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Chaplain, ER Physican Say Gun Violence Should Be Treated As An Epidemic

CHICAGO (CBS) — A suburban hospital is trying to go beyond treating wounds to address the gun violence plaguing the area. Loyola University Medical Center in Maywood has held a retreat for mothers who lost children to gun violence, prayers for its emergency room and has advocated for treating gun violence as a health epidemic. WBBM Political Editor Craig Dellimore reports. ER Physician Kristen Donaldson said doctors there cannot just treat wounds. “We do the physical treatment a lot of times. Sometimes we need to address some of the other issues. We need to research to understand what the risk factors are that bring about certain kinds of violence,” Donaldson said. She saif they must also look at the causes of the violence and work to help the families and communities heal. Reverend Michael Hayes is a chaplain at the Loyola University Medical Center in Maywood. That facility is on track to treat more than 300 gunshot victims this year, which is more than last year. Reverend Hayes said gun violence is an epidemic and should be treated that way. “Gun violence, gun ownership is such a political issue,” Hayes said. “But talking about it in this term really depoliticizes the issue. It helps us to see we all have a stake in making our city safer for everyone.” The challenge is getting beyond the talk. WBBM will talk more about the gun violence epidemic on our “At Issue” program. You can hear more Sunday evening at 9:30 p.m

Indiana Wesleyan University Offering Tuition Discount To White Castle Employees

CHICAGO (CBS) — A private evangelical university in central Indiana is offering a discount on tuition to all employees of White Castle. Indiana Wesleyan University has announced a partnership with the fast food chain, allowing all full-time and part-time employees a 10 percent discount on tuition to most of its degree programs. School officials said the agreement gives White Castle employees an affordable way to earn an associate’s, bachelor’s, or master’s degree. White Castle employs about 10,000 people at about 400 stores nationwide. The deal excludes all nurse practitioner programs; health sciences programs (except for a master’s in public health); and all doctoral, residential, and graduate counseling programs.

Trump’s Renoir Is ‘Not An Original,’ Says Former Art Institute Curator

CHICAGO (CBS) — A former curator for the Art Institute of Chicago said there’s no chance the museum has a fake Renoir painting and President Donald Trump has the original as he reportedly has claimed. Biographer and New York Times business reporter told Vanity Fair that Trump has often told him he owns “Two Sisters (On the Terrace)” by 19th Century French impressionist Pierre-August Renoir.
O’Brien, who grew up in Chicago, said he informed Trump he is mistaken, and the original hangs in the Art Institute of Chicago, but the president repeatedly has insisted he has the real one. A spokeswoman for the Art Institute would only confirm the painting is part of its permanent collection, and would not weigh in on Trump’s claims, but former curator of European painting Richard Brettell said the president’s painting definitely is not authentic. “It is a copy. It is a photographic reproduction. It is a forgery. It is something that’s not an original object by Renoir,” Brettell said. “There are many works of art that are produced to look like great works of art, and sold in a kind of secondary market or through dubious channels; sometimes for large sums of money to people who really don’t have good advisors, or don’t ask the right people.” Brettell said there’s no chance Renoir created two versions of the painting. “No, it’s not possible. He didn’t do it in other cases,” he said. Brettell also said there’s no chance the Art Institute has a fake. “There is no chance. Zero chance,” he said. Brettell said he’s familiar with reports that President Trump paid $10 million for his painting. “Which I can’t really believe, frankly, but you know what? I don’t know that that’s not true,” he said. “If it is true, I feel badly for him.”

Suburb’s Opioid Crackdown Nets 14 Arrests

(CBS) — Police in far southwest suburban Braidwood say the city’s death rate from opioids was so high over the past few years compared to the rest of Will County that authorities thought it was time to take some action. On Thursday, they arrested 14 people. It was time for a different approach, Braidwood Police Chief Nick Ficarello says. “We were tired of arresting one or two people in a one- or two-week period and having somebody else step up and be the new dealer,” Braidwood Police Chief Nick Ficarello tells WBBM’s Steve Miller. Chief Ficarello says all of those arrested were connected to selling drugs in Braidwood, a town of about 6,500. How long will this sweep keep drugs off the streets? “We hoping it works for awhile. It’s going to be interesting to watch,” he says. As part of the day’s sweeps, he says, a crystal meth lab was discovered and dismantled.

