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I may have been ten or eleven years old, the first time my mother called me ‘selfish’. I was unaware she was being critical, her facial expression did not tip me off; she had the gift of sarcasm. ‘Selfish’ was hurled at me throughout my childhood and my teenage years. Although I learned the meaning… The post Selfish appeared first on BayArt.

I sat with myself

“The last breakdown”- quite a bold statement, isn’t it? What are the implications? Is that declaration enough for change to take place? Silly me! Without action, it’s just a thought. Where do I begin? Damn! This “standing up for yourself” shit is daunting for a people pleaser like me. I spent the following four days…

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The Last Breakdown

Tuesday was inexplicably harsh, my anxiety was so high, I spent the entire day ruminating and worrying. I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety five years ago,  the debilitating feeling of shame forced me into isolation. My sister was the only person that stood by me when my family abandoned me, but our relationship broke…

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