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Can a leopard change its spots?

One Sunday, my mother, my two sisters, and I were walking down a country dirt road. I was around the age of 7 at the time. I was a pretty active kid. I enjoyed the outdoors: climbing trees, playing in the sand, playing in the woods (you know the things kids use to do before… The post Can a leopard change its spots? appeared first on BayArt.

A good read, cover to cover 

I’ve been meaning to finish this book for years but quite often, I’d pick it up, get preoccupied with life and put it down. By neglecting discipline, I was doing myself a huge disservice. A life without discipline is a life without direction. Without direction, my life became empty, trivial and worrisome. I became worn… The post A good read, cover to cover  appeared first on BayArt.

The latter day merry-go-round 

If I am being completely honest, I have been going in circles for the vast majority of my life. It’s an embarrassing omission really; however, it is true. These days everything is happening so fast. Everyone is moving so fast. The thing about moving at such a momentum at all times while simultaneously going in… The post The latter day merry-go-round  appeared first on BayArt.

Being His instrument

Writing about the things I do isn’t easy. Honestly, I tiptoe alot to keep my self from sounding like chicken little; that is, a small insignificant nobody who everyone thinks is just scared and crazy. 
I’m sure some people may color me as a religious nut who is using a book to explain the things… The post Being His instrument appeared first on BayArt.

Pressing on

Yesterday was difficult. I felt quite discouraged. I prepared myself to pray. Instantly, a thought comes into mind; that prayer is trivial. I prayed anyway. It was a battle just to pray because the discouragement was overwhelming. I prayed anyway. It’s as if I could hear this little voice that was more than a voice… The post Pressing on appeared first on BayArt.

Are you sober 

I started writing a little over a year ago. About six months into it, I began to feel I was headed in the wrong direction. So, I stopped writing. Instead I read the entire Holy Bible cover-to-cover.I grew up in the church and I read a lot of the scriptures and many of the books… The post Are you sober  appeared first on BayArt.

Who gets the adulation 

I have always viewed myself in the likeness of royalty; that is, everyone and everything that existed, did so for my pleasure. No wonder I lived 20 plus years as a “Christian” without a real relationship with Christ. See, all of creation exists for God’s pleasure not vice versa. God does not exist to serve…

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I have learned that gratitude plays a major role in happiness. No matter the season or circumstance, I have made it a point to always say thank you. Try it out: when someone is rude to you smile, be kind, and then thank God for the experience. Then ask Him to use it for His glory.…

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