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CPD: Car Accident Leaves One Child Dead, Seven Injured

CHICAGO (CBS) — Chicago police said a five-year-old died and seven others were injured in a car accident near the Back of the Yards neighborhood on Sunday.

It happened at Western and 43rd just before 10:30 a.m. According to police, a Ford Focus entered the intersection after the light turned red, causing an accident with a Ford SUV.

The five-year-old was a passenger in the Ford Focus. The driver of that vehicle refused treatment. Three teenagers, ages 13 through 16 were in the car and are in good condition at Cook County Hospital.

Two men were in the SUV.  A 32-year-old male is in serious condition and a 35-year old male is in good condition at Cook County Hospital.  Two children in the vehicle, ages seven and 11, were also listed in good condition at the same hospital.

Authorities said the driver of the Ford Focus was issued two tickets for failure to obey the red light and failure to yield at an intersection.

DuPage County Getting $471,000 For Mental Health Program

CHICAGO (CBS) — — A program in a suburban Chicago county that helps people with drug problems or suffering from mental illness stay out of the criminal justice system is getting $471,000 from the federal government.

The two-year grant that’s going to the DuPage County Health Department and the county sheriff’s office will support what is called the Justice and Mental Health Collaboration Program.

It will assist about 700 people with mental illness and substance abuse stay out of the criminal justice system as well as help prevent jail inmates from committing crimes once they are released from custody.

In a news release, the health department says such programs are especially important given the fact that last year more than 1,000 jail inmates said they have mental health issues.

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Sears’ Bankruptcy Appears Imminent

 (CNN) — Sears has to come up with $134 million very quickly.

Sears Holdings (SHLD), the parent company of Sears and Kmart, faces a Monday deadline to pay that much in debt.

The most recent filing from Sears showed it had only $193 million in cash on hand as of August 4, the end of its last fiscal quarter. The company also has $269 million available to it from lenders, according to figures it released on September 13.

Having so little cash available would make it very difficult for Sears to pay back $134 million in debt due on Monday. Plus, Sears also has to pay its current vendors and employees and stock up inventory before the holidays.

All signs point to a bankruptcy filing in the next few days. Sears’ stock has fallen more than 50% in the last five trading days to around 35 cents a share.

Three companies that sell items at Sears told Reuters this week that Sears had missed payments to them over the past few weeks.

One of Sears’ major shareholders recently dumped a chunk of his stock for pennies on his original investment. The company added a new director this week who is familiar with bankruptcies and restructuring.

And reports are swirling that the company is talking to advisers and banks in preparation for a bankruptcy filing.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Sears has hired M-III Partners, a boutique advisory firm specializing in seeing companies through bankruptcies and restructuring, The company is also talking to lenders about providing it with debtor-in-possession financing, CNBC reported.

That kind of loan is used by companies that file for bankruptcy to fund operations during the process. Usually, funding is secured well before the final days.

Companies that file for bankruptcy typically negotiate a special kind of loan to stay in business while they go through the bankruptcy process.

There are several reports that Sears is in talks for that kind of financing, but negotiations don’t appear to be going well.

The company’s lenders are encouraging Sears to shut down and liquidate, the Wall Street Journal reported Thursday. Sears’ management has reportedly said it hopes to use Chapter 11 of the bankruptcy law to stay in business rather than Chapter 7, which leads to closing.

If Sears does file for Chapter 11, the company could try to stay in business, using the court process to shed debt and unaffordable leases.

It could attempt to emerge as a profitable company. But the retail landscape is littered with brands that tried to reorganize in the bankruptcy process and liquidated their businesses instead, such as RadioShack, Toys “R” Us and Sports Authority.

Sears and Kmart merged to form Sears Holdings in 2005, when they had 3,500 US stores between them. A long series of store closings has left it with under 900 today.

In July Sears closed its last store in Chicago, once its hometown. The company recently announced another 46 store closings that will take place just before the start of the holiday shopping period.

Sears and Kmart had 89,000 employees as of February 3 of this year, according to a company filing.

