San Sebastian Film Review: ‘Killing Jesús’

The seductive lure of vengeance, and its ultimate emptiness, are such well-worn cinematic staples that even an authentic sense of place and a very personal story from Argentinian director Laura Mora cannot quite overcome the familiarity of her heartfelt but hesitant sophomore feature, “Killing Jesús.” Yet this low-key morality fable, built out of the tragedy […]

Cop Told Colorado Couple ‘Run, Save Yourselves’ During Vegas Shooting

By Dominic Garcia NORTHGLENN, Colo. (CBS4) – A Northglenn couple was about 60 feet from the stage in Las Vegas late Sunday night when a gunman started shooting from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort. “When it started it was just like pop-pop-pop-pop-pop-pop … and all of us thought it was fireworks,” Chad Robertson told CBS4’s Dominic Garcia.
chad and jennifer robertson 1 Cop Told Colorado Couple Run, Save Yourselves During Vegas Shooting

Chad and Jennifer Robertson (credit: CBS)

He says it took as few seconds for him and his wife Jennifer to realize what was going on, but they knew something was wrong when they saw singer Jason Aldean run off the stage. The two started running away from the stage but couldn’t tell where the gunfire was coming from. “And then we just start seeing people drop, just one after another, and the screams started,” said Chad. The couple bounced from location to location, hiding behind a hot dog stand, and eventually a generator where an off-duty sheriff’s deputy was. When the gunshots got louder and more rapid, the deputy told them to run.
las vegas shooting Cop Told Colorado Couple Run, Save Yourselves During Vegas Shooting


“The sheriff turned around and he had the whites of his eyes staring at us. This was the first time I could see fear in his face and he said ‘Do what you need to do, save yourselves,'” Chad told CBS4. He and his wife would eventually find themselves in a women’s locker room in the Tropicana and looked for a place to hide. “We started checking bathroom stalls to hide in and every single one of them was locked. But you couldn’t see anyone’s feet so I knew people were hiding in there,” Chad said.
chad and jennifer robertson 2 Cop Told Colorado Couple Run, Save Yourselves During Vegas Shooting

CBS4’s Dominic Garcia interviews the Robertsons. (credit: CBS)

The found one last empty stall to hide in and after some time found themselves in the hotel’s convention center…something they described like a refugee camp. The Robertsons say the response from law enforcement was amazing and they thanked every officer they saw. “I don’t know how we got through it, didn’t get hurt at all. God was with us that day for sure,” Jennifer said. Dominic Garcia anchors CBS4 News at 5 p.m. and reports for CBS4 News at 10 p.m. Connect with the Denver native on Twitter @cbs4dom & on Facebook.

Yahoo: 3 billion accounts breached in 2013. Yes, 3 billion

BOSTON (AP) — Yahoo has tripled down on what was already the largest data breach in history, saying it affected all 3 billion accounts on its service, not the 1 billion it revealed late last year. The company announced Tuesday that it has sent emails providing notice to additional user accounts affected by the August 2013 data theft. The breach now affects a number that represents nearly “half the world,” said Sam Curry, chief security officer for Boston-based firm Cybereason, though there’s likely to be more accounts than actual users. “Whether it’s 1 billion or 3 billion is largely immaterial. Assume it affects you,” Curry said. “Privacy is really the victim here.” Yahoo first disclosed the breach in December . The stolen information included names, email addresses, phone numbers, birthdates and security questions and answers. Following its acquisition by Verizon in June, Yahoo says, it obtained new intelligence while investigating the breach with help from outside forensic experts. It says the stolen customer information did not include passwords in clear text, payment card data or bank account information. Yahoo had already required users to change their passwords and invalidate security questions so they couldn’t be used to hack into accounts. The disclosure is also a huge embarrassment for Verizon, which has just started running TV ads for its new subsidiary Oath, which will consist of Yahoo and AOL services. Verizon spokesman David Samberg said the company has no regrets about buying Yahoo, despite the latest revelation. Companies often don’t know the full extent of a breach and have to revise statements about how it affects customers years later, said Ben Johnson, co-founder and chief technology officer for Obsidian Security, based in Newport Beach, California. Johnson said Yahoo might never know exactly what was accessed. “The fact is attackers are having field days and the problem is only going to get worse,” he said. __ Staff writer Michael Liedtke in San Francisco contributed to this report.
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Could Ford’s Restructuring Affect Chicago Plant?

(CBS) – Fourteen billion dollars. That’s how much Ford says it needs to cut over the next five years. The automobile manufacturer is shifting gears to make more trucks and electric cars instead of sedans. CBS 2’s Lauren Victory reports. At Highland Park Ford, two of the freshest products zooming off the lot are Ford SUVs. Owner Marty Price says they definitely sell more often than cars. “If people have kids, it’s easy for them to get in and out of. You sit up higher,” he says. Whatever the reason for purchase, sales of Ford SUVs are up nearly 2 percent from September 2016. Truck sales soared nearly 20 percent. Ford announced Tuesday the company will be steering its focus away from cars. The Taurus, a passenger car, is made by employees at Ford’s Chicago assembly plant. Ford wouldn’t say how operations there could be affected. Leadership for the United Auto Workers don’t seem worried. In an interview with Automotive Magazine, a union official says Ford’s CEO indicated layoffs are not part of the plan.  

