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Depression – soon you might be an old friend.

Originally posted on HonestK Guess who’s back, back again, Kirsty’s back, tell a friend. This is quite a bizarre feeling, I didn’t even realise it until a few weeks ago, but I feel ‘fine’. Not sure if ‘fine’ cuts it, I feel ‘great’ – Tony the tiger great. For someone diagnosed with depression, who monitored… The post Depression – soon you might be an old friend. appeared first on BayArt.

How to measure your worth 

 If I use the magazines that line the checkout area of any grocery store for my philosophies, I would come to the conclusion that in order to be of any worth I must be young, thin, beautiful, healthy, rich and popular. Each one of these qualities that an individual lacks makes him or her less worthwhile.… The post How to measure your worth  appeared first on BayArt.

Coming Through

I’ve found this week such a struggle, like a real tough week. I’ve found it hard to even do basic things like brush my teeth or get dressed and that isn’t like me. I’ve had struggles with my sleep since I was a child, conditions have to be just so and now living with my… The post Coming Through appeared first on BayArt.

Finding strength in weakness 

Two weeks ago if someone told me there was going to be a mass shooting in Vegas, I would have assumed I’d be in the trenches doing the nursing thing i.e. wound vacs, chest tubes, q2h pain meds, neuro checks, monitoring h&h and so on and so forth. Funny thing, the one skill I’m least…

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It’s National Coming Out Day Today!

Hello! For those of you who aren’t aware, today is National Coming Out Day. I want to take some time out of my rough (even though it hasn’t been that bad of a day) day to express my thoughts on today. Today can mean a lot to different people. I’m sure for some it’s irrelevant… The post It’s National Coming Out Day Today! appeared first on BayArt.

Being Enough

I was reading an article about having concealed depression, it’s not really a surprise to me that I have most of the signs of it because I’ve felt pretty wobbly lately. I have insomnia fairly often, I eat a lot more than I’d care to, I put on mask to the world a lot of… The post Being Enough appeared first on BayArt.


(Please see ‘About’ for the purpose of this blog and here’s how and why it started)       “In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ I command you demon, to tell me your name! Tell me your name!“, I bellowed as I pulled out the crucifix on my necklace placing it face-to-face with the arrogant, smirking… The post Exorcism appeared first on BayArt.

Social Media: Today’s Modern Enemy

We live in a modern society where technology surrounds us every second of the day. Our cell phones remain in our hands throughout the day, sit next to our beds at night, and most kids these days don’t know what to do without the phone in their hands. Video games have replaced going outside, and social… The post Social Media: Today’s Modern Enemy appeared first on BayArt.

The Stigma Around the Dark Side of Mental Health

Today I want to talk about something important, but is often discussed in a negative way. It’s something people who do not experience it often don’t understand. Those who do experience it are often put down, harassed, and bullied. I want to talk about self-harm. Like all mental health issues, self-harm is a stigma that…

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Even At That Time The Feeling Was Lonely

The waves were splashing, throught the rocks Even they weren’t lonely… A human was watching, friend was playing the guitar Even at that time the feeling was lonely   The rocks was breaking small by small Eventually they got harm from the one they loved A human was thinking, the melody was tooking to another dimension Even… The post Even At That Time The Feeling Was Lonely appeared first on BayArt.