NYE Revelers Have Other Options For Getting To And From SF Besides Driving

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX) – San Francisco’s first message for anyone planning on coming to the fireworks on the Embarcadero: Don’t drive.

“Beginning at 8 o’clock tonight, all Muni service is free, all across San Francisco,” says SFMTA spokesperson Erica Kato.

“We’ll be running extra service in our Muni Metro system, and on our most popular Owl lines until 5 o’clock tomorrow morning.”

And while Muni is free, BART will be running trains until 3 o’clock in the morning to help New Year’s revelers get home.

While there is no official estimate of how many people will come to San Francisco’s Embarcadero, police are expecting crowds large enough to shut down some city streets.

“Just be patient with the crowds and the traffic out there,” pleaded Officer Robert Rueca of the San Francisco Police Department. “People are going to want to get from point A to point B. We want everyone to get here, have fun, and get home and be safe.”

Another consideration is the wind that has relentlessly pounded the city’s waterfront this New Year’s Eve. A number of bay cruises planned for New Year’s Eve have already been cancelled because of rough waters.

“Well, we were supposed to go sailing. We’ve had it planned for a few days now,” said Zach O’Brien of San Francisco. “Our sailor guy told us we would die today if we went out there.”

The bay cruise cancellation was particular bad news for O’Brien and his girlfriend Lindsay. He had planned on using the cruise for a surprise proposal. Instead, he unveiled the ring on a windy Crissy Field.

Skateboarder Recovering After Suspected Drunk Driving Crash In Citrus Heights

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A Sacramento woman is still recovering after a suspected DUI hit and run in Citrus Heights. It happened last Thursday on Auburn Boulevard near Charwood Lane.

Kelly Cass, 27, was on her skateboard when an alleged drunk driver hit her, sending her into his windshield.

“My immediate reaction was ‘where is she, is she alive?’” said Kayla Dowty, Kelly’s sister.

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Dowty got the call from her dad Thursday evening. Kelly was riding her skateboard to work when Angel Diego Huerta collided with the 27-year-old. She flew through the windshield and into the passenger’s side of the car. Huerta continued driving but eventually pulled over and fled. Meanwhile, an injured Kelly was able to call 911 herself.

“She’s very strong and very brave,” Dowty said. “I’m sure that there was a million things going through her brain.”

Kelly has a broken arm, two shattered legs lost the blood supply to her feet.

“There will be many surgeries to try to piece together her bones,” said Cristie Cass, Kelly’s mother.

Cass is trying to focus on the injures Kelly doesn’t have: no brain damage, no organ damage and no cuts on her head or face.

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“She remembers protecting her head with her arm,” Cass said.

“Miraculous!” Dowty added.

Kelly had just moved to Sacramento in December and started her new job at a retail store in Citrus Heights.

“She had already found a gym,” Cass said. “She was so excited to being able to go to the gym!”

Now, Kelly’s family says she’s looking at several surgeries to repair her legs.

Huerta was arrested and faces three felonies. But back in 2012, Huerta pled no contest to another Felony DUI charge after hitting a Sacramento County couple in a parked car.

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“My heart breaks for those people because I can’t imagine what they’re going through, having been through a similar accident,” Dowty said. “Hearing that it’s happened again, I’m sure it’s just crushing for them and crushing for us as well.”

Cass told CBS13 she can’t focus too much on Huerta’s fate right now.

“If I spend a lot of time thinking about him, that’s just – too much negativity,” Cass said. “She’s going to need everything we have.”

But Dowty says she’s hoping justice will eventually be served.

“Our hope is that he can’t hurt people in the future,” Dowty said.

Huerta was expected in court Monday, but it’s been rescheduled for Wednesday. He faces three felonies including kidnapping, DUI and hit and run.

Latest Colorado Weather Forecast: Happy “Cold” New Year!

By Dave Aguilera

DENVER (CBS4) – What a way to wrap up 2018! A wallop of snow and a huge helping of COLD!

