Trump Uses DACA As Bargaining Chip For Border Wall

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump told congressional leaders on Sunday that his hard-line immigration priorities must be enacted in exchange for extending protection from deportation to hundreds of thousands of young immigrants, many of whom were brought to the U.S. illegally as children. Trump’s list of demands included overhauling the country’s green-card system, a crackdown on unaccompanied minors entering the country, and building his promised wall along the southern border. Many were policies Democrats have said explicitly are off the table and threaten to derail ongoing negotiations over legislation protecting young immigrants known as “Dreamers.” They had been given a reprieve from deportation and the ability to work legally in the country under President
Barack Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, program, which Trump ended last month. In a letter to House and Senate leaders released by the White House, Trump said the priorities were the product of a “a bottom-up review of all immigration policies” that he had ordered “to determine what legislative reforms are essential for America’s economic and national security. “These findings outline reforms that must be included as part of any legislation addressing the status of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients,” he wrote, adding that: “Without these reforms, illegal immigration and chain migration, which severely and unfairly burden American workers and taxpayers, will continue without end.” Trump announced last month that he was ending the DACA program, but he gave Congress six months to come up with a legislative fix before recipients began to lose their status. Trump suggested at the time that he was eager for a deal, telling reporters, “I have a love for these people and hopefully now Congress will be able to help them and do it properly.” He’d also tweeted that if Congress was unwilling to find a fix, he would “revisit this issue!” in six months. Trump had previously said he wanted a DACA deal to include significant money for border security and eventual funding for his border wall. But the priorities released by the White House went far beyond that. They included a complete overhaul of the green-card system that would limit family-based green cards to spouses and the minor children of U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents as part of an effort to end what is known as “chain migration.” The White House also said it wants to boost fees at border crossings, hire 10,000 more immigration enforcement officers, make it easier to deport gang members and unaccompanied children, and overhaul the asylum system. And it wants new measures to crack down on “sanctuary cities,” which don’t share information with federal immigration authorities, among other proposals. “These priorities are essential to mitigate the legal and economic consequences of any grants or status to DACA recipients,” White House legislative affairs director Marc Short told reporters in a Sunday evening conference call. “We’re asking that these reforms be included in any legislation concerning the status of DACA recipients.” But it remained unclear whether the president considers each of the more than a dozen priorities to be non-negotiable or whether the White House sees them more as a starting point for negotiation with members of Congress. Officials on the call notably declined to say whether the president would veto legislation that did not include each and every one of them. Trump last month appeared to reach at least the broad outlines of a DACA deal with House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer in which he would agree to extend DACA protections in exchange for a package of border security measures.
While Trump made clear that he was not backing down on his wall demand, he and other administration officials said then that they would be comfortable with wall funding coming later, in a separate legislative vehicle. In a joint statement Sunday night, Pelosi and Schumer said Trump’s list of proposals failed “to represent any attempt at compromise.” “The Administration can’t be serious about compromise or helping the Dreamers if they begin with a list that is anathema to the Dreamers, to the immigrant community and to the vast majority of Americans” they wrote. “The list includes the wall, which was explicitly ruled out of the negotiations. If the President was serious about protecting the Dreamers, his staff has not made a good faith effort to do so.” Rep. Michelle Lujan Grisham, D-N.M., the chair of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, said the president’s “draconian and anti-immigrant principles” threatened to jeopardize “the bi-partisan, bi-cameral progress that has been made to pass a legislative solution that will protect nearly 800,000 Dreamers.” “It is immoral for the President to use the lives of these young people as bargaining chips in his quest to impose his cruel, anti-immigrant and un-American agenda on our nation,” she added in a statement. The demands could also divide Republicans, several of whom have introduced legislation providing a pathway to citizenship for Dreamers in exchange for less drastic changes. House Speaker Paul Ryan’s spokesman Doug Andres said the House immigration working group will review the list and consult with Republican members and the administration.

Do We Have Free Will?

