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[Venice in colour]: Detail of Four Tetrarchs

[Venice in colour]: Detail of Four Tetrarchs

Detail of Four Tetrarchs (Venice)

The Roman Empire was for a time after 293 ruled by a tetrarchy (a group of four rulers), instituted by Emperor Diocletian. The tetrarchy consisted of two Augusti (senior emperors) and two Caesars (junior emperors). The empire was territorially divided into western and eastern halves, with a senior and a junior emperor in each half.

The Portrait of the Four…

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[Venice]: Magical mistery tour

[Venice]: Magical mistery tour


Magical mystery tour

I am in this low-slung sports car
painted a deep, rich yellow
driving under an Italian sun.
I have a British accent.
I’m wearing dark shades
an expensive silk shirt.
there’s no dirt under my
the radio plays Vivaldi
and there are two women with
one with raven hair
the other a blonde.
they have small breasts and
beautiful legs
and they laugh at everything I

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[Fine Art Photography]: Punta Aderci – 2016

[Fine Art Photography]: Punta Aderci – 2016


30×40 Ilford Glossy Multigrade silver gelatine print

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[Winter]: December in Dolomites

[Winter]: December in Dolomites

Dicembre nelle Dolomiti
Iced Shrubs

Ilford FP4+ / Mamiya rz67 / Sekor z 110 f 2.8 / Id-11 1+1

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[Winter landscape]: Snow shapes

[Winter landscape]: Snow shapes

forme di neve
Tree and airplane trail

the complete series:

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[Winter landscape]: Hot & Freeze

[Winter landscape]: Hot & Freeze

Snow landscape
Hot & Freeze

the complete series:

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[Infrared film photography]: Lake Garda

[Infrared film photography]: Lake Garda

Film 35mm Rollei infrared



Sirmione castle
Sirmione Castle


Exposed to 25 iso with IR 720nm filter. Developed with Ilford ID-11 1+1 like nominal 400 iso (-30%).

Nikon FE + 50 f/1.4

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[XxX]: controluce a colori

[XxX]: controluce a colori

Milano, Darsena

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Potato Crisps/ Chips (Airfryer & Vegan Recipe)

Potato Crisps/ Chips (Airfryer & Vegan Recipe)

My pantry is never ever without potatoes! When I see that I’m down to my last few potatoes, I usually will get another bag. This easy potato crisp recipe is the perfect way to use up those leftover potatoes (usually 1 or 2). All one needs a cutting board, a good knife and a bowl. I tend to not peel my potatoes as they contain a lot of goodness just under the skin. Wash the potatoes well and soak…

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Bombay Sweet Potatoes

My potato obsession carries over to sweet potatoes too! When I’m not eating them as finger chips or, roasted sweet potatoes (yummy!) this recipe makes an appearance. Bombay Potatoes are popular in most restaurants and also, easy to make as a quick weeknight meal. There are many, many variations of this evergreen dish using different spices and herbs. The gorgeous flavour of sweet potatoes really…

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