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145+ EXCLUSIVE Letting Go Quotes That Will Guide You

Every day is a new chance to let go and feel peaceful because holding on to past hurts doesn’t fix anything. Replaying in the mind over and over again doesn’t change it, but releasing attachments will help you to create a strong sense of self. Letting go quotes will guide you through difficult time to … Read more145+ EXCLUSIVE Letting Go Quotes That Will Guide You

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Self-Worth: What Defines You?

I was thinking a lot about the no-self concept in Buddhism the other day, and my mind went to a really nerdy place: I asked myself: “So, where does your self-worth come from?” It’s an interesting question I think that for a lot of people, their self-worth comes from how productive they are in their … Read moreSelf-Worth: What Defines You?

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Living in the State of Fear

Living in the state of fear – is paralyzing. Yet, fear motivates me to do far more than happiness ever could. Does it not force everyones hands…eventually? The fear of not being happy, the fear of not being successful (when people forget success is relative when being defined), the fear of their own mortality, the fear of time catching up, and the fear of fucking up (again relative…who even knows how one can…although I can think of quite a few societal standards).

There was a time when I had the naive thought that my goal is to be happy in the future. Although I never knew what that meant. Soon, I began to see the ridiculousness behind it. If ridiculousness is even a word. I should be happy now. I worked the past 20 years to get here and to still use it as a goal seems almost tragic. Almost as if I was setting myself up for failure. Being happy now is what should everyone should aspire to, not the future.

But that was the issues, if I was content now, why is still it so easy to be paralyzed by fear. Nothing should matter, the risks should seem worth taking since I’m already happy. Then I learn that happiness is a great, pointless motivation. Because it will never be enough. We can never be grateful enough.

Fear plays a large role in my life. As an individual who lives by following the “rules” (culturally and socially), ironically the source of my happiness comes from following those rules – as twisted as it may sound. I like knowing that I am the “good girl” in societal standards, that I’m doing what is expected of me and because of that I am placed on a pedestal. In other words, I am happy to give in to my fear because I do care what society thinks.

Fear is twisted and dark. Yet, it is fear that is keeping me happy and safe every night, as we’ve all been conditioned to. To not walk late out night. To travel in groups. We grow up conditioned to it, thinking it is okay. As a result, we have a million dollar market of life coaches telling us to break the glass ceiling inhibiting us – that fear.

But we forget that as we fight the war within ourselves to break that wall, as we battle the new generation is being conditioned to that same fear as we fight. Living in the state of fear has never been more motivating than it is right now in this moment as we pay for help to undo the conditioning of a lifetime.

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Be the Weirdo Who Dares to Enjoy – Elizabeth Gilbert

When we’re young, our daily lives are easy to take lightly and enjoy. Lots of experiences are new, and we don’t have much responsibility. Our biggest jobs are to learn and have fun.

However, we take on more duties as we get older.  We have to learn to navigate the world and take care of ourselves. As a result, we may find less time for fun and play and begin to worry about the near and far future. It can become harder to be light, as everything around us feels more serious.

We can let responsibilities keep us down and serious. Or we can practice staying light and enjoying ourselves as much as possible. We may feel like we’re surrounded by obstacles stopping us from having fun, but lots of times the biggest obstacles are only in our mind. We’re too busy worrying or don’t allow ourselves to see the bigger picture – which stops us from relaxing and smiling.

Practice enjoying yourself again. Know that it is possible to go through life without constant stress or fear, and that you deserve to feel happy. It will make the long run that much better.

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The End of a Journey Means the Start of Another One – The Book of Felicity

Life is made up of different experiences and journeys; ups and downs, highs and lows. It’s the excitement of a journey that is part of the beauty of life. But with this, we must also consider the end of each of our journeys.

Some journeys are the kind where we welcome the ending with open arms, eager to move on to the next adventure. But with other journeys, the end is sudden and unwelcome, something we feel unwilling to go through. But in these instances, it’s important to remember that whenever life brings you an ending, it also has a new beginning in store for you.

In the midst of an unwanted ending, it might be hard to see or understand this, but give it some time. In the meantime, you may allow the full force of that end to run through you, and shape you. But life is full of endings and new beginnings. So when one journey ends – whether it is expected or wanted, or neither – make sure to look ahead to embrace the journey that is about to begin.

