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‘Dibs’ About To Be Done For The Season

Chicago (CBS) — Now that warmer weather is hopefully here to stay, it’s time to remove the lawn chair, trash can or traffic cone you’ve been using to save that parking space you dug out.

The Chicago Department of Streets and Sanitation said it will begin clearing “dibs” objects used by residents to hold parking spaces during the winter months starting Monday.

Crews will discard any unclaimed items along their daily garbage collection routes with special attention given to address all 311 complaints.

For many neighborhoods – especially where people don’t have their own driveways or garages – drivers save parking spots after heavy snow by calling “dibs” after they dig out their cars, and putting down anything from sawhorses to empty buckets to handmade signs warning other motorists not to “steal” their spot.

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Drivers who dare to ignore someone else’s “dibs” risk having their car vandalized – be it having the doors keyed or covered in water so it freezes.

Although officially illegal, the city long has tolerated drivers calling “dibs” while crews focus on plowing the streets.

Normally, the city gives people several days to hang onto their saved parking spots before warning them it will get rid of “dibs,” whether there’s still snow on the ground or not.

Residents can call 311 or visit to report a concern about debris in their area. 

Denver Weather: Stormy Week Ahead To Include Fog, Wind, Rain And Snow

DENVER (CBS4) – It looks like an active weather week ahead for Colorado as a large storm system currently over the Pacific Ocean moves inland. It will start to influence our forecast as early as tonight with rain and snow showers moving into southwest Colorado.

The National Weather Service has already issued a Winter Storm Watch for the southwest mountains and additional watches, advisories or warnings are likely as the storm gets closer to the state. This new weather maker will have the potential to drop a foot or more of snow in the San Juan Mountains.

Ahead of the approaching storm you can expect today’s weather to be similar to Saturday in most areas only without the strong wind. We anticipate scattered snow showers in the mountains along and north of Interstate 70. There is also a very small chance to see a stray rain or snow shower by this evening in metro Denver as a cool front passes by.

Monday will feature more clouds than sunshine across the state and the day could even start with some morning fog in Denver and on the eastern plains. Rain and snow showers will become widespread over the southern half of Colorado.

Then all eyes will be on the middle of the nation by Wednesday as the storm system crosses the Rocky Mountains and gains strength as it taps into moisture from the Gulf of Mexico. There is the potential for blizzard conditions to develop in eastern Colorado as this all comes together by Wednesday. Denver and the Interstate 25 Urban Corridor will be on the western fringe so stay tuned to see how this materializes!