Do we have free will? Well, sorta, kinda, not really. Actually, it depends. The question about free will is not a new one. Christians have discussed this for years. As opposed to me writing about free will, I’d like to point you to Wayne Grudem who, in his book, Systematic Theology: An Introduction to Biblical Doctrine, writes about free will with great clarity. You can find his answer below. Do we have free will

Wayne Grudem on Free Will

If God exercises providential control over all events are we in any sense free? The answer depends on what is meant by the word free. In some senses of the word free, everyone agrees that we are free in our will and in our choices. Even prominent theologians in the Reformed or Calvinistic tradition concur. Both Louis Berkhof in his Systematic Theology (pp. 103, 173) and John Calvin in his Institutes of the Christian Religion are willing to speak in some sense of the “free” acts and choices of man. However, Calvin explains that the term is so subject to misunderstanding that he himself tries to avoid using it. This is because “free will is not sufficient to enable man to do good works, unless he be helped by grace.”

Free will is not sufficient to enable man to do good works, unless he be helped by grace. - John Calvin
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Therefore, Calvin concludes: Man will then be spoken of as having this sort of free decision, not because he has free choice equally of good and evil, but because he acts wickedly by will, not by compulsion. Well put, indeed, but what purpose is served by labeling with a proud name such a slight thing? Calvin continues by explaining how this term is easily misunderstood: But how few men are there, I ask, who when they hear free will attributed to man do not immediately conceive him to be a master of both his own mind and will, able of his own power to turn himself toward either good or evil . . . If anyone, then, can use this word without understanding it in a bad sense, I shall not trouble him on this account . . . I’d prefer not to use it myself, and I should like others, if they seek my advice, to avoid it. Thus, when we ask whether we have “free will,” it is important to be clear as to what is meant by the phrase. Scripture nowhere says that we are “free” in the sense of being outside of God’s control, or of being able to make decisions that are not caused by anything. . . Nor does it say we are “free” in the sense of being able to do right on our own apart from God’s power. But we are nonetheless free in the greatest sense that any creature of God could be free — we make willing choices, choices that have real effects. We are aware of no restraints on our will from God when we make decisions. We must insist that we have the power of willing choices; otherwise, we will fall into the error of fatalism or determinism and those conclude that our choices do not matter, or that we cannot really make willing choices. On the other hand, the kind of freedom that is demanded by those who deny God’s providential control of all things, a freedom to be outside of God’s sustaining and controlling activity, would be impossible if Jesus Christ is indeed “continually carrying along things by his word of power” (Heb. 1:3, author’s translation). If this is true, then to be outside of that providential control would simply be to not exist! An absolute “freedom,” totally free of God’s control, is simply not possible in a world providentially sustained and directed by God himself. You may also like: 
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Friends Mourn Loss Of Southern California Woman Killed In Las Vegas Shooting

