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Saturday Saturday Saturday! Enjoy the weekend!

What is on your plans for the weekend? Maybe a lot, maybe nothing. What ever you plan on doing, just have fun! There is a lot to get upset about in this world today, don’t let your weekends get consumed with anger and hatred. Have fun with the weekend and enjoy the company that you… The post Saturday Saturday Saturday! Enjoy the weekend! appeared first on BayArt.

The Impressions We Leave

I can think back to when I was a little girl, around about 7 and I was sat at a table with my friends in the canteen at school and they all had finished their lunches. I heard one say “shall we go?” and another looked at me and said “sorry, insert my name here”… The post The Impressions We Leave appeared first on BayArt.

My First Crush- a personal story(school days)

My First crush a personal story(school days) is a beautiful memory that I want to share with you friends. Just give it a try to feel the positive vibes. Let me take you back to 2004. Yes, almost 13 years back. I don’t think I’ll ever forget that memory. While in school, my nature was that […]

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Consciousness and Memories

We humans have been living on Earth since millions of years. So many changes and events took place, which lead to the evolution of mankind. From the fire-inventing barbarians to so-called “civilised” and “intelligent” beings. Thinking is what has lead us here. Every person is constantly ‘thinking’. Every second of our lives we think, thoughts keep…

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Family Traditions

  What I love about family traditions is that they are unique. Every family, even families within families have their own traditions and there is no end to the options. Big or small to start a new tradition the only need to enjoy the experience and do it regularly. My husband and my latest tradition is to prepare breakfast on the weekend and eat it together on the front verandah, watching the world go by. The only thing missing is a newspaper but we haven’t added that to our traditions yet. Some times of the year like Christmas and birthdays involve more traditions than others. Being part of a large extended family this means the tradition of celebrating is never far away. The hardest part is setting the date, time and place and from there on the organisation of  a party for a special occasion isn’t difficult. Everyone knows what to do and our family traditions that always involve FOOD – GLORIOUS FOOD continue.

COLOUR THEMED CHRISTMAS last year you guessed right – GREEN. The post Family Traditions appeared first on INSPIRING MAX.

Finite Creatures

In a memory of a very good friend     

Eugene Lerner (1979-1993)

mother cry 2jpg

I waited for him all day until very late, and when I got home, I called him and there was no answer.

I could not close my eyes all night. Something was not right. I felt scared and nervous.  When I called him back in the morning, his brother answered the phone.

Where is he?” What do you mean he is not coming?! – I asked again with…

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