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Self; Centered Fear

At the center of your fears, lies the point of no return.    A point at which you pivot, to face everything you are.   There’s no running from our reflections; or trying to lose it by going in different directions because it’ll always, ALWAYS, know how to stop us in our tracks by silently… The post Self; Centered Fear appeared first on BayArt.

Masks of the Prom

It was dark, just like a nightmare Everyone was drunk, not with alcohol The pending requests of mask’s will Masks of the prom, was waiting It was fake, just like a sculptor Everlasting night started, with masked monsters The walking trash fell down to the ground Masks of the prom, was creating It was white,… The post Masks of the Prom appeared first on BayArt.

What exists beyond my thoughts? – Practice

Practice for the day: “What exists beyond my thoughts?” State the discover of it your intention for the day, focus your attention often in “What exists beyond your thoughts”, wonder, rest in there, shift from the small mind to the God you are. Your day will unfold perfectly Reminder: Not a single thought exists in… The post What exists beyond my thoughts? – Practice appeared first on BayArt.