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Lyric Opera, Striking Musicians Reach Deal

CHICAGO (AP) — The Lyric Opera of Chicago says it has reached a multi-year labor deal with striking musicians.

A statement released by the music company Saturday night says the agreement would extend through the 2020-21 season, if ratified by members of the Chicago Federation of Musicians, Local 10-208.

The Lyric Opera’s 64th season was disrupted Tuesday when musicians walked off the job. Musicians said they were protesting the company’s proposal to cut the number of orchestra musicians by five.

The opera company also wanted to cut the pay of remaining musicians by 8 percent and the number of working weeks by two weeks to 22 weeks
The Lyric Opera says details of the proposed agreement are not being released at this time.

Musicians are expected to vote on the agreement Sunday.

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Chicago’s Women’s March Draws Thousands: ‘This Is A Different Sense Of Urgency’

CHICAGO (CBS) — Thousands of people showed up for the Chicago Women’s March.

A much smaller crowd than previous marches, but with just a few weeks left to the midterm elections, some say this march is more important.

CBS 2’s Audrina Bigos was there and has the story.

Saturday’s march was different from previous rallies. This time around it’s a march to the polls.

The message was clearer than ever before: get out and vote.

“I’ve been voting a long time and I’ve never felt that this was as important as it is now,” said marcher Lydiea Davis.

This time around they’re not just talking about it, but doing it. Pink hat-wearing marchers were seen at two polling sites in downtown Chicago. First time voters led the march to the polls. Others were not new to this.

“(This is) the most important election of my lifetime and probably the lifetime of basically everyone,” said voter Kate Schechter.

The Women’s March is not new to Chicago. A quarter million women and supporters showed up in January of 2017 following the inauguration of President Donald Trump.

Then, 300,000 people came out for a second Women’s March back in January amid the #MeToo movement. What’s different this time around?

“It feels more urgent,” said Lance Williams.

“You can just feel it changing,” added Jessica Winfrey.

Many said one thing energized them to come out Saturday.

“The whole Brett Kavanaugh thing just drove me over the edge,” said Liz Flores.

Winfrey added “I think people are just so motivated after the Kavanaugh situation.”

But frustrations have been building long before that.

“We are a government of the people and by the people,” said one marcher. “And by god the people are going to change this.”

Denver Gets Federal Funding Previously Withheld Over ‘Sanctuary City’ Conflict

DENVER (CBS4/AP) — The City and County of Denver received almost three quarters of a million dollars from the federal government after a successful legal rebuke of the U.S. Department of Justice’s attempt to penalize several American cities for their lack of cooperation in immigration enforcement.

In a letter dated Oct. 10, the office of Attorney General Jeff Sessions approved Denver’s request for funding under the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) Program for the fiscal year 2017 — which ended in September of 2017, more than a year ago.

The letter cited $423,861 as the amount granted to the City and County of Denver.

The office of Denver Mayor Michael Hancock, which distributed copies of the letter to the media, said an additional $270,674 was coming in as part of the state of Colorado’s JAG award, making Denver’s total award $694,535.

The grant money had been withheld by the DOJ over the administration’s disagreement with local jurisdictions that refused to fully cooperate with new immigration policy.

In January of 2017, President Trump signed several executive orders regarding immigration, including one that targeted communities — ‘sanctuary cities’ — that limited their cooperation with federal immigration authorities.

Denver was among the 23 cities and states (including San Francisco, Chicago, Oregon, and California) that stood their ground in court against the new policies, specifically against the legality of the government to withhold the grant funds as a form of coercion.

In January of this year, with the litigation still in the appeals process, the Justice Department threatened to demand refunds of the 2016 fiscal grant money given to the cities, as well as further legal action.

But in August, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled President Trump’s executive order was unconstitutional.

“From the beginning, we have said that if the Department of Justice attempted to withhold federal funding from Denver based on our immigration policies, we would fight them. We did, and the federal courts have agreed with us,” Mayor Michael B. Hancock said Friday. “This is affirmation that the steps we have taken to support and protect our immigrant community are within the bounds of federal law, and that the actions taken by the White House and DOJ were just an attempt to get cities and states to bend to their will.”