PLACENTIA, Calif. (AP) — In the days since the shooting, it’s been hard to sleep. They laugh watching cellphone videos of their fun-loving friend singing along to Bon Jovi. Moments later, they break down crying, clutching one another’s hands. They went to Las Vegas to dance at a country music festival, seven members of a group of friends so close they call themselves “framily.” They came back only six. Now, a week after the massacre that stole 58 lives, including the one that mattered most to them, they try to carry on because they know that’s what 38-year-old Nicol Kimura would have wanted. They pose for a picture in front of a backyard block wall still graffitied in her handwriting: Kimura had led a group workout one weekend, scribbling “ropes,” ”wall squats,” ”curls” in blue chalk. “The sun is the source of energy for everything else, right?” said Ryan Miller, one of the friends who survived. “That was her.” Kimura was the one who would have helped them stay strong. But she’s gone and they’re still here, left mourning a best friend while wrestling with their own memories of that beautiful evening that in an instant turned into a slaughter.
Kimura was a relative newcomer to the group, many of whom grew up on the same street in Yorba Linda, in northern Orange County. She was raised in nearby Placentia, where she played sports and was a high school cheerleader before heading to college. She loved hiking and her dog, Sadie, whom she’d take for nightly runs at a nearby park, said her cousin, Cynthia Kimura Donate. After one of the neighborhood buddies married Kimura’s longtime friend, she quickly became one of the gang. By then, they had all grown older and their circle had expanded to more than a dozen who gathered on weekends for pool parties or trips to the beach. They even made up their own celebrations – an annual friendship dinner at Thanksgiving time and an international-themed potluck modeled after a popular street fair that had gotten too crowded. Kimura, who worked for a California tax agency, was loud and lively. She planned tea parties for her friends’ children and had them paint stars-and-stripes candleholders on the Fourth of July. “When she came in, she kind of took charge,” said Chad Elliot, whose backyard was home to the workout session. “She was the life of the party without needing attention.” When seven in the group planned to head to the Route 91 Harvest festival in Las Vegas – which was fast becoming yet another of the group’s annual traditions – Kimura had special T-shirts printed for each one listing their favorite drinks. They wore them their second night at the festival. The next morning, they headed to the pool at the Mandalay Bay hotel for a day of relaxation before a final night of music. The group had decided to make it a red-white-and-blue-themed night, and Kimura, who loved crafts and decorating, had dressed in colorful tank tops for the occasion.
Country music concerts were among the friends’ favorites. The songs and crowds were upbeat, and they always ran into old friends and made new ones. Kimura was standing with Elliot and friend Tracy Gyurina not too far from the stage, enjoying the outdoor music in the crowd of 22,000 people. Then the friends heard a popping sound and thought it might be a broken speaker. The noise returned. The lights went dark. Singer Jason Aldean was rushed from the stage. People screamed and dropped to the ground. What happened next was a blur. Bullets pinged off bleachers by the stage. Men threw themselves in front of women, hoping to shield them from what they then knew was gunfire. They thought an assailant was running toward them. They thought they’d be shot any moment. The friends huddled together, hands over their heads. Kimura told them she couldn’t feel her legs. There was blood on her top. “I just remember telling her, ‘We’re going to be OK, baby girl,'” Gyurina said. “And just telling her, ‘I love you.’ ‘We got this.'” The crowd began to move during breaks in the gunfire. The friends scattered as people fled toward exits and hid under the bleachers. Elliot tried to move Kimura but couldn’t. And so he stayed there, the bullets flying. “I was just waiting to get hit, but I wasn’t going to leave her,” he said. Finally, a man came over and said he was a doctor. He started chest compressions and told Elliot how and when to assist. The man kept going for a while, then turned to Elliot and stopped. “He said there was nothing else that we could do.” Elliot stood up. By then, it was eerily quiet on the concert grounds. There was hardly anyone around him.
Elliot and Gyurina called and found each other, dazed, outside a nearby convenience store. They swapped texts with others in the group, relieved to know they had escaped. Elliot phoned Kimura’s dad. He told him she had been shot. Her family rushed to Las Vegas and headed to the city’s convention center, where they and Gyurina fielded questions about what Kimura looked like and what she wore. The friends were hoping for a miracle. They couldn’t bear to see Kimura’s bags in their hotel room. They couldn’t stand leaving the city without her. It wasn’t until Monday night that officials confirmed what they all knew in their hearts: Kimura was among those killed by Stephen Paddock from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay. By then, Elliot, Gyurina and the other friends had returned to California. They began dealing with the shock. They found bullet holes in the hat Miller’s wife wore to the concert. They comforted their children, who were devastated to learn they wouldn’t see Kimura again. Several days later, they hadn’t returned to work, nor had they much time to dwell on the trauma of what they’d survived; they were still trying to cope with the loss of their friend. Sometimes they turn on the television, anxious for updates on the investigation. Elliot said when he saw footage from the shooting, he felt mostly numb. For friend Casey Bodwell, a loud sound or a touching post online can bring it all back. “Everything just kind of comes in waves, like you try to find some sense of norm – I don’t even know the word right now – normalcy?” Gyurina said. “But then all of a sudden something happens and it just hits you, and then you’re on the ground having to pick yourself back up again.” The group started raising money to help cover Kimura’s funeral costs. At least 200 people gathered Sunday evening outside an elementary school in Placentia for a candlelight vigil to remember Kimura’s glowing smile and love of life, and how she touched those she had just met as well as those she knew for years. Kimura is survived by her parents and a sister, as well as her close group of friends. Some in the group have tickets to another country-western show later this month, but Gyurina said she isn’t sure they’ll go. But she said their November “Friendsgiving” dinner will go on as planned, as Kimura would want it to. “If it was somebody else, as devastated as she would have been,” Miller said, “she would have been the one to rally us back.”

