Splash Pages for Campaigns on Squarespace

You might have noticed in my recent post on election design that I made a bunch of splash pages for Alessandra Biaggi’s campaign.
Website landing page that prominently features the text "ELECT MORE WOMEN / BIAGGI 2018." The headline on the page reads "elect more women," and the content describes why you should elect Alessandra Biaggi. There is a button to donate $25, and a link to continue to the website.
Splash pages are common tactics for any site trying to raise money or spur action, like political campaigns and non-profits. They’re usually minimal, focused, and create a gate before you can reach the regular site. Biaggi’s site was built on Squarespace, so my first instinct (“download a WordPress plugin!”) was out. The idea of using a regular page and overwriting a bunch of CSS was… daunting, to say the least. That’s when I discovered the utility of Cover Pages. I’d seen them announced before and thought they were nifty, though at the time, I had no use for them. This changed when I started playing around with them as an option for splash pages.
Cover Pages are great because they load a separate template into the page. You can control whether to show branding and navigation, or just go simple with a header, body text, and some action links. You have a similar style editor as the rest of the site, but it’s per-page, so you can tweak styles between different cover pages. There’s a number of available layouts, geared towards different use-cases. I found “landing,” “profile,” and “video” to be the most useful categories for my particular needs.
Squarespace's "Change Layout" panel. The layout dropdown is open, showing the available layout categories. Behind the dropdown are preview thumbnails for a few layouts.
In particular, I used VANGUARDMISSION, and PROJECTOR the most often. I also found FLASH a good option for making policy-specific splash pages, which we used on social media. One gripe — there’s no way to set per-page marketing settings, like social share images. This would have been immensely helpful for making our policy splash pages, so each had a unique social share image, instead of using the general site image. I had to write very little CSS to get these pages looking the way I wanted. I customized non-primary buttons so they appeared as links instead, and adjusted some background positioning on different screen sizes. That may have been the extent of it? Each splash page had its own corresponding ActBlue link, so we could track how each page performed. I wish we’d dived deeper into this — I think if I work on another campaign where we use these tools, I’d try more variations to see which pages perform better. We primarily used Cover Pages for donations and GOTV (“get out the vote”), but I could also see early-stage campaigns using them for email gathering or “stay tuned!” landing pages. I think there’s a lot of opportunities for campaigns using Squarespace to leverage this feature! The post Splash Pages for Campaigns on Squarespace appeared first on Mel Choyce.

ProZ Community Choice awards: thank you!

Thank you to everyone who nominated or voted for my blog and books in this year’s ProZ Community Choice awards. The winners have been announced, and I’m excited to see that Thoughts on Translation won for best blog about translation, and Finding and Marketing to Translation Agencies won for best book about translation. After almost 11 years (!) of blogging and writing, your ongoing support means a great deal, and I appreciate everyone who reads what I publish and (hopefully) finds it useful. Congratulations to all of the nominees and winners! The post ProZ Community Choice awards: thank you! appeared first on Thoughts On Translation.

2019 courses open for registration

I’m excited to announce that my Winter/Spring 2019 online courses are open for registration. Ahead of this “semester,” I surveyed my subscribers and asked what you’d like to learn about. You answered, and the lineup reflects the four most popular choices, plus my flagship course for beginning translators. All courses are four weeks long, $365 early bird/$380 regular (see the course pages for additional discounts), and offer a mix of self-paced and live sessions (recordings provided), plus individual feedback on four assignments. Additionally, everyone who registers for a 2019 course before December 31 receives a 30-minute individual consulting session with me. Here’s the lineup! Spanish to English translation workshop with Holly Mikkelson, CT, FCCI.  January 9-February 6. Join Holly (ATA-certified SP<>EN, Federally-certified court interpreter, Professor Emerita at MIIS, longtime grader of the ATA SP>EN certification exam) for an in-depth translation technique course, focusing on legal and international development/diplomacy translation. Spanish to English translators at all levels are welcome, and this course is particularly recommended for anyone preparing for a certification exam. Early bird deadline: December 9. Editing and proofreading for into-English translators with Karen Tkaczyk, PhD, CT, FITI.  February 11-March 11. As translators, we proofread and edit on a daily basis, but we often lack good techniques for these tasks, and we don’t know how to incorporate them into our range of services. Karen will cover proofreading, monolingual revision, bilingual revision, and self-editing, as well as information about how to market editing as a standalone service. Early bird deadline: January 11. Getting started as a freelance translator, with me, Corinne McKay, CT. April 1-26. Running since 2006 with over 500 graduates, this is my flagship course for beginning and aspiring translators in any language combination. Learn how to create translation-targeted marketing materials, find your first clients, set up a website or online profile, and decide how much to charge. Early bird deadline: March 1. Copywriting for your business and your clients, with Madalena Sánchez Zampaulo. April 29-May 24. Copywriting is an often-overlooked skill that can improve the quality of your translations, attract new clients to your business, and open up new income streams. Better yet, good copywriting is a skill that can be learned, and in this class, you’ll improve your copywriting skills in ways that you can immediately apply to your own business and to your work for your clients. Early bird deadline: March 29. Organization and productivity for translators, with Dorothee Racette. June 3-28. Back by popular request, this course will help you get more done, in less time, and feel happier while doing it. A past participant told us that this class helped her “stop flailing.” Dorothee will help you minimize the feast-famine cycle and create sustainable business processes you’ll actually stick with, while learning productivity techniques especially for translators. This class includes a 30-minute individual consultation with Dorothee. Early bird deadline: May 3. The post 2019 courses open for registration appeared first on Thoughts On Translation.

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