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Waiting game continues as attorney general prepares summary of Mueller report

Barr and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who appointed Mueller and oversaw much of his work, analyzed the report on Saturday, laboring to condense it into a summary letter of main conclusions. Mueller delivered his full report to Barr on Friday.

‘The public has a right to know:’ U.S. privacy group sues for release of Mueller’s report

Special counsel Robert Mueller delivered his final report to U.S. Attorney General William Barr on Friday afternoon, but no details of the report have been released so far.

Mueller Report on Russian Election Interference Delivered to Attorney General

WASHINGTON (CBS/AP) — Special counsel Robert Mueller has concluded his investigation into Russian election interference and possible coordination with associates of President Donald Trump.

The Justice Department says Mueller delivered his final report Friday to Attorney General William Barr, who is reviewing it.


Trump’s ex-communications director Hope Hicks to share docs with House Democrats: reports

Hope Hicks has reportedly agreed to turn over documents requested by the Democrat-majority House Judiciary Committee as part of an investigation into potential obstruction of justice by Trump.

Donald Trump slams ‘last in his class’ John McCain over Russia investigation dossier

It’s been over six months since John McCain died of brain cancer, but the legendary Republican senator continues to be the target of jibes from U.S. President Donald Trump.