Experian Fined $3M, Accused Of Misleading Consumers About Usefulness Of Credit Scores

Two months after federal regulators fined two of the nation’s largest credit reporting agencies — Equifax and TransUnion — …

Interior Design Books That Will Make You Rethink Your Home

Interior Design Books That Will Make You Rethink Your Home

A recent release of interior design and decoration books are making their way into bookstores and libraries everywhere and they are bound to make you swoon, die a little of envy and leave you with a pang to redecorate.

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Talk is …. 

You ever notice that when you say something , nothing happens until you do something following it ? Seriously ( no sarcasm) A suggestion I have heard a thousand times over and over again and just thought was so cheesy and did not think it would help me in any way shape or for was…

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CBO: Revised Obamacare Replacement Would Cost Government More, Still Leave 52 Million Without Insurance By 2026

When the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office first looked at the GOP legislation to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, it predicted that changes would cut more than $300 billion from the federal deficit over the next decade, but at the cost of 52 million Americans going without health care coverage.

Dave Chappelle Impersonates Drake & Lil Wayne

Dave Chappelle Impersonates Drake & Lil Wayne

By Annie Reuter

(RADIO.COM) – Dave Chappelle is a man of many talents and in his latest stand-up skits, he does spot-on impersonations of Drake and Lil Wayne.
drake wayne by bruce yeung1 Dave Chappelle Impersonates Drake & Lil WayneDrake & Lil Wayne (credit: Bruce Yeung/Getty Images)

Netflix recently released two new comedy specials from Chappelle, in which the comedian finds himself impersonating Drake while in character as Kevin Hart.

“Kevin is the first comedian…

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NCAA Tournament Live Stream: How to Watch the Sweet Sixteen Online

NCAA Tournament Live Stream: How to Watch the Sweet Sixteen Online

For college basketball fans, it’s the most wonderful time of the year: March Madness. The Sweet Sixteen games kick off on Thursday evening, and fans who aren’t near a TV won’t have to miss out on all the action. It starts with the No. 7 seed, Michigan, taking on the No. 3 seed, Oregon, on… Read more »

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Doing and undoing damage

Doing and undoing damage

Gareth Thomas, a one-time contributor to this blog has asked us to post the following statement after a comment in a post on 22nd March 2017 contained a link to a 2010 press article about Gareth which left people to make up their own minds whether he had a criminal conviction or not.  This comment was removed from AATW the same day. 

Gareth writes:

In 2010 following a period vocational…

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The Image Pill

Who’s that person in the mirror? What do they say about you as a human? Do you like how you look? Really? If so, awesome. More power to you. (Like it or not, the rest of us are more or less stuck with how we appear–if only to ourselves.) I bring this up not to…

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