Body Camera Video Released In Fatal Napa Officer-Involved Shooting

NAPA (CBS SF) — Police in Napa on Monday released new body-camera video showing a deadly confrontation last week after a suspect grabbed an officer’s gun and pulled the trigger several times.

That suspect was then shot and killed by the officer.

The incident happened shortly before 2 a.m. last Wednesday at a Napa apartment complex off Soscol Avenue.

Napa police were called to the scene after a report was an assault on a woman and a man armed with a gun.

Officer Christopher Simas was first to confront the suspect, 27-year-old David Molina.

In the video, Simas can be heard ordering the suspect repeatedly to put his hands up, but Molina instead fled the scene.

The Napa Police Chief Robert Plummer on Monday offered a detailed description of what happened next, showing maps of the confrontation location. The suspect led the officer on a foot chase across a dog park and into a ravine.

Officer Simas continued following Molina in the darkness and eventually found him hiding in the bushes.

He is able to get one handcuff on the suspect, but then there is a struggle.

The chief said Molina was able to reach around and pull the trigger on the officer’s rifle, but it misfires.

You can hear the two men continue to wrestle for control of the weapon, then more shots.

Molina is heard in the video shouting, “Shots fired! Subject down!” after the struggle.

As to whether Molina was armed, Plummer confirmed a weapon was found nearby.

“The handgun was located about 75 feet from where the officer-involved shooting occurred,” Plummer said.

Molina was hit four times and died at the scene. Officer Simas suffered some minor injuries.

By coincidence, the Napa Police Department had only recently received the new body cameras. They have only been in use in the field for 30 days.

Emeryville Eyes Record-Breaking Residential Skyscraper

EMERYVILLE (KPIX 5) — A 54-story residential tower is being proposed for Emeryville, which would make it the tallest residential building in the Bay Area.

Right now, the proposed site is just an ordinary asphalt parking lot at the corner of Shellmound St. and Christie Ave., one block from Powell St. and Interstate 80.

But if one international development corporation has its way, it’ll soon the location of a skyscraping apartment building.

Vancouver-based real estate development firm Onni Group is proposing the 683-foot tall apartment building, which would be twice as tall as the existing Pacific Park Plaza just up the road.

“My first reaction, like most people’s, is like, wow, that is huge. Maybe a little out of scale,” said Robert Arias, founder of E’, a hyper-local website devoted to all things Emeryville. “But then you take a step back and think, well, we need housing and that would make a pretty broad dent in that.”

The building has a distinctive curve facing west toward the Golden Gate Bridge. Initial documents from Onni Group say the design is inspired by other unique buildings such as the Absolute World towers in Ontario, the Aqua Tower in Chicago and the iconic Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai.

Vanessa Gonzalez lives nearby and is concerned. “I mean, it’s pretty big. I feel it wouldn’t go good in this area, especially with all the traffic we already have.”

Resident Jill Lessing had reservations, too. “I don’t know, doesn’t sound real great for Emeryville.”

I reached out to the city manager who refused comment. The developer didn’t respond to emails or phone calls. Thursday’s Emeryville Planning Commission meeting will surely be the beginning of what is expected to be a long, drawn-out process, as this project take shape.

High School Football Player Destroys Opposing Team’s Furniture With Sledgehammer

SUTTER (CBS13) — The troubled varsity football player still wore his shoulder pads as he swung a sledgehammer, demolishing a couch his opponent’s locker room. The incident happened after the section playoff game against between West Valley High and Sutter Union High in Cottonwood.

“Yah some things got out of hand… he was definitely upset about the loss about the loss,” said Cameron Applegarth. “Our school is looked at like a piece of trash. We look like bullies we look like sore losers.”

Applegrath is on the Sutter High team and is friends with the player in the video. He says his teammate lost control of his emotions and now the school is paying a price.

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“You can’t always win and if you don’t win you still has to handle defeat,” said Ryan Robison, the superintendent and principal of Sutter Union High School.

Robison says that’s not the only lesson being taught. The unidentified student, a minor, is suspended. But there’s more to this story, his teammates want to share.

“It was an emotional experience I’ve never had stepping off that field for the last time,” said Tyler McCool.

