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The Cult of the Complex

Illustration by Kevin Cornell.
In an industry that extols innovation over customer satisfaction, and prefers algorithm to human judgement (forgetting that every algorithm has human bias in its DNA), perhaps it should not surprise us that toolchains have replaced know-how. Likewise, in a field where young straight white dudes take an overwhelming majority of the jobs (including most of the management jobs) it’s perhaps to be expected that web making has lately become something of a dick measuring competition. It was not always this way, and it needn’t stay this way. If we wish to get back to the business of quietly improving people’s lives, one thoughtful interaction at a time, we must rid ourselves of the cult of the complex. Admitting the problem is the first step in solving it.

< p class="lead">Our addiction to complicated toolchains and overbuilt frameworks is out of control. Read my new article, “The Cult of the Complex,” in A List Apart, for people who make websites.        

Illustration by Kevin Cornell

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Google Creates App That Teaches Adults How To Code

CBS Local — For many children computers have become the biggest resource when it comes to learning, socializing, and entertainment. With computer science becoming a bigger part of the world, some children are overtaking their parents in their knowledge of computer coding. Google is now trying to help adults keep up with their tech-savvy kids by introducing an app designed to teach people how to code. The tech giant has launched an app called Grasshopper which turns learning how to write JavaScript into a more entertaining mobile game experience. “Coding, sometimes called computer programming, is how we communicate with computers,” the app’s website explains. “You can use this skill to make websites and apps, process data, and do lots of other cool things.” The free app for both iOS and Android is reportedly designed to address three major factors adults said were keeping them from learning about computer science: time, access, and money. “You run up against a lot of these things as an adult, often being told that it’s too complicated, or you just don’t know where to start,” Grasshopper founder and Google product manager Laura Holmes told Time. “We’re trying to be the launchpad.” Through daily or weekly puzzles which make players input lines of code to reach a goal, Grasshopper is now taking their “fun and easy way” to learn computer programming public. Five thousand people reportedly graduated from the interactive training course while it was being tested by Google.

Code of Life

Hello my dear Humans!

Today we would like to touch one of the most complicated subjects: Life…

What is Life? 

Life is a mystery and to understand it we need to create a pathway that it easier to walk through the woods. Sometimes people are so complicated that they don’t understand the meaning of life. Humans search for materialistic and physical pleasures, and the just a little is never enough.…

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