Lake County Offers Mental Health ‘First Aid’ Workshops

(CBS) — The Lake County Health Department is offering mental health training for teachers, coaches, parents and anyone else dealing with young people. It’s an effort to better help youth suffering an emotional crisis, WBBM Political Editor Craig Dellimore reports. The workshops are called Youth Mental Health First Aid, and Karen Wright, a therapist with the Lake County Health Department, says they can help adults recognize when young people are having mental health problems. Fellow therapist Amy Greskiw says people often don’t realize they could use such training until it is too late. The health department will offer four sessions, two in November and two in January.

5-Year-Old Boy Catches Eel In Chicago River During “Chicago Fishes” Event

CHICAGO (CBS) — A group fishing event along the Chicago River drew hundreds last week, highlighted by the appearance of a surprise fish. Josh Ellis is Vice President of the Metropolitan Planning Council, one of many groups that organized Friday’s “Chicago Fishes” event.
“It was a very diverse group,” Ellis said. “We had high school students, young kids with their families and people who picked up their kids after work and brought them down.” Ellis said the goal was simple: get people fishing. “We caught, we believe, eight different species of fish. One of those was an American Eel,” he said. The two-foot-long eel is believed to be the first ever recorded in the Chicago River, which Ellis said is pretty cool for a few reasons. “One, this fish is a long way from its ocean home,” Ellis said. “Two, just amazing that a few minutes after we started, a five-year-old boy named Richie, who I think was fishing for the first time, caught this thing.” Afterwards, the group donated their fishing poles to the Chicago Park District for children to use next summer. Organizers are confident “Chicago Fishes” can become an annual event.

Aurora Boy Released From Hospital After Pit Bull Attack

luke segundo Aurora Boy Released From Hospital After Pit Bull Attack

10-year-old, Luke Drees-Segundo (Credit: Facebook)

CHICAGO (CBS) — The 10-year-old Aurora boy who was mauled by two pitbulls last week got out of the hospital on Wednesday – and his mother tells WBBM he’s looking forward to going back to school at the end of the month.

Luke Drees-Segundo does not usually walk to school.

In fact, his mother Denise Drees said he was not supposed to go to school on Friday, because he’d stayed up late the night before, watching the Cubs.

But he wanted to go, and on his way, he was attacked by two Pit Bulls.

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“I don’t blame the dogs for their actions. I blame it on the owner. It is the owner’s fault for not caring for the dogs and not loving the dogs.

“I have two pitbulls at home. It’s ironic. My dogs would never attack a little kid. They won’t attack nobody,” she said.

Drees said she is taking strength from Luke’s optimism.

“I had been taking it really bad. But I try not to in front of him. I want to be the strongest person for him. But he’s showing me how to be a stronger person,” she said.

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Luke goes back to the hospital Monday for another in a succession of surgeries. Monday’s surgery is related to leg injuries Luke sustained, she said.

Drees said doctors were able to save Luke’s ear, and she said doctors will monitor him to make sure he does not have hearing loss.

Most of Luke’s injuries were to his ear, the top of his head and his leg, Drees said. He was able to cover his face during the attack.

As for the good Samaritan who stopped to help Luke, Drees said, “I owe her my life.”

Drees saif after she brought Luke home from the hospital Wednesday, he did mot want to see the family’s two Pit Bulls. But after a few minutes, she said, he wanted to see them.

“We brought one dog out at a time, and they were so happy to see him. My female dog sat in his lap.”

Drees saif the two dogs slept with Luke on Wednesday night.

Luke’s teacher at Dieterech Elementary School has started a YouCaring fundraiser page for the family.

“She is an amazing woman,” Drees said.

“I want my kids to grow up to know there are people in this world who are good, and it’s not all bad,” she said.

“I live in a beautiful community.”