McCool says it was the last playoff game of the season against West Valley High, in Cottonwood California. West Valley won the game 7-0.

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The two teams have a long and competitive history, which is why Sutter is looking to make things right starting with replacing the couch.

“We’ve arranged for a couple captains and seniors on the team… to  put it back in their locker room,” said Applegrath.

And they’ll do it with money the troubled football player plans to help raise.

“He’s taken personal responsibility for his actions,” said Robison.

The team said the sledgehammer the player used is typically a pregame symbol of strength for the players.

Lawmakers Push Indiana Hate Crimes Bill

CHICAGO (CBS) – Indiana is one of just five states in the country without a law that specifically addresses hate crimes, but lawmakers in Indiana are pushing to change that.

Hate crimes are on the rise in the United States. The FBI says hate crimes were up 17 percent in 2017 compared to 2016, and that’s without any data from Indianapolis or Evansville, two of the top 10 largest metro areas that failed to report.

The Southern Poverty Law Center currently identifies 31 groups in the state that it considers “hate groups.”

Hate crimes are treated very differently on the Indiana side of the state line versus the Illinois side.

A horrifying crime live-streamed on Facebook from Chicago’s West Side of four people abusing a mentally disabled man led to four arrests on kidnapping and hate crime charges.

Indiana State Sen. Mike Bohacek (R- District 8) was astonished to learn that in Indiana the offenders could not have been charged with a hate crime at the state level. And for him, the crime was personal.

“I’m sensitive to it,” he said. “I do have a daughter with Down syndrome, so I wanted to make sure that the right protections were available. And I was really kind of shocked that there wasn’t any real specific language for an aggravated circumstances for bias crimes.”

The bill he co-authored is at least the fourth attempt in recent years to pass a law that gives judges the power to assign tougher penalties for crimes motivated by bias or hate.

“You’re basically giving it a kind of a kicker that enhances the penalty that that person will suffer,” said Lonnie Nasatir, regional director for the Anti-Defamation League.

Nesatir said an incident at a synagogue in Carmel over the summer opened the eyes of many Hoosiers. Police caught the offenders who allegedly defaced the synagogue with swastikas and set a fire, but the case had to be handed over to the feds.

“They don’t have the adequate laws on the books in Indiana to handle it,” Nesatir said.

This year proponents of the bill, which would include gender identity protections, are cautiously optimistic that it will finally pass.

For the first time in recent years, Indiana’s Governor is voicing support for the measure, saying he’s dedicated to signing it into law in 2019.


Business As Usual For Burke

CHICAGO (CBS) — Powerful alderman Ed Burke was confronted by reporters Monday at City Hall, ten days after the bombshell federal raid on his offices.

“Good morning gentlemen. How are you? And ladies,” Burke said.

Business as usual for Burke is to say nothing. He’s been investigated for corruption numerous times, but never charged. He is the longest-serving Chicago alderman ever at 49 years in office.

Burke succeeded his father back in 1969 and has headed the 14th Ward ever since.

Denver Art Museum Officials Confident Damaged Pieces Can Be Salvaged

By Rick Sallinger

DENVER (CBS4) – The Denver Art Museum says 10 works of art were damaged before museum personnel tackled a man on Sunday afternoon and held him until police arrived. The damage occured in the Hamilton wing.

dam exhibit vandalism 5pkg transfer frame 53 Denver Art Museum Officials Confident Damaged Pieces Can Be Salvaged

Jake Siebenlist (credit: CBS)

Police named Jake Siebenlist, 18, as the suspect. If he had a motive for what he is accused of doing, he gave no indication in court. His hand was cut, bandaged and swollen.

dam exhibit vandalism 5pkg transfer frame 233 Denver Art Museum Officials Confident Damaged Pieces Can Be Salvaged

(credit: CBS)

Numerous pieces of art in the “Stampede: Art and Animals” exhibit did not fare too well either. Among them a piece called “Beware of Cranes.”

dam exhibit vandalism 5pkg transfer frame 636 Denver Art Museum Officials Confident Damaged Pieces Can Be Salvaged

(credit: CBS)

Christoph Heinrich, the museum’s director, said the suspect appeared mentally troubled.

“When you destroy art in a gallery that’s pretty weird, and he was aggravated and not in a state of mind that was reasonable.”

