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Scheer says Trudeau admires China’s ‘basic dictatorship’ in reference to 2013 remark

Scheer was seemingly referring to comments made by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau several years ago, suggesting that China’s authoritarian political system had contributed to its economic success.

No worries about Wernick’s role on election alert panel, despite calls for him to resign: Gould

Democratic Institutions Minister Karina Gould says she has no concerns about Michael Wernick serving on a non-partisan panel to alert Canadians to foreign interference attempts.

Most Canadians believe Jody Wilson-Raybould over PM, say he’s lost moral authority to govern: Ipsos poll

A majority of Canadians are now keeping tabs on the SNC-Lavalin affair — and that doesn’t bode well for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, a new Ipsos poll has found.

Ald. Ed Burke Retains His 14th Ward Seat

CHICAGO (CBS) — Facing federal criminal charges for allegedly shaking down a fast food company, Chicago’s longest serving alderman for nearly 50 years Ed Burke will retain his seat in City Hall.

He was challenged by political newcomer Tanya Patiño, a civil engineer, and Jaime Guzman, an attorney and former aide to Jesus “Chuy” Garcia, who received endorsements from both the Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun-Times.


Earlier Tuesday, Burke showed up as his polling place and was confronted by a Patino campaign worker who accused him of electioneering.  “He’s not supposed to be here,” the worker said.  “He’s a candidate, he’s got to go.”

Burke brought poll workers a box of candy. An official with the election board said Burke did nothing improper.

The 14th, on the city’s southwest side, is predominantly Latino with close to 80 percent of the ward’s population, according to a Chicago data survey.

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Sources confirmed the restaurant involved in the Burke case was a Burger King restaurant at 40th and Pulaski, the same one where 17-year-old Laquan McDonald ran through the parking lot in October 2014 moments before he was shot and killed by Chicago Police Officer Jason Van Dyke. That Burger King is a franchise restaurant, not owned by the Burger King chain.

Burke has maintained he has done nothing wrong.

It’s been a tumultuous time for the alderman who was first elected to Chicago City Council back in 1969. He wielded tremendous power and helped other would-be politicians in their ascent to public office.

As chair of the city’s Finance Committee (he resigned from the post in January) Burke oversaw the $100-million-a-year workers’ compensation program for decades, and it had operated largely in secret and exempt from oversight by the city’s inspector general.

But on November 29, federal agents raided Burke’s City Hall office and simultaneously his ward office. His City Hall office was raided once again on December 13.

As the Burke scandal snowballed, it was reported that another powerful colleague, retiring Ald. Danny Solis (25th) wore a wire and secretly taped conversations with Burke for the FBI. In January Solis resigned as chair of the city’s zoning committee.

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Robocalls Continue To Rattle 45th Ward Aldermanic Race

CHICAGO (CBS) — With less than two weeks to go until election day, charges of dirty tricks have surfaced in the campaign for 45th Ward alderman.

Robocalls are falsely hinting at domestic abuse by Ald. John Arena and what’s more, it’s a tactic used against him before.

Ald. John Arena insists there’s no truth to the domestic battery smear and said reviving it is a sign of desperation from opponents, whoever they may be.

“I think we debunked this back in 2014 when these anonymous calls came out,” Arena said.

But now, the calls are back.

“(There’s) absolutely no truth to it. It’s disgusting lies about our family and I wish they’d stop,” said Arena’s wife Jill.

“It’s the exact same language, exact same voice, everything,” noted the alderman.

Five years ago, Arena’s major opponent was police lieutenant John Garrido, who denied supporting the robocalls. Today, it’s firefighter Jim Gardiner.

“If anybody who is doing that, I ask them to stop,” Gardiner said. “That is not, in my eyes, a productive way of running a campaign.”

Meantime, Gardiner acknowledged a former girlfriend filed an order of protection against him two years ago. A situation he addressed at an aldermanic forum.

And that raises questions for Arena about the robocalls.

When asked if it was a way to deflect from that troubling past, Arena said there’s just no way to know. He insisted he has no idea who’s behind the robocalls.

The robocall may reference a 911 call Arena’s wife made back in 2009 when she said her husband became disoriented due to a sleep apnea medicine.

There are two other candidates are also running in the 45th ward: Marilyn Morales and Robert Bank.

Aldermanic Candidate Under Fire For Controversial Photo: ‘I Apologize’

CHICAGO (CBS) — A picture that some see as racially insensitive has rocked Chicago’s First Ward aldermanic campaign.

The candidate calls the photo ridiculous, but not racist. CBS 2 political reporter Derrick Blakley has a snapshot of the developing controversy.

First Ward aldermanic canididate Daniel La Spata, uncomfortable and embarrassed.

“I apologize for any offense we’ve caused,” said candidate Daniel L Spata.

Offense caused by a photo, taken six years ago at La Spata’s Millennium Park bachelor party. La Spata dressed in a banana costume, his friends in monkey masks, joined by a group of black children.

“It was silly. It was ridiculous. The kids in the photo were watching. They thought it was hilarious and so they wanted to take a photo with us and so we let them,” La Spata.

“I think the photo in the context with those young men is what causes the offense. Because I do recognize the harmful racial stereotypes that are portrayed in that context,” he added.

The picture was on La Spata’s public Facebook page. But it was circulated and highlighted by his political opponent, Ald. Joe Moreno. He told CBS 2 “this type of intolerance and insensitivity has no place in Chicago, the 1st ward or anywhere.”

But La Spata claims Moreno’s simply trying to change the subject.

“I would not put it past them to distract from the implosion of Moreno’s campaign under the weight of his own ethical behaviors,” La Spata said.

Moreno, still under investigation by Chicago police, into whether he falsely reported his car stolen by a girlfriend it was later revealed he’s allowed to drive the vehicle. But La Spata’s not dodging blame for the photo.

“I apologize for that,” he said.