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How We Respond to the Opportunities and Challenges of the Outside World Now Determines How Much the Outside World Values Us – Seth Godin

We are not our experiences.  We are not our thoughts.  We are not our desires.  We are the sum of our choices.  Our choices great and small are who we are.  Whether we choose the apple or the apple pie matters.  Whether we choose to sit quietly or stand and be heard matters.  Whether we choose to look away or approach a person in need matters.   It does not matter where we were born.  It does not matter which family we were blessed with.  It does not matter our past failings.  The decision to try again instead of giving up is who we are.  The decision to see the coming blue skies instead of seeing the storm overhead is who we are.  The decision to forgive instead of blame is who we are. We decide who we are with every decision great and small. This post first appeared on The Seeds 4 Life written by Tim Wolski

“I emotionally broke down again…” Q&A

“I emotionally broke down again…” Q&A   Q:” I broke down again, I know the problem is I don’t love myself enough. I totally collapsed and that feeling is so horrible!”   A:”I see and it’s okay 🙂   The ups and downs are part of the journey.   It’s very okay to have those… The post “I emotionally broke down again…” Q&A appeared first on BayArt.

Use Your Past to Push You Forward, Not Pull You Backward – B.G.

We all think about the past. If we look hard enough, we will all discover that there are things that we miss. Maybe we haven’t done something we enjoy in a while. It’s okay to reminisce – as long as we use the past to fuel the present in a positive, healthy way. It’s hard not to get lost in the past – memories have a way of pulling us in. We may look at our lives now and see that, in comparison, things were better several years back. This can be depressing and extremely overwhelming. Sometimes it seems impossible for us to return to simpler times. Dwelling on the past will not take us back in time. Instead, we won’t be able to better our present and enjoy our future. There is a way that we can keep our memories and use them to encourage improvement. How can we accomplish this? We look to our past for guidance. If there are some things that we feel were better in the past, then we try to recreate them in healthy ways. Perhaps you struggle with believing in yourself. Maybe once upon a time you believed that anything was possible. You find that somewhere down the line, you lost hope. How can you recreate faith in yourself? Perhaps you could make a list of all your talents or all of the times that you’ve witnessed success on your part. Remember that every little accomplishment counts for something! There are many lessons that we can take from past experiences. All we have to do is use these lessons to help move us forward. This post first appeared on The Seeds 4 Life written by B.G.

Writespiration #133 52 Weeks in 52 Words Week 38

writespiration-20172017 brings 52 challenges over 52 weeks. Your challenge is to write your story using the weekly theme/prompt and write it in just 52 words…. EXACTLY, no more, no less. Submit your entries in the comments or on a blog post and I post them the following week with the new prompt. You have until Sunday to enter.

This week I want you to write about the weird kid at school

I really want to love myself… Q&A

Q: “I really want to love myself, I hate depending on others to make me feel loved.” A:” You are unique Emma (not the real name). Unique in a way that only you can be! No one else in this world can be who you are. You have unique and beautiful qualities and perhaps you… The post I really want to love myself… Q&A appeared first on BayArt.

Prosperity & Abundance

Prosperity & Abundance “Once you change your definition of abundance to reflect its true nature, you will be able to perceive it instantly and without the acquisition of anything. It will put you in the flow of abundance, and will enable you to manifest it easily in whatever form or shape you desire. Until you… The post Prosperity & Abundance appeared first on BayArt.

Can a leopard change its spots?

One Sunday, my mother, my two sisters, and I were walking down a country dirt road. I was around the age of 7 at the time. I was a pretty active kid. I enjoyed the outdoors: climbing trees, playing in the sand, playing in the woods (you know the things kids use to do before… The post Can a leopard change its spots? appeared first on BayArt.

Live your Calling – Find your Lifestyle

Live your Calling – Find your Lifestyle The sheet below is meant to help you get a clear sense into how it is to live your calling, how your day-to-day life should/will be like and to clean out limiting beliefs so you can empower your life and live exactly what you came here to live…… The post Live your Calling – Find your Lifestyle appeared first on BayArt.

Get out of Your Own Way, Stop the Paralysis by Analysis, Decide What You Want, Create a Simple Plan, and Get Moving – Dr. Steve Maraboli

Do you struggle with over analysis? Do you agonize over seemingly simple decisions because you are afraid to make the “wrong” choice? Being able to properly analyze the future possibilities, probabilities, and outcomes of our choices definitely has its advantages; but we must be careful not to let ourselves get so lost in analysis that we continually stall action.  For action is the only way to get proper feedback and achieve growth. Yes, you might fail, you might make a mistake or two.  You might not see the results you were hoping for right away – so what? It’s natural to want to do everything right the first time.  It’s natural to always want to know the next step before taking the first.  But so often the next step only truly becomes clear once we have taken that first.  Trust in yourself; in your capacity to learn, to adjust, to overcome, to change.  Life is about growth, about taking a chance.  And failure? Well, failure is so often the greatest teacher.  If you’ll let it. Don’t fear it. Learn from it. Use it. This post first appeared on The Seeds 4 Life written by Matt Dire

It Is in Your Moments of Decision That Your Destiny Is Shaped – Tony Robbins

The best choices in life aren’t always the ones we make. So many times we know what we should be doing and yet we choose a different path. One of the tasks in life that we often put off is facing our fears. Some individuals would argue that the reason we might choose not to exercise or do what’s best for us is because we don’t want to get better. We’d rather live in fear or not do the necessary work to be successful. Many of us would disagree. At times it is just difficult to get into the habit of doing what needs to be done. While this is often the truth, we cannot let this be an excuse. Yes, there will be times when we get lazy and don’t feel like going to the gym and yes, there will be times when we know we should practice facing our fears, only to let them get the best of us. There will also, most likely, be times when we put other tasks in front of taking care of ourselves. With all of this being the case, we have to remember that in order to have a happy and healthy future, we have to make wise decisions. The next time you find yourself not feeling up to doing what’s best for you, ask yourself the following questions. What will be the most beneficial decision in the long run? Is it better to give into fear or laziness or is it better to face our fears and get active? Once you answer these questions, do what you know in your heart and mind to be the truth! In order to get better, we need to put in the effort to do so! This post first appeared on The Seeds 4 Life written by B.G.