Police reported the suspect pushed a glass structure over, and then pushed patrons out of his way. Court documents state, “Siebenlist then began to throw numerous sculptures across the room causing them to break and began shattering other art sculptures into the ground.”

denver art museum Denver Art Museum Officials Confident Damaged Pieces Can Be Salvaged

(credit: CBS)

Heinrich said there was anger and sadness at the museum.

“This is a totally unreasonable, weird thing. First time in my career and in the history of the Denver Art Museum,” he said.

The gallery where the vandalism occurred is now closed. The remainder of the exhibit remains open to the public.

dam exhibit vandalism 5pkg transfer frame 1697 Denver Art Museum Officials Confident Damaged Pieces Can Be Salvaged

(credit: CBS)

The damaged objects include pre-Columbian ceramic vessels, a 19th century Chinese vase as well as modern and contemporary items. Heinrich believes they can be salvaged.

“Our conservators are stellar, and I am confident they can conserve and restore most of the objects,” he said.

Siebenlist has no prior record and was to be released on a personal recognizance bond.

CBS4’s Rick Sallinger is a Peabody award winning reporter who has been with the station more than two decades doing hard news and investigative reporting. Follow him on Twitter @ricksallinger.

Childhood Friends Search For 55-Year-Old Wedding Dress Sold In Storage Auction

Chicago (CBS) — Friends of an Orland Park woman have taken to Facebook to find a 55-year-old wedding dress that had been sold off in a storage unit auction.

In July of 2014, Bridget Marlowe moved back to the Chicago area from Texas after suddenly losing her husband of 26 years. With money tight, she downsized and put many of the family’s items in a self storage unit. Among the belongings was the dress Marlowe’s mother wore on her wedding day 55 years ago, in January of 1964.

photoeditor 20181206 161501076 Childhood Friends Search For 55 Year Old Wedding Dress Sold In Storage Auction

(Credit: Marlowe family)

Marlowe began to fall behind on the unit’s $223 monthly rental fee. “Yes, I could have asked for help,” she told CBS 2. But she could not bring herself to ask her family and friends for financial assistance.

According to Marlowe, the storage company eventually auctioned Marlowe’s unit in 2017. Marlowe said the person who bought its contents kindly dropped off some of the family’s personal photos at the facility for Marlowe to pick up. “I lost 26 years of Christmases,” Marlowe told CBS 2 about the items she was not able to retrieve.

Until two months ago, Marlowe thought she still had the dress in her current apartment’s storage unit. After her daughter, Britt, who is 27, asked about the dress, Marlow realized it had been sold off in the auction.

“Baby it’s not your fault, I understand,” is what Marlowe said her mother, 73, told her after learning the dress had been sold in the auction. Knowing how important the dress is to her mother and her daughter, Marlowe contacted the storage facility. She was told the person who bought the unit could not remember what had happened to the dress.

Britt, who is studying for a Master’s degree in Argentina and in a serious relationship, is not currently engaged. But Marlowe told CBS 2 that Britt is very close with her grandmother and would love to wear the dress when she eventually walks down the aisle.

In a recent group chat with three childhood friends, Marlowe confided that her storage unit had been sold, and along with it, her mother’s wedding dress. These four women, who have known each other since kindergarten in Sauk Village, call themselves “our Tribe.”

Marlowe’s friends came up with a plan: they would post about the wedding dress on Facebook publicly and request that people help them find it. “Help us find this dress!!” is how Clara Bryant started her post.

“Her heart is bigger than she is,” Bryant told CBS 2. Bryant had no idea Marlowe had fallen on hard times financially. She and buddies Suzette Daley and Kim Denton believe that a Facebook post and a little bit of luck might reunite this dress with its original owners, perhaps even in time for Christmas.

Once the friends received photos of the dress, Bryant quickly typed up a post, included the images and waited to see what would happen. In the past five days, the post has garnered close to 4,000 shares on Facebook.

“I didn’t realize it would go so public,” said Marlowe about the thousands of shares and warm responses the Facebook post has received.

She added, “I hope the person who has the dress sees this. But I’m not asking for anything.” Marlowe said she would buy the dress back from its current owner.