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The Depression Arch: 1 Dangerous Ride

Something that came up during a conversation on Twitter really made me stop and think…do people who suffer with chronic depression ever truly experience stabilization in their moods? A stabilization that lasts longer than a couple days, weeks, months? Maybe a year or two? It varies with different people because everyone is different. No one… The post The Depression Arch: 1 Dangerous Ride appeared first on BayArt.

“I emotionally broke down again…” Q&A

“I emotionally broke down again…” Q&A   Q:” I broke down again, I know the problem is I don’t love myself enough. I totally collapsed and that feeling is so horrible!”   A:”I see and it’s okay 🙂   The ups and downs are part of the journey.   It’s very okay to have those… The post “I emotionally broke down again…” Q&A appeared first on BayArt.

Use Your Past to Push You Forward, Not Pull You Backward – B.G.

We all think about the past. If we look hard enough, we will all discover that there are things that we miss. Maybe we haven’t done something we enjoy in a while. It’s okay to reminisce – as long as we use the past to fuel the present in a positive, healthy way. It’s hard not to get lost in the past – memories have a way of pulling us in. We may look at our lives now and see that, in comparison, things were better several years back. This can be depressing and extremely overwhelming. Sometimes it seems impossible for us to return to simpler times. Dwelling on the past will not take us back in time. Instead, we won’t be able to better our present and enjoy our future. There is a way that we can keep our memories and use them to encourage improvement. How can we accomplish this? We look to our past for guidance. If there are some things that we feel were better in the past, then we try to recreate them in healthy ways. Perhaps you struggle with believing in yourself. Maybe once upon a time you believed that anything was possible. You find that somewhere down the line, you lost hope. How can you recreate faith in yourself? Perhaps you could make a list of all your talents or all of the times that you’ve witnessed success on your part. Remember that every little accomplishment counts for something! There are many lessons that we can take from past experiences. All we have to do is use these lessons to help move us forward. This post first appeared on The Seeds 4 Life written by B.G.

Becoming Self Aware to Improve Self Care

Originaly posted on HonestK Become Self Aware to improve Self Care ^^ I’m copywriting that stroke of literacy genius up there^^ I never thought I would see the day that I, HonestK (that’s my name, check my birth certificate if you like), would not only have huge interest in self care, but that I would… The post Becoming Self Aware to Improve Self Care appeared first on BayArt.

You Cannot Breathe the Air of Anxiety and Expect to Live in an Atmosphere of Peace – Steven Furtick

This morning, some of us are rebuilding. Some of us are sitting with uncertainty. Some of us are saddened by the loss of a love gone too soon. Some of us are sitting in rubble. Some of us are holding on to the only thing we have left, faith. Faith is strong; it’ll hold the door closed so hopelessness does not barge in. It reminds us to stand tall and to face the sun so our shadow falls behind us, but with the current atmosphere of constant change, many of which are out of our control, faith is tested. Our mind wanders to the places where the air is thick with anxiety and our tight grip on faith is slowly lost by our desperation to try to catch a breath of fresh air. We gasp and take in more anxiety, as if the oxygen level on the planet has diminished and all we are able to focus on is that breath we need in order to find some faith again. Until we realize our breathing is shallow and we have forgotten the exercise of the deep breath. The breath where we inhale peace, where our chest rises and our rib cage expands as wide as it can, and where we exhale all that is holding our focus hostage – The worry, the hopelessness, the frustration, the fear. Breathe. Breathe deeply. Expand the rib cage so the heart may have more room to beat for a few seconds. Close your eyes and breathe in deep. This breath is a gift. This life is temporary. The rebuilding will soon be the prelude to a home again. The uncertainty will soon bring answers. The sadness will soon become acceptance. The rubble will soon give way to a new foundation. Faith is always present and will accompany us for as long as we hold its hand. Take a deep breath and reach out your hand. This post first appeared on The Seeds 4 Life written by Lily Daub

Can a leopard change its spots?

One Sunday, my mother, my two sisters, and I were walking down a country dirt road. I was around the age of 7 at the time. I was a pretty active kid. I enjoyed the outdoors: climbing trees, playing in the sand, playing in the woods (you know the things kids use to do before… The post Can a leopard change its spots? appeared first on BayArt.

Some Distance Can Go a Long Way

Sometimes you need to distance yourself from people. You need to cut ties if they are no longer positive features in your life. Sometimes those people are tied to you through blood and they played a huge part in your life as you grew into an adult. Or they are friends who no longer provide… The post Some Distance Can Go a Long Way appeared first on BayArt.

A good read, cover to cover 

I’ve been meaning to finish this book for years but quite often, I’d pick it up, get preoccupied with life and put it down. By neglecting discipline, I was doing myself a huge disservice. A life without discipline is a life without direction. Without direction, my life became empty, trivial and worrisome. I became worn… The post A good read, cover to cover  appeared first on BayArt.

Cracks in the Foundations

I’m having a fight with myself, beating myself up until I’m bruised and weak.  I’m battling the recent constant thoughts that I’m a second rate woman. I’m going on other people’s facebook pages who I deem to be more attractive and I’m looking at their photos and wishing I could be more like them. Less… The post Cracks in the Foundations appeared first on BayArt.