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Making Time for Writing

I did a few shifts at the hospital recently. gasp One of my colleagues said he was always interested in writing but could never find the time. At some point, every writer in each level of the profession has heard someone say that they want to write but just can’t find the time. This is…

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Be the Weirdo Who Dares to Enjoy – Elizabeth Gilbert

When we’re young, our daily lives are easy to take lightly and enjoy. Lots of experiences are new, and we don’t have much responsibility. Our biggest jobs are to learn and have fun.

However, we take on more duties as we get older.  We have to learn to navigate the world and take care of ourselves. As a result, we may find less time for fun and play and begin to worry about the near and far future. It can become harder to be light, as everything around us feels more serious.

We can let responsibilities keep us down and serious. Or we can practice staying light and enjoying ourselves as much as possible. We may feel like we’re surrounded by obstacles stopping us from having fun, but lots of times the biggest obstacles are only in our mind. We’re too busy worrying or don’t allow ourselves to see the bigger picture – which stops us from relaxing and smiling.

Practice enjoying yourself again. Know that it is possible to go through life without constant stress or fear, and that you deserve to feel happy. It will make the long run that much better.

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Every Light Carries the Ray of Hope – Unknown

Seek to always keep the light of hope lit for yourself.  During those difficult times, the sad times, resolve to keep that light on, no matter how dim life tries to make it.

If you’re struggling right now, if today you find yourself overwhelmed by life or besieged with doubt and fear, keep hope close.  Know that the flame of strength and confidence to overcome anything, lies within, and it’s always there, just waiting to be lit.

So today, calm your mind, spark your light of hope, and embrace the challenge of the day; recognize that you’re going to be okay; know it, feel it, believe it.

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Humanity=Martial Art

Everyone goes through a long standing phase of denial. Denying what we truly like, what we dislike, what we dream to become; in essence who we truly are. Have you ever considered that Humanity is in fact Martial Art? I can’t help but feel that way when I listen to the video above. The only…

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