Couple Born In Same Hospital On Same Day Gets Married

TAUNTON, Mass. (AP) – A couple born on the same day at the same Massachusetts hospital have exchanged vows more than two decades later. The Taunton Gazette reports that Jessica Gomes and Aaron Bairos got married Sept. 9. Each was born on April 28, 1990, at the same hospital in Taunton, about 40 miles south of Boston. The two grew up in communities a few miles apart before meeting through mutual friends in high school. Gomes says she and Bairos figured out they were born on the same day “pretty early on” when they took a drivers education class together and saw the proof on their learner’s permits. She says it was love at first sight.   Copyright 2017 The Associated Press.

Dependent? Or Dilemma?

I’m a bonafide good girl. Sure, I have my moments, but doesn’t everyone? Point blank- I firmly believe if you are kind and you stick to being your genuinely weird self, all the right people and opportunities will be attracted towards you. Although, I’m only 21 (I know, CLEARLY lots of experience)- I have had… The post Dependent? Or Dilemma? appeared first on BayArt.

The Torture Is Over: San Francisco Giants Ready To Put 2017 Behind Them

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – Way back in spring training, Bruce Bochy had a roster he believed would be a legitimate contender in the talented NL West. His injury-plagued San Francisco Giants never got on track in a surprising lost season. At 64-98, San Francisco dropped 23 more games than a year ago, just avoiding the franchise’s first 100-loss season since 1985. The Giants will have the second overall pick in next year’s amateur draft. “We had a last-place season. That can happen in sports, like you have a lost year in life,” Brian Sabean, executive vice president of baseball operations, said Tuesday. “But we’re not last-place people and we’re not a last-place organization. We’re the furthest thing from that.” Sabean hardly sees a need for a “blow-it-up” overhaul or even a rebuild but rather, “We hope it’s a reset.” “It’s been a tough year. We’ve got a lot of things that we’ve all got to get better at,” catcher Buster Posey said. “Hopefully everybody can take a little time to decompress, get away and spend that time thinking about what it is specifically for them that they can do to help the Giants win more baseball games next year and come into spring training with a hungry attitude and a determination to get back to where we all want to be.” Bochy will challenge his team to do even more this offseason to try for a comeback in 2018. The Dodgers, Diamondbacks and Rockies all reached the playoffs. “Trust me, it’s humbling,” Bochy said. “This is a time I think you look back, you study from it, you learn from it and you focus forward.” BOCHY’S HEALTH: Bochy will undergo another heart ablation procedure next week in San Diego, something he doesn’t consider serious but wanted to do after the season in order to avoid missing any time with the team. The recovery could be a week or slightly longer. This time it will be to correct an atrial fibrillation, or irregular heartbeat. “I knew I had to get another one but wanted to wait until the season was over,” he said. Bochy, whose contract goes through the 2019 season, is eager to get things turned around immediately and will get that chance. BELT’S CONCUSSIONS: First baseman Brandon Belt didn’t play again after Aug. 4 because of a concussion – his fourth – and the Giants took no risks with him down the stretch. Belt has been cleared from baseball’s concussion protocol and can proceed with a normal offseason program. He will be on his regular offseason regimen and fully healthy for spring training. “I’m not concerned about his future because of the concussions,” general manager Bobby Evans said. BUMMER FOR MADBUM: Ace lefty Madison Bumgarner getting hurt was a huge blow. The 2014 World Series MVP injured his pitching shoulder in an off-day dirt biking accident April 20 in Colorado and missed nearly three months. Johnny Cueto also spent significant time on the disabled list, while closer Mark Melancon – signed to a $62 million, four-year deal before the season – had surgery Sept. 12 in his forearm. “You lost your No. 1 starter, your No. 2 starter and your closer,” Sabean said. “It became a recipe for disaster.” TIMELY HITTING: The Giants showed in last Friday’s win against San Diego how they can hit in key situations, such as with two outs. That was at least a positive glimpse to take going into the offseason. It was difficult with no lineup continuity given so many injuries. “It wasn’t there this year but we know guys in this clubhouse what they can do,” second baseman Joe Panik said. “… It’s more going into the offseason with some positive thinking, positive feelings, because once the next spring training starts it’s a blank slate.” SO LONG, CAIN: Even with right-hander Matt Cain’s retirement, Bochy should have a nice rotation going into 2018. Cueto has hinted he plans to stay, given he could opt out of his $130 million, six-year contract. “He’s indicated his passion for being here,” Evans said. Then, there’s Jeff Samardzija and Matt Moore. Ty Blach and Chris Stratton will also be in the mix. “We have the makings of one of the best rotations in baseball still,” Bochy said.
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2 Investigators: Cubs Fan Blind In One Eye After Foul Ball Accident