“I am pleased the Justice Department has decided to award funds that are needed to help Denver police keep our streets safe,” added Denver District Attorney Beth McCann. “The courts have repeatedly declared unlawful the federal administration’s strong-arm tactics jeopardizing local public safety funding. The release of these funds as authorized by Congress is overdue but welcome.”

The JAG funding supports the Denver Police Department’s ShotSpotter gunfire detection system, anti-trafficking efforts, and crime victim support programs, the mayor’s office stated.

Other cities and states involved in the legal action, however, are still waiting for their checks.

The city of Chicago, in fact, filed suit against the Justice Department on Friday. Chicago stands to lose millions of dollars in grant funding due to the DOJ’s enforcement requirements and Pres. Trump’s executive order.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel said in a statement that Chicago “will not be bullied.”

A message seeking comment from the Justice Department wasn’t immediately returned.

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Cook County Needs Election Judges, Equipment Managers

CHICAGO (CBS) — Election Day is a little more than three weeks away. And the help wanted sign is out for poll workers.

Many suburban cities in Cook County, like Northbrook, Glenview and Schaumburg have a shortage of election judges and equipment managers.

The biggest need is for bilingual workers.

Visit the site for more information on how to apply.

Justice Sotomayor Is “Turning Pages” With Her New Children’s Book

CHICAGO (CBS) — You can dream big.

That’s the message U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor is sending to Chicagoans. Especially the youngest of readers.

“For me, if I can inspire you in some way to really believe that you can do it, then I’ve done my job,” Sotomayor said.

Hundreds turned out at the Harold Washington Library Friday to help Justice Sotomayor with the release of her new children’s book “Turning Pages: My Life Story.”

Sotomayor took questions from the audience and shared her life story from growing up in the South Bronx to becoming the first Hispanic and third woman appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court.

“The most successful thing I’ve done in my life is being successful while bringing all of my family and friends with me,” she said.

The book is also available in Spanish.

Fun Times Will Be Brewing At Witches Night Out

CHICAGO (CBS) — Next weekend you’ll have a chance to have a spooky good time while helping a great cause.

Witches Night Out Chicago is held to benefit the FUSioN Project at Navy Pier.

“It is an all-ladies fundraising event. We’re talking to lady businesses, we’re featuring all local businesses and it’s all about women helping women and the proceeds are going to the FUSIoN Project,” said Tajah Mohr, executive director of Witches Night Out who added that the proceeds will go to the FUSIon Project.

Mohr said the organization helps young girls after school with free activities that “creates opportunities for girls to celebrate who they are, to recognize their talents, and to find their voices.”

“It’s all about these middle school girls who are getting mentoring. The mentors are all high school and college-aged girls.”

For more information on next weekend’s Witches Night Out Chicago taking place at Navy Pier, visit the Witches Night Out Chicago site for more details on hours, prices and events.

Enter code WICKED18 for 20% off the ticket price.

You can also check out Witches Night Out on the event’s Facebook page.

Women’s March Steps Off In Grant Park

CHICAGO (CBS) — The Women’s March returns to Chicago on Saturday with tens of thousands of people expected to take part in what’s being called the march to the polls.

CBS 2’s Vi Nguyen has the story.

Organizers are ramping up their message after the confirmation of U.S. Supreme Court justice Brett Kavanaugh. They are encouraging people to come out to support the cause to take part in the demonstration and to march to the polls.

Safety will be a priority for the march. Officers have been out with a mobile command unit set up in the downtown area.

Speakers, authors, singers and other performers kicked off the event at a nearby stage. The march is set to start just after noon. The march will travel down Jackson Street from Grant Park to Federal Plaza.

The plan is to have people head to early voting locations after the march to cast their ballots.

“The United States of America is our country,” said marcher Dr. Dilara Sayeed. “And to make this the country we want it to be, fair to all, just to all and inclusive to all, we’re going to have to do this as individuals. So please march to the polls.”

Organizers have set up a location called the voter village and the first time voter experience where people will get a chance to talk to businesses, organizations and political candidates to perhaps help them make their decision come November.