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Eat Like A Champion — The Tom Brady Diet

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — Whether on the athletic playing field or in the corporate boardroom, maintaining a level of peak performance may be a matter of how you are fueling your body. Just ask Bay Area native and NFL star Tom Brady. In his new book — “The TB12 Method: How to Achieve a Lifetime of Sustained Peak Performance” — that hits the shelves shi week at the local bookstores and online with Amazon, Barnes And Noble and Simon & Schuster — Brady talks about his daily diet that is keeping him at the top of the NFL at the age of 40. Brady said a good power diet begins with the ingredients and knowing what is in your food. “We have a garden out back,” Brady told CBS’ Norah O’Donnell. “So we have a lot of vegetables, all the salads come from our garden…Just a lot of good healthy stuff.” For breakfast, the New England Patriots star begins his day with a smoothie. “I eat a smoothie most of the time,” he said. “You know, like a really calorie-dense, nutrient-dense smoothie. So my ideal one was like a blueberry smoothie with some seeds and some nuts, some electrolytes, some protein powder…I love almond milk… a little rice milk from time to time.” Brady sticks to mostly a plant-based diet, but does allow for some lean meat and poultry. “I’m not opposed to meat, obviously,” he said. “We have roast chicken. So, like, you know, there’s a little meat. But it’s usually, like, little meat and vegetables; sometimes it’s, you know, like some type of pasta. It wouldn’t be like a, you know, flour pasta or anything like that but– yeah. Somethin’ that’s gonna just keep inflammation down.” Brady believes proper hydration and a well researched diet, along with pliability are keeping him on at the top. “I love to work out,” Brady said. “I love to train. And I love to eat good. You know why I love to eat good? ‘Cause it makes me feel better. And if I feel better, then I can work out more.” “And if I can work out more, I go play soccer with my kids on a Saturday in the backyard, and then go play a football game on Sunday.” Click To Order From Amazon Click To Order From Barnes And Noble Click To Order From Walmart Click To Order From Simon & Schuster

I really want to love myself… Q&A

Q: “I really want to love myself, I hate depending on others to make me feel loved.” A:” You are unique Emma (not the real name). Unique in a way that only you can be! No one else in this world can be who you are. You have unique and beautiful qualities and perhaps you… The post I really want to love myself… Q&A appeared first on BayArt.