Damien Barling: Major Plot Twist at Hell In A Cell

This was every bit as good as you would expect. There was more psychology in this Cell match then we’ve seen in recent memory. The New Day used kendo sticks and the cell to create some sort of Home Alone style trap that was pretty humorous. After a very physical match The Usos won with a double splash on Xavier Woods. These two teams have tremendous chemistry. The Usos are now 5x tag team champions. RUSEV VS RANDY ORTON
I have no reason to care about this match. So I don’t. Somehow Randy won and no one is surprised. He probably hit an RKO cause thats his thing (sarcasm, of course he hits an RKO). TY DILLINGER VS BARON CARBIN VS AJ STYLES (US CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH)
Please put AJ back in the main event picture. This was not entertaining. Corbin is awful. Kings game started will this match was going on so I started tuning it out. Ty Dillinger feels like the latest cool NXT guy to disappear on the main roster (thats becoming a long list by the way). In fact, Dillinger was added to this match for the sole purpose of being the guy Corbin pins to win the US Championship. Chris is texting me how great this was. Maybe I was too distracted. Maybe I’m just prejudice to matches involving Baron Corbin. CHARLOTTE FLAIR VS NATALYA (SMACKDOWN WOMENS CHAMPIONSHIP)
This was an old school match with an old school storyline. Work over a body part. Work it, work it, and work it. Natalya worked over Charlottes leg pretty good before getting disqualified for using a chair. This match wasn’t on the level of there NXT matches but the story worked for me and I’m sure the ending is leading to something. SHINSUKE NAKAMURA VS JINDER MAHAL (WWE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP)
This story has been awful from jump. The last match was flat and didn’t deliver. The promos have been of horrible taste. This is no different. Jinder spent weeks making a fool of Nakamura and he just flat out pinned him again. So, for the better part of the last few months the King of Strong Style has looked like a fool against Mahal and never got that revenge everyone was waiting for. Look up the Triple H Booker T feud from Wrestlemania 19. The ending result of that feud ended Bookers ability to be a top level star. The similarities between these two story arches are pretty amazing. SHANE MCMAHON VS KEVIN OWENS – HELL IN A CELL
Kevin Owens is such a tremendous bad guy. I mean, he is pretty much great at everything he does. The showed Shane hugging his kids and wife in the front row and you could hear KO yelling at them, “I should be your role model” at various points in the match. Owens set up a table outside the ring and wound up doing a cannon ball through it. Shane McMahon hit the famous garbage can Coast to Coast, then came the moment where he looked to the top the Cell and the crowd went nuts. He told the referee to open the door. “I can’t”. So, without even having to search, Shane McMahon grabbed some bolt cutters from under the ring, cut the lock and opened the door. Because, of course theres bolt cutters under the ring. The two battled on the outside until the big spot we all waited for came. Kevin Owens teased jumping off the top on to Shane. Shane eventually climbed to the top and the two brawled. The story became them performing big moves on each other weakening the structure. It looked as if KO hit Shane with a pop up power bomb and, PERHAPS, the cell was suppose to give and Shane would fall to a hopefully cushy landing. They teased throwing each other off before finally climbing part way down and KO taking a pig Vince McMahon style bump off the cage. I hated a lot of this. It felt so unnecessary. I didn’t enjoy those two fighting on the Cell and I very much didn’t want one, or both of them, jumping off. Shane set KO on the table and climbed the Cell again. Shane jumped off. KO wasn’t there. Sami Zayn saved him. Yep, didn’t see that coming. Zayn pulled Owens on top of Shane for the pin. Yep, really didn’t see that coming!  

