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Colony Capital Has Three-Week Window to Avert Weinstein Co. Bankruptcy (EXCLUSIVE)

Colony Capital has been granted a three-week window to negotiate a deal for some or all of the Weinstein Company’s assets, as the company seeks to avoid a bankruptcy filing. Sources tell Variety that the Weinstein Co.’s financial situation, and particularly its debt load, are more dire than was previously known. Nevertheless, Colony Capital, under […]

VidAngel Declares Bankruptcy to Put Copyright Fight on Hold

VidAngel, the Utah-based streaming service that filters out offensive content, declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy on Wednesday. The filing is designed to put its copyright battle with three major studios on hold, as it seeks to expand its new filtering service. “We have millions in the bank, and we’re already making millions on the new system,” […]

Disney Takes Insurer AIG to Court Over ‘Pink Slime’ Defamation Settlement

The Walt Disney Company is going to battle with its insurer, AIG, as it seeks coverage for a massive settlement in the “pink slime” defamation case. In a motion in federal court, Disney seeks to compel AIG to submit to arbitration on the coverage dispute. The underlying litigation is not identified, and all references to […]

Harvey Weinstein Resigns from Weinstein Co. Board as Company Struggles to Survive

Harvey Weinstein resigned Tuesday from the Weinstein Co. board of directors, as the company continues to try to distance itself from the disgraced mogul. Though he was fired as co-chairman on Oct. 8, Weinstein continues to own 22% of the company’s stock, and until today continued to hold a seat on the board. The company […]

Weinstein Co. President David Glasser Linked to Felon’s Money Laundering Case (EXCLUSIVE)

David Glasser has been Harvey Weinstein’s right-hand man for the better part of a decade. Now, after Weinstein’s spectacular downfall in a sex harassment scandal this week, Glasser has been put in charge of the mogul’s imploding entertainment company alongside Weinstein’s brother, Bob. But Glasser, who serves as president and chief operating officer of the […]

Weinstein Co. Board Says It’s ‘Shocked and Dismayed’ by Sexual Assault Allegations

The Weinstein Co. board issued a statement late Tuesday expressing shock and dismay at allegations that Harvey Weinstein repeatedly sexually assaulted actresses over the course of several years. In the statement, the board called the alleged conduct “antithetical to human decency,” and denied any previous knowledge of the claims. The board fired Weinstein on Sunday, […]

Manhattan D.A. Urges More Harvey Weinstein Victims to Come Forward

The Manhattan District Attorney’s office, which is under fire for its handling of a sex assault allegation against Harvey Weinstein in 2015, is now urging other Weinstein victims to come forward. In a statement, Chief Assistant D.A. Karen Friedman Agnifilo blasted Weinstein’s “pattern of mistreating women,” saying it was “disgraceful and shocks the conscience.” “Any […]