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Watch Kit Harington Get Owned By Toothless From ‘How To Train Your Dragon’

The adventures of Hiccup and Toothless are about to continue, as How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World concludes the trilogy on February 22nd, 2019. While we are anxious to see the story, and are curious to learn what lies in this "Hidden World", we're mostly here for a dose of dragons to hold us over until Game Of Thrones finally returns.

Ariana Grande Is Wishful And Whistling On “Imagine”

If "thank u, next" is the party, "imagine" might be the quiet comfort of the next morning. Waking up with no alarm, trading loving looks across the bed in an intimate, slow-burning peek inside a sweet relationship. Over a sparse beat that builds to an orchestral arrangement, Ariana Grande dreams of a idyllic day with someone special, showing off that dynamic voice and serving whistle notes at the end of the beautiful, wishful track.

EXCLUSIVE: Zara Larsson On “Ruin My Life” And The Women She Wants To Work With

“It’s about a relationship that’s not going very well obviously, and you know that this other person is not good for you, but you are not in your senses” says Zara Larsson in the new interview above about her song “Ruin My Life.”

“You’d do anything to get that person back, even if it means they’ll ruin your life.”