Average US Gas Prices Fall 7 Cents Thanks To Crude Oil Costs

CAMARILLO, Calif. (AP) — The average price of a gallon of regular-grade gasoline fell 7 cents nationally over the past two weeks to $2.56. Industry analyst Trilby Lundberg of the Lundberg Survey said Sunday that the drop comes as crude oil prices drop and flooded refineries on the hurricane-battered Gulf Coast return to operation. Lundberg says she expects further price cuts as refiners make cheaper “winter grade” gasoline. The current price is 27 cents above where it was a year ago. Gas in San Francisco was the highest in the contiguous United States at an average of $3.11 a gallon. The lowest was in St. Louis at $2.20 a gallon. The U.S. average diesel price is $2.76, down a penny from two weeks ago.

4 Suspected Of Trying To Videotape Girls Changing In Locker Room

By Shawn Chitnis WALSENBURG, Colo. (CBS4) – The Huerfano County Sheriff’s office is investigating four middle school boys in southern Colorado accused of setting up cellphones and trying to record video of girls changing in a locker room, according to CBS4 partner KKTV. “It’s wrong,” said Michael Moore, Huerfano RE-1 Schools. “It’s disgusting. It’s illegal.”
peakview school 4 Suspected Of Trying To Videotape Girls Changing In Locker Room

(credit: CBS)

The girls were visiting from a middle school in Trinidad School District 1 and using a locker room normally used by boys at Peakview School in Huerfano County. They discovered the phones and brought them to their coach. The superintendent for their school district says even the allegation of what may have happened is very concerning to his administration. “This has really ramped up all of our awareness of what we can do and what we should be doing,” said Scott Mader, superintendent for Trinidad School District 1. Mader says three phones did not record anything and a fourth phone just had video of an empty locker room. School leaders say if any video had captured the girls, it could have been considered child pornography. The investigation is not complete so it is unclear if the students will face any punishment yet. Moore said suspension could be a possible option. It is also unknown if criminal charges will be filed in this case. “Anytime you’ve got the invasion of privacy involved that matter is serious,” said Moore. “I’m truly sorry for the actions of our young people and what it has caused for you as a parent and you as a young person in the locker room.” Shawn Chitnis reports for CBS4 News at 10 on weekends and CBS4 News at 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. throughout the week. Email him story ideas at and connect with him on Twitter or Facebook.

Big Weather Change Means Butterflies Will ‘Get Out Of Dodge’

By Joel Hillan WESTMINSTER, Colo. (CBS4) – Over the past couple of weeks we have been spoiled by the number of butterflies we have seen as they have made their migration through Colorado, but this early week snowstorm could change all of that.
butterfly Big Weather Change Means Butterflies Will Get Out Of Dodge

(credit: CBS)

“Butterflies are very intuitive creatures and they are going to get out of dodge when the weather begins to get much colder than it is now,” said Sarah Garrett, a lepidopterist at the Butterfly Pavilion in Westminster. She says part of the reason we saw so many butterflies this year is because they got an earlier start. “We saw them coming in in March, whereas we don’t typically see them until May,” she said. The cold weather brought them to Colorado from Canada on the way to their winter home in Mexico. Garrett says hunger fuels their travels. “No matter what, they are going to continue to follow their food source, so they may shift further south of us,” she said. If you missed the butterflies this year, the Butterfly Pavilion has over 1,000 butterflies on display each day, year round. This month they also have Spider Pavilion for those who want an up close encounter with some pretty big spiders and the web they weave. Joel Hillan anchors CBS4 This Morning on weekends as well as reports stories for CBS4 News at 5 and 6 p.m. Follow Joel on Twitter @joelhillan.

