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Coming Through

I’ve found this week such a struggle, like a real tough week. I’ve found it hard to even do basic things like brush my teeth or get dressed and that isn’t like me. I’ve had struggles with my sleep since I was a child, conditions have to be just so and now living with my… The post Coming Through appeared first on BayArt.

Being Enough

I was reading an article about having concealed depression, it’s not really a surprise to me that I have most of the signs of it because I’ve felt pretty wobbly lately. I have insomnia fairly often, I eat a lot more than I’d care to, I put on mask to the world a lot of… The post Being Enough appeared first on BayArt.

Some Distance Can Go a Long Way

Sometimes you need to distance yourself from people. You need to cut ties if they are no longer positive features in your life. Sometimes those people are tied to you through blood and they played a huge part in your life as you grew into an adult. Or they are friends who no longer provide… The post Some Distance Can Go a Long Way appeared first on BayArt.

Cracks in the Foundations

I’m having a fight with myself, beating myself up until I’m bruised and weak.  I’m battling the recent constant thoughts that I’m a second rate woman. I’m going on other people’s facebook pages who I deem to be more attractive and I’m looking at their photos and wishing I could be more like them. Less… The post Cracks in the Foundations appeared first on BayArt.

The Impressions We Leave

I can think back to when I was a little girl, around about 7 and I was sat at a table with my friends in the canteen at school and they all had finished their lunches. I heard one say “shall we go?” and another looked at me and said “sorry, insert my name here”… The post The Impressions We Leave appeared first on BayArt.

My Life and Living With it

At the start of the week I had lost it. I felt like I had lost everything I used to have. My youth, my slim figure, my potential, my hope. I have been worrying about my future constantly for over a week, even when I wasn’t directly thinking about it I felt I nagging, aching…

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A New Rule of Attraction

It’s hard to practice what you preach sometimes. This week I have felt incredibly envious of a younger woman because I didn’t feel like I could match up to her. My partner used to have a crush on this woman who is a friend of his and I noticed this when I met her and…

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The Truths of Strength

On Friday I spent the day doing enrolment for the college I worked at and tying up loose ends. It was coming up to 4, I popped out to have a walk and break and I came back in. I saw that people were hanging around the office, not particularly unsual, I walked over to…

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Celebrate Those Small Victories

I’m not where I thought I’d be at this time in my life. When I envisaged the future I thought I’d be doing a job which was leading to an amazing career in the arts, living in my own flat or house and maybe even married, though I was never to sure about that one.… The post Celebrate Those Small Victories appeared first on BayArt.