Lawsuit: Uber Driver Sexually Assaulted, Harassed Chicago Woman

CHICAGO (CBS) — A Chicago woman is suing Uber after a driver allegedly sexually assaulted and harassed her last month. The woman said the driver started attacking her during a ride, so she pulled out her phone to document the assault. But it did not stop there, the driver continued to harass her after he dropped her off. CBS 2’s Sandra Torres has the story. “I couldn’t believe it was happening at first,” said Elizabeth Hammond. Hammond, 30, said she began recording images minutes after getting into an Uber in the early morning hours of Sept. 24. “I wanted to be able to show it happened,” she said. Hammond said she order the Uber ride from the Uptown neighborhood to Logan Square. She claimed the video she recorded shows her Uber driver repeatedly reaching into the backseat and inappropriately touching her. According to the suit, her driver, “Aleksander,” groped her, moving his hand up and down her bare leg for more than 20 minutes. “Please don’t touch me,” the recorded audio said. “You’re taking me home right?” The driver responded by asking her to spend the night and offering her money to stay with him,” according the the suit. When they reached Hammond’s destination, the driver demanded her phone number and made her confirm its accuracy before she got out of the vehicle. He then sat in the car and watched her enter her apartment building. “Liz is a captive in a vehicle, doors are locked, vehicle is moving,” said Bryant Greening, LegalRideShare Attorney. Bryant Greening is Hammond’s attorney. “Locked the doors, groped Liz, propositioned her, demanded her phone number, watched her enter her apartment, then threatened her after,” he said. The same day, the driver allegedly called Hammond and left her a voice mail saying, “Hey Liz. It’s me. I want to talk to you because my account is closed. What’s f***ing wrong with you? Bye,” according to the lawsuit. And while she said she filed a police report and reported the incident to Uber, her attorneys filed a lawsuit on Wednesday on her behalf. “I feel distrusted,” Hammond said. “I realized this was a routine thing for him. I wanted it to stop, so no one else would feel uncomfortable.” The driver has not been identified in the Lawsuit. A representative from Uber told CBS 2 they cannot comment on pending litigation, but confirmed the driver’s account has been suspended. (CBS Chicago and Sun-Times Media Wire contributed to this copy.  All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.)

U.S. Postal Service Urging Employees To Volunteer To Work In Puerto Rico

CHICAGO (CBS) — Among the many services still trying to get to normal in Puerto Rico is mail delivery, so the U.S. Postal Service has put out a call for volunteers from among its employees. Limited mail delivery has been restored on the island, and most people have to pick up their mail at a post office about after Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria hit the island. To try and get delivery back to normal, the U.S. Postal Service has asked employees across the country to volunteer for 30-day stints working in Puerto Rico. “They’ll get paid the regular salary, overtime pay that’s applicable, and that sort of thing; but as far as getting there, and having per diem or housing costs paid for, that’ll be up to the employee,” spokesman Tim Norman said. “It’s strictly a voluntary thing, so they’ll need to make their own accommodations wherever they can stay.” Employees interested in working in Puerto Rico must submit letters of intent by Friday. Norman said the postal service will re-evaluate volunteer assignments every 30 days. He was not sure how many positions need to be filled, nor where the employees who used to fill them are now. While some postal employees assigned full-time to Puerto Rico have gone back to work, Norman said others might have left the island, or might not yet be in a position to work.

License Of Schaumburg Psychiatrist Suspended

CHICAGO (CBS) — A Schaumburg psychiatrist’s medical license has been temporarily suspended over allegations of unprofessional behavior. According to state records, Blaise Wolfrum is accused of inappropriately touching a female patient who’s a minor. He allegedly massaged her knees, hands and midriff. He’s also alleged to have prescribed drugs to a patient with a drug problem. Wolfrum is also accused of failing to comply with multiple federal regulations related to the ordering, keeping and dispensing of controlled substances. In temporarily taking away Wolfrum’s medical license to practice medicine, the state said he’s a danger to the public. Dr. Wolfrum disputes the state’s claims. In a statement, he said he acts professionally and has helped thousands of people kick drug and alcohol addictions. A hearing is scheduled next week. It will be with the Medical Disciplinary Board of the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation. The hearing will take place at the James R. Thompson Center.