Reporter Clarifies Earlier Report About Colin Kaepernick Kneeling During Anthem

NEW YORK (AP) — A CBS Sports reporter clarified his televised report saying quarterback Colin Kaepernick told him he would stand during the national anthem if he played in the NFL again, saying he didn’t actually discuss the issue with the player when they spoke. Jason La Canfora said in a series of tweets on Sunday that he was relaying previous reporting about Kaepernick and did not ask whether the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback would sit or stand during the anthem when he spoke about his interview with the player during a pregame show. The reversal came after anchor James Brown asked La Canfora on “The NFL Today” : “And kneeling, he said?” La Canfora responded: “He’s not planning on kneeling. He’s going to donate all his jersey sales and he’s planning on standing for the anthem if given the opportunity, J.B.” La Canfora tweeted later that he does not know what Kaepernick would do during the anthem. Relying on unnamed sources, ESPN reported in March that Kaepernick would stand during the anthem if he played again. But Kaepernick has not spoken publicly about what he would do. After La Canfora backed off his earlier report, Kaepernick tweeted: “A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on,” attributing the quote to Winston Churchill even though some scholars have said the quote was not said by the former British prime minister. According to CBS, La Canfora sat down with Kaepernick, his girlfriend and his trainer on Saturday night. La Canfora summarized their conversation but the segment did not air any comments directly made by the player. La Canfora said his “primary takeaway” was that Kaepernick’s sole focus is on being a quarterback. Kaepernick does on-field work and throws hundreds of passes for several hours a day at an undisclosed location in New Jersey, La Canfora said. La Canfora said Kaepernick also trains in a gym and spends part of his days working with youth in Harlem.

Bulls’ Lauri Markkanen Neither Shy Nor On Target In Preseason Debut

By Cody Westerlund– CHICAGO (CBS) — When it was pointed out to Bulls rookie power forward Lauri Markkanen that he wasn’t shy about shooting in his preseason debut Sunday evening, he had a quick explanation. “I’m not lacking confidence,” Markkanen said. Markkanen’s first preseason action didn’t feature the desired execution, but he kept an even-keeled tone afterward. After missing the Bulls’ first three preseason games with back spasms, Markkanen came off the bench and scored four points on 1-of-9 shooting, including 0-of-6 on 3-pointers, in Chicago’s 108-95 loss to New Orleans at the United Center. Markkanen had a quick trigger, firing an errant 3-pointer from the left wing just 12 seconds after entering to start the second quarter. Markkanen shot five times in his first 5 1/2 minutes of action and got to the free-throw line once as well. “I like to hear it from everyone,” teammate Justin Holiday said of Markkanen’s green-light mindset. “You’re going to be on the floor, you need to have confidence when you’re out here and not be afraid. That’s what he does. That’s a guy we can throw the ball to and make a three. Whatever he’s going to do, he’s going to do it confidently again. A guy that plays hard and plays with confidence is a guy I can play with.” Of his debut, the 20-year-old Markkanen admitted he was “pretty nervous.” While most of his shots were wayward — Markkanen airballed a 3-pointer — the Bulls liked that he wasn’t hesitant. After all, they selected him at No. 7 overall in the draft in June as part of the Jimmy Butler trade because of his offensive skill set. “We want him aggressive,” coach Fred Hoiberg said. “When he’s open, we want him shooting the ball. He’s one of the best shooters on this basketball team.” Markkanen played 15:29 as he was on roughly a 15-minute line after dealing with the back issue. He added three rebounds and an assist. “Shots weren’t falling today,” Markkanen said. “I just got to go back to the gym, but I’m not worried about that.   “It didn’t go the way we wanted to, but it felt good to be out there.” Markkanen experienced a couple welcome-to-the-NBA moments after shifting over to center and guarding Pelicans big man DeMarcus Cousins, who has a 43-pound advantage on him. Cousins bullied his way past Markkanen on several occasions and deftly executed a spin move on him in the post as well en route to 22 points. “He didn’t show any fear, he didn’t back down,” Hoiberg said of Markkanen. “He played against arguably the best center in the league. We wanted to play him at the four and the five, and we did that tonight.” Cody Westerlund is a sports editor for and covers the Bulls. He’s also the co-host of the @LockedOnBulls podcast, which you can subscribe to on iTunes and Stitcher. Follow him on Twitter @CodyWesterlund.

Uber Driver And Passengers Shot On I-880 In Oakland

OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) — Authorities said an Uber driver and two passengers were shot by someone in another car on a freeway in Oakland. California Highway Patrol Sgt. Robert Nacke said the passengers were returning from a party and riding in the Uber driver’s Toyota Highlander when they were shot at early Sunday on Interstate 880. Investigators believed the passengers were targeted by the shooter, though Nacke had no immediate information on why they were targeted. Nacke said the driver and passengers drove to the hospital to seek treatment for their gunshot wounds. He had no information on the extent of their injuries. The CHP close southbound lanes of the freeway for several hours to search for evidence.