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I really want to love myself… Q&A

Q: “I really want to love myself, I hate depending on others to make me feel loved.” A:” You are unique Emma (not the real name). Unique in a way that only you can be! No one else in this world can be who you are. You have unique and beautiful qualities and perhaps you… The post I really want to love myself… Q&A appeared first on BayArt.

Body clock gene variations may lead to stress migraines

A new study suggests that stress may lead to migraines in those with certain genetic variations that regulate our sleep-wakefulness cycle. New research has suggested that financial worries may cause migraines in people who have two specific variations in a gene that regulates our biological clock. Our so-called biological clock is the collective name given to a… The post Body clock gene variations may lead to stress migraines appeared first on BayArt.

Broken Dreams Club

(Please see ‘About’ for the purpose of this blog and here’s how and why it started)     A dedication to all who are suffering out there. Physically (illness) and/or emotionally (mental health/ heartbreak etc). To all with broken dreams.. The story begins with you living a stellar life, or maybe just ordinary. You have problems and struggles…

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‘Distraction from happiness’: Writer encourages people to live with less

You could call Joshua Becker an early pioneer of the minimalist movement.   If you haven’t read his books on minimalism, you might recognize him from the documentary “Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things.” The Wall Street Journal bestselling author was born in Aberdeen, S.D., and attended junior high and high school in Wahpeton,… The post ‘Distraction from happiness’: Writer encourages people to live with less appeared first on BayArt.

Prosperity & Abundance

Prosperity & Abundance “Once you change your definition of abundance to reflect its true nature, you will be able to perceive it instantly and without the acquisition of anything. It will put you in the flow of abundance, and will enable you to manifest it easily in whatever form or shape you desire. Until you… The post Prosperity & Abundance appeared first on BayArt.

Crafting may provide happiness you have missed

In these busy days, people tend to find themselves preoccupied with so many things that they may have a difficult time simply relaxing and finding enjoyment. The crunch to produce something at work, balance a budget, get an education, and provide for a family, can keep people from being able to take time to pursue… The post Crafting may provide happiness you have missed appeared first on BayArt.

Some Distance Can Go a Long Way

Sometimes you need to distance yourself from people. You need to cut ties if they are no longer positive features in your life. Sometimes those people are tied to you through blood and they played a huge part in your life as you grew into an adult. Or they are friends who no longer provide… The post Some Distance Can Go a Long Way appeared first on BayArt.

Seeking Out Some Sunshine

I’ve spent a lot of my life being miserable and negative. It’s typically what I cover when I write in my personal blog, which has taken a backseat in life as of late. Mostly, this is because I am working a new job, and I am trying to figure out how to live life when… The post Seeking Out Some Sunshine appeared first on BayArt.

A Prisoner Of The Lord

A Prisoner Of The Lord: What I learned while under house arrest Tonight’s post dives into the price I asked of the Lord to pay to know him in his sufferings. Before this time, I forgot I asked the Lord to pay such a price.  Before this time, I continually asked the Lord to draw… The post A Prisoner Of The Lord appeared first on BayArt.