviously have great taste. Side one of their debut LP Glass bounds from Shop Assistants to Primitives and Black Tambourine. It doesn’t let up from the gas pedal once forcing its blissed-out sonic assault down your throat. Singer Rose Vastola has a saccharine sweet voice that easily breaks through the shards of noise put down by guitarist Ian Bernacett. Every song is…

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Artists Carved Beyoncé Out Of Cheese

Artists Carved Beyoncé Out Of Cheese

By Hayden Wright

Eight weeks ago, Beyoncé dropped the double bombshell that she’s pregnant—with twins. The unique maternity shoot that declared her pregnancy on Instagram has inspired countless tributes and parodies, but this one takes the cheesecake.

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The Robin Collective, a London events company “specialising in experimental food & drink”…

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Flynn seeks immunity for testimony – CNNPolitics.com

Flynn seeks immunity for testimony – CNNPolitics.com

Former national security adviser Michael Flynn is willing to testify before federal and congressional investigators in their ongoing probe into Russian meddling in the US elections, but only if he is granted immunity.

Source: Flynn seeks immunity for testimony – CNNPolitics.com

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My Glamorous Life: Crossing the Continent

The Edgewater Hotel, Seattle, Washington. RAINY MORNING IN NYC. Put my kid, my ass, and my suitcase in an Uber. Dropped Ava at school, then crawled to JFK via every emergency-vehicle-blocked thoroughfare Lower Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens had to offer. The roads were all rain and sirens and nobody getting anywhere. From JFK, flew across the country to surprisingly sunny Seattle. Now ensconced at the Edgewater, the Robert Mitchum of hotels. Built for the 1962 World’s Fair, it sits at the end of a pier over Puget Sound, perpetually threatening to drown itself, but somehow never going through with it. The rooms are small, but many face the water. Some boast crow’s-foot tubs and windows over the water. Others, smaller and tub-less, make up for it with a sliding glass door to a tiny patio above the water. Mine is the latter type, and my sliding door is flung wide. Gulls caw and ships pass as I rehearse my AEA presentation and catch up on work. I brought a sketchbook with me (it was a gift from Ava), and gave Ava a sketchbook before I left. We will draw while we’re apart, and compare drawings when I return to NYC. Looking forward to seeing friends I’ve not seen in months, and to putting on our first AEA show of the year! The post My Glamorous Life: Crossing the Continent appeared first on Zeldman on Web & Interaction Design.

Visualization as skill set or stand-alone profession

Visualization as skill set or stand-alone profession

Jumpstarted by Elijah Meeks asking why visualization people are leaving the field for less visually-centric industry jobs, there’s been ample discussion about data visualization’s role in companies.

This naturally leaks over to the ongoing discussion about what visualization is and should be. Moritz Stefaner, who’s been at it since before I even knew what visualization really was, chimed in with…

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1. Flowered-Up Friday

2. Flowered Up Friday 31 March 2017 | © Postcard Cafe | SP1010882E

Listen to the Smiths and watch Morrissey wave some flowers around HERE

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