(CBS) — “It was excruciating pain,” Cubs fan Jay Loos recalls. The 60-year-old Schaumburg father suffered broken facial bones around his left eye and a broken nose at an August Cubs game. Loos, his two sons and daughter were sitting along the first base line at Wrigley Field when a Pittsburgh Pirates batter slammed a foul ball into section 135, Seat 107 – and into Loos’s face. “I’ve had three surgeries,” he tells 2 Investigator Dave Savini. Loos says he can’t see out of the injured eye, and now doctors are concerned about a syndrome that could cause him to go completely blind. “Every day, every morning I wake up, I’m going to be worrying about this ‘sympathetic eye syndrome’ and did I just see my last sunset?” he says. Loos says a lack of complete protective netting at Wrigley Field and other major-league ballparks puts fans in danger, especially around the dugouts. Just weeks after he was hit, a child was struck. It happened at Yankee Stadium, when a girl was hit in the face by a foul ball. She reportedly suffered facial fractures, vision damage and bleeding on the brain. A young boy in May was hit by a bat, also in New York, and back at Wrigley, another foul ball victim was struck in 2015. Reports show as many as 1,700 fans get injured at ball parks every year. Loos’s daughter, Emma, had stepped away from the seat and was scared when she returned to find her father covered in blood. “The only thing I could think of was, ‘I can’t lose my dad, too.’ I lose my mom eight years ago, and that’s my biggest fear is losing my dad, too.” The danger is not just at baseball stadiums. Three years ago, the 2 investigators reported on Blackhawks fan Chip Green from Yorkville. He was hit in the head by a puck and suffered brain damage. Green is suing the NHL. Loos, meanwhile, has hired  attorney  Colin Dunn from Clifford Law Offices. He wants Major League Baseball to expand netting past the dugouts to protect anyone in what he calls a “hot zone” where a foul ball can strike at incredible speed. Loos faces at least one more surgery and more waiting to find out how much vision loss he will suffer. Dunn, who also represents Chip Green, says he is planning to file suit. In a statement, the Cubs had this to say: “Fan safety is paramount to the gameday experience at Wrigley Field.  We will continue to work with Major League Baseball to explore ways to ensure our fans enjoy baseball in the safest possible environment.” According to the MLB, 10 baseball clubs, none in Chicago, have netting that goes past the dugouts. Netting decisions are made by each club, not the league.

San Francisco Takes Aim At Brothels Posing As Massage Parlors

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — The City Attorney’s Office Tuesday announced a settlement shutting down a brothel posing as a massage parlor in San Francisco’s Financial District and filed a new lawsuit seeking to close another in the Richmond District. The settlement announced Tuesday with the landlord and business owner of Queen’s Health Center includes an injunction preventing the space from being used as a massage parlor or similar business for at least 10 years and prohibits the owner, Jie Qin Zhou from opening a massage parlor or another personal service business, such as a nail salon, elsewhere in the city. In addition, Zhou is required to pay $195,000 to the city and Frank B. Lavarone, a trustee for the family trust that own the building, will pay $100,000. Read Also: San Francisco Sex Workers Battle For Rights, Legitimacy Herrera first sued Queen’s Health Center at 325 Kearny St. in February, alleging it had operated as a brothel since at least 2010. The facility’s license was suspended for 60 days in 2016, but an undercover operation conducted after the business reopened found it had resumed illicit
activities. Read Also: A Third Of SF Massage Parlors Advertise Erotic Services Online The center has been closed since shortly after the city lawsuit was filed. “After Queen’s Health Center thumbed its nose at authorities for years, we were finally able to put an end to their rampant violations of the law,” Herrera said. “I’m pleased that we reached a settlement that not only shuts their doors for good, but recoups some of the city’s enforcement
costs.” Herrera said that the women working in places such as the Queen’s Health Center are victims of exploitation, and that the city’s approach is to hold the business and property owners accountable. The second lawsuit filed Tuesday names Paradise Health Center at 242 Balboa St., business owners Tian Yi Zhao and Chiu Hung Paul Tam, the family trust that owns the property and trustee Lisa Tang. The business, located across the street from a preschool, has been the subject of neighborhood complaints for years and was shut down by the health department earlier this year for 60 days, official said. However, Paradise continued to advertise prostitution on sites such as even during its suspension and an undercover raid conducted last month found illegal activities were continuing to occur at the site. The lawsuit asks the court to close the business, sell off its fixtures, grant an injunction against both the property and business owners and levy monetary penalties. TM and © Copyright 2017 CBS Radio Inc. and its relevant subsidiaries. CBS RADIO and EYE Logo TM and Copyright 2017 CBS Broadcasting Inc. Used under license. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. Bay City News Service contributed to this report.