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Depression – soon you might be an old friend.

Originally posted on HonestK Guess who’s back, back again, Kirsty’s back, tell a friend. This is quite a bizarre feeling, I didn’t even realise it until a few weeks ago, but I feel ‘fine’. Not sure if ‘fine’ cuts it, I feel ‘great’ – Tony the tiger great. For someone diagnosed with depression, who monitored… The post Depression – soon you might be an old friend. appeared first on BayArt.

Becoming Self Aware to Improve Self Care

Originaly posted on HonestK Become Self Aware to improve Self Care ^^ I’m copywriting that stroke of literacy genius up there^^ I never thought I would see the day that I, HonestK (that’s my name, check my birth certificate if you like), would not only have huge interest in self care, but that I would… The post Becoming Self Aware to Improve Self Care appeared first on BayArt.


First published in May 2017 on HonestK *crawls, only slightly, out from her negativity cave, opens laptop and tries to remember WP login details I’v not been very active on here for the past week. When I started blogging, just over a month ago, I was all over it. Constantly thinking of blog ideas, writing notes, trawling… The post Pressure appeared first on BayArt.

The Power of Sharing

At first, I thought I didn’t have anything to contribute to the group, but upon reflection I think I do. We all do. Every experience and thought matters, maybe not to all people, maybe just to one person. One is enough, one is a job well done.

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