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Kenney says while he believes humans cause climate change, not all UCP members have to agree on that

The leader of Alberta’s United Conservatives says he believes humans are causing climate change and action is needed to tackle it, but those who disagree still have a place in the party.

Alton Gas expects protesters at N.S. site to move belongings as court injunction clarified

Lori MacLean, a spokeswoman for Alton Gas, said it was expected the remaining protesters would move their belongings away from the company’s Nova Scotia property by 5 p.m.

Starbucks To Test Recyclable Cups, Redesign Stores

(AP) — Starbucks says it plans to test both recyclable and compostable cups over the next year.

Customers in New York, San Francisco, Seattle, London and Vancouver, British Colombia, will help test the cups, which use fiber, paper and other materials in place of plastic liners.

Seattle-based Starbucks was expected to announcement the test program Wednesday at its annual shareholders meeting.

The company also said it plans to redesign its stores as it adapts to increasing mobile pick-up and delivery orders.

Changes will vary by location. For example, in a neighborhood with three Starbucks cafes, one might be changed to an express format while another offers delivery.

Starbucks’ U.S. mobile orders more than doubled between 2016 and 2018, to 12 percent of orders. But there have been complaints about congestion in stores.

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