I will look back at my time as a contributor to this site with great pride and I will always keep a special place in my heart for each of you that have been part of the journey of this site. It is now time for us all to move on to our own new beginnings, but I’m certain that we will all take a part of The Seeds 4 Life with us, in the shape of all the words of wisdom we’ve received over these past few years.

Love and luck to you all,


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When I Started Counting My Blessings, My Whole Life Turned Around – Willie Nelson

No matter what a person has or does in their life, happiness and satisfaction are not guaranteed. The wealthiest, most successful people may be severely unsatisfied and lacking confidence. On the other hand, a person who is seen as having very little may actually feel happy with their life and self. This is because every person’s outlook and perspective revolves around the amount of gratitude they have.

Having lots of things – materialistic or not – in life does not guarantee that a person will be grateful for what they have and express gratitude. Some people will simply continue wanting more and more, and they will always feel like what they have is not enough. This is something that is constantly practiced subconsciously, so a person’s ungrateful feelings can just grow and grow.

However, if a person practices gratitude, it can completely change their outlook. They may realize they have more than they ever needed and can finally feel content.

When we focus on our blessings instead of what we’re missing, who knows what can change.

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Yale University Offering Free Class On ‘Happiness’ To The World

NEW HAVEN, CT (CBS Local) – The hefty tuition for going to Yale University may bring some students (and their parents) to tears. However, the Ivy League school is trying to give everyone a reason to smile by offering a new class on “happiness.”

The Details:

  • Yale University is offering a free online class about happiness
  • The campus lecture was reportedly the most popular in school history
  • 100,000 people have signed up for the class

Yale has started a free online lecture, which looks at how people can be happier in their daily lives. The online course is based off of psychology professor Laurie Santos’ class “Psychology and the Good Life.” Her final lecture on April 26 was the most popular class in Yale history, according to a school news report.

“I was getting emailed by coaches, CEOs, moms, high school teachers, everyone really wanted this content, so we thought, why don’t we just make it available for free to everyone,” Santos said, via WFSB.

Using the website Coursera, Yale is bringing “The Science of Well-Being” to students everywhere in the form of five-hour long lectures, covering topics such as “misconceptions about happiness,” “why our expectations are so bad,” and “what stuff really increases happiness?” Since Yale has put the course online, over 100,000 people in 160 countries have reportedly signed up to find the secret to happiness.

“I think the secret can be boiled down into three sets of things. One is practices that bump up our social connection, taking time to be with others, expressing your gratitude to other people, just doing nice things,” Professor Santos added.

Yale’s decision to put this class on the internet is a relief to many who simply don’t have the cash to enter the Ivy League campus. According to the university’s website, Yale’s tuition will cost students $49,550 in 2018. After fees, room and board, and a mandatory health care package are added in, students will have to pay $72,814 for a year at Yale.

Sometimes When You Get Disappointment It Makes You Stronger – David Rudisha

Life contains disappointments; struggles and frustrations, failures, as well as regrets.  These moments eventually come to us all, and that’s okay.

For to be accepting of these moments is in a way to transform them.  Transform them from an opportunity to hold ourselves down in regret, to a chance to learn and grow better. To better ourselves and refine our focus and skills for future opportunities.

Life and its choices will never be easy, but it also doesn’t have to be a constant struggle. 

The accepting of life’s inevitabilities; the ups and downs, ebbs and flows, successes and failures, allows us to as it were, go with that flow, and to keep our mind presently contented, and in a way, at peace. 

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I Cannot Teach Anybody Anything, I Can Only Make Them Think – Socrates

True wisdom comes from within the mind, in order to fully understand your universe you must first think and perceive from inside. Words from another mind act as a catalysis for thoughts in your own, they are planted like a seed, soon to sprout whenever you so desire.

What is life without the people who make you think? Your mind becomes a prison, trapped within its own solidarity, unable to release itself. That is why it is quintessential to appreciate those who make you think, that allow your mind to wander freely, to discover fascinating facets you never knew existed. Those who make you think are the ones who will help you free your mind the most, alleviate the pains of loneliness and allow you to explore the depths and realms of deeply rooted thoughts.

There is nothing better in this life than a conversation that makes you think; those spoken words are a connection of two minds, discovering new unknown worlds together, a connection like no other. Cherish those who make you think, for they are few and far between.

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