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Life, Love; Experience

Love is an experience.   Love is, experience.   Love is Life.   Life; experience.   You can take it or leave it but that  won’t ever stop it from being true.   You can’t stop it from finding you;   make you second guess any false sense of pride in you, it’s what it’s… The post Life, Love; Experience appeared first on BayArt.

Self; Centered Fear

At the center of your fears, lies the point of no return.    A point at which you pivot, to face everything you are.   There’s no running from our reflections; or trying to lose it by going in different directions because it’ll always, ALWAYS, know how to stop us in our tracks by silently… The post Self; Centered Fear appeared first on BayArt.

Enlightenment Entitlement, Addition

Sitting, working on my seventh chapter for MSB (ideas for chapter eight happening at the same time) and I realized something. I was wrong in a previous posting. Judging by the title of this one I’m sure you can guess what it was.   I was wrong to say that our only entitlement as humans…

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Entitlement to Enlightenment

Ego. It’s been on my mind and in my focus lately. It’s been, blocking me from…growth. As can be the nature of Ego. I’ve been hoping and wishing to connect with someone and be seen for all that I am. But I was failing to stop and ask, “Why?” “Is it because I’m lonely, because…

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Limit Limiting Limitations

Hmm, it seems almost backwards-the title-now that I’m looking at it starting this post but it makes so much sense, right? To limit one’s limiting limitations; to find the fault hidden within the depths of something. Like, finding the root of a cure to a disease hidden within the deadliest part of the disease itself.…

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Truth Is Timeless

This film’s been shared a lot since Saturday, August 12th 2017. You see, the truth is timeless. We as humans often leave ourselves reminders in our past so that we can remember in our future, our present, what it is that matters most.

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Do Nothing, Change Nothing

I was told today that someone, in terms of hate groups and maybe any other issues, said the best way to deal with them was to, “Just ignore them. Pretend they aren’t there because all they want is attention…Stop giving them attention and they’ll eventually die off themselves…” Okay so… Here’s why that doesn’t work,…

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What Do I Desire?

“We’d like to be painters, we’d like to be poets. We’d like to be writers, but as everybody knows—we can’t earn any money that way. What do you want to do? When we finally got down to something which the individual says he really wants to do, I will say to him you do that—and…

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Limited Thinking

I speak a lot about becoming one’s true self. Many have come to me at different times and heard me say similar things. They assume that I think it’s easy to do, I don’t know why. It’s not but often times when something seems difficult people have a tendency to give up thinking it’s always…

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Humanity=Martial Art

Everyone goes through a long standing phase of denial. Denying what we truly like, what we dislike, what we dream to become; in essence who we truly are. Have you ever considered that Humanity is in fact Martial Art? I can’t help but feel that way when I listen to the video above. The only…

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