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To my loving sister, Ailyne.

When I see you, I admire your beauty and grace. Together, we can enjoy any place. Your intelligence and selflessness, are only some of your best traits. Every single class you take, you ace. Your unique servility is something to embrace and all challenges that came your way, you have conquered face-to-face. And all I…

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It is beyond disappointment that you would even believe concealing your insecurities with boastfulness is necessary to attain a successful change of heart. The only thing you are achieving is showing me just how much you have not changed. It is almost relieving that I did not fall for your pretentious acts of becoming a… The post Goodbye. appeared first on BayArt.


I laugh at your pretentious efforts, as you naively believe that I won’t notice how you cover your insecurities with dress shirts. Rather than appealing to others by behaving like an arse, you should go back to a cooking course. At least there, you were a master of arts.    

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(Teen) Angst.

Sitting in a group amongst other teens, their minds conjure up vivid dreams, where their hearts would not be similar to the amount of holes on their jeans. For now, they will nervously stare into each others’ seams and successfully maintain their pretentious routine– besides, they’re only sixteen. They have yet to solidify their self… The post (Teen) Angst. appeared first on BayArt.