If your heading out to ring in the New Year get set to take a ride into the deep freeze! Temperatures across Colorado will be dropping into the teens and single digits tonight.

New Years Fireworks 1 Latest Colorado Weather Forecast: Happy Cold New Year!

With that cold there is a bit of wind with the cold air plunge. There is a Wind Chill Advisory in place for Denver, the Front Range and most of Northeastern Colorado through Tuesday morning.

Alerts Wind Chill2 Latest Colorado Weather Forecast: Happy Cold New Year!

Snow amounts on Monday have been light and most of the snow over northern Colorado should be tapering off before midnight.

Snow Totals NuTu Latest Colorado Weather Forecast: Happy Cold New Year!

The current storm pattern will keep heavy snow going in the southern mountains of the state. This is where a Winter Storm Warning will remain in place through Tuesday afternoon.

Winter Storm Warning Latest Colorado Weather Forecast: Happy Cold New Year!

By mid-week a New Year warming trend will begin and Denver should get back to the 50s by the end of the week.

5day Latest Colorado Weather Forecast: Happy Cold New Year!

snowpack Latest Colorado Weather Forecast: Happy Cold New Year!

drought monitor Latest Colorado Weather Forecast: Happy Cold New Year!

Meteorologist Dave Aguilera is a Colorado native and has been forecasting weather in the Rocky Mountain region for over 25 years! Connect with Dave on Facebook and on Twitter @DaveAgCBS.

Forget Driving, Take Light Rail For Free To New Year’s Eve In Old Sacramento

SACRAMENTO (CBS13)  — Are you going to Old Sacramento for New Year’s Eve? You can take the light rain for free on Dec. 31 for the New Year’s Eve Sky Spectacular in Old Sacramento.

To get the free ride, get the Free Ride Flyer on the SacRT website.

To view a light rail schedule, visit sacrt.com and click on the “Schedules” link on the home page or call our Customer Service and Sales Center at 916-321-BUSS (2877) Monday through Friday, from 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

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The New Year’s Eve fireworks show lights up the sky about Old Sacramento and is free to all residents. There will be programming for children, live music, dinner specials, and street entertainment.

Activities begin at 6 p.m. on New Year’s Eve. The fireworks are scheduled for 9 p.m.

Ringing In 2019!

We’re ringing in 2019 at Dell Children’s Medical Center. Asthma sucks. Pneumonia sucks.

I never really realized how troublesome asthma can be. As a kid, it seemed like enough people had it that it was somewhat normal and I never saw an attack. So, it wasn’t really a bit deal.

For O, she’s actively under the care of two specialists, tried a half-dozen or more controllers, take four medications daily to control it, yet we still end up in situations where she needs rescue medicine at levels unsafe to administer at home and taking the professionals here 24 hours to get under control with doses 3x what we can give and a third of the time between them.

Anyhow, here’s to meeting our insurance deductible on January 1st! 🎉

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$8.3 Million In Cook County Property Tax Refunds To Go To Nearly 30,000 Homeowners

CHICAGO (CBS) — Some Cook County homeowners will be receiving property tax refunds they did not even apply to get, according to the Cook County Treasurer.

The Cook County Treasurer’s Office is sending nearly 30,000 homeowners refunds totaling $8.3 million without requiring an applications, Treasurer Maria Pappas said Monday.

“We’ve taken steps in the past to make the refund application process easier,” Pappas said. “Now we’re trying to eliminate the application altogether.”

According to the office, overpayments occur for a variety of reason, including mistakenly paying ore than is owed on a tax bill and a reductions in property taxes after the bill was paid.

These refunds are due to tax overpayments made since 2013.

Almost 9,000 homeowners who paid their taxes through an escrow account will receive refund checks. More than 20,000 who paid by check or online are automatically going to receive refunds to their bank or credit card accounts.

You can check cookcountytreasurer.com to see if you are entitled to a refund.