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Alberta government brings up pipeline issue with projection prank at Liberals’ Christmas party in Ottawa

On Wednesday night, Alberta Premier Rachel Notley took credit for a stunt pulled outside the Liberals' Christmas party in Ottawa, suggesting the prank raised the pipeline issue with the federal government yet again.

Instagram Strategies for Your Small Business

When it comes to running a small business successfully, it’s incredibly important to have a large online presence. In the days where people are spending so much time on their phones, you need to have a way to reach them by having a mobile-friendly website and focusing on your social media presence. One of the […] The post Instagram Strategies for Your Small Business appeared first on Top 10 of Anything and Everything!!!.

Perfect Snapshots

I’m not here to talk about how I’ve captured the perfect picture but rather my lack of perfects snapshots. In an era where each millennials life is recorded over social media, I simply hate it. Thousands of individuals only seem to get a sneak peek of a persons desirable moments, when their life seems as if they have it all and I’ve constantly felt out of place for my lack of want or need for that. I would be reminded that I don’t feel as if I’m living a 20 years old life. I feel as if I’m a decade ahead of my peers with relaxing dinners or prioritizing getting rest home. Or my choice to not record every moment I am outside enjoying myself to remember the experience face on and not through a lens. I’m content with my choices but the pressure is on. I feel as if I should be doing even more, getting high on life as a youth should. Yet I can’t help myself be grounded. Though I did give in a little, attempting to put an effort in my social media. I’m working on learning to be okay with not constantly wishing to reach for the sky and being thankful with what’s underneath me. Because I have a start, a stepping stone to slowly get higher but still keep my two feet on the ground. Try to take a moment this weekend to unwind and relax from your social media. It’s become a routine and priority in my daily life…and I’m loving it despite the persistent pressure to do more and show more.

Forbes: Kylie Jenner To Become Youngest Self-Made Billionaire

(CBS) — Kylie Jenner might be known to some as Kim Kardashian West’s younger sister, but the social media star and cosmetics mogul’s net worth is more than twice that of her sister’s.

Jenner, who graces the cover of Forbes for its annual list of richest self-made women, is on track to soon be the youngest self-made billionaire ever.

Jenner, who turns 21 in August, is the youngest woman on the list, making her debut along with West. Forbes reports that Jenner has built a $900 million fortune in less than three years thanks in large part to her wildly popular makeup line, Kylie Cosmetics.

In contrast, Forbes pegs West’s net worth at $350 million.

Jenner and West have both built their empires by harnessing social media — Jenner has 110 million followers on Instagram.

The young mom of Stormi has sold $630 million worth of makeup since she launched Kylie Cosmetics in 2016, including an estimated $330 million in 2017, Forbes reports.

The magazine values her company at worth nearly $800 million — and Jenner owns 100 percent of it.

She also earns money from endorsements for brands like Puma and PacSun.

Forbes says she’s “conservatively worth $900 million,” and another year of growth will put her on track as not just the youngest female self-made billionaire ever, but the youngest self-made billionaire ever, period, beating out Mark Zuckerberg, who reached the billion-dollar mark at 23.

Forbes defines “self-made” as “any person who built her own fortune, and didn’t inherit the money.”

Jenner’s company only has seven full-time and five part-time employees.

She credited social media with her success. “I have such easy access to my fans and my customers,” she told Forbes.

Powerhouse stage mom Kris Jenner manages the business side of Kylie Cosmetics in exchange for a 10 percent cut, says Forbes.

Kylie Cosmetics’ overhead costs are very low, Forbes points out, making her profit margin very, very high.

Jenner said she got the idea to launch her signature “lip kits” because she loved putting on lip liner as a teenager.

Her mother had the foresight to grow it into a full makeup line and ongoing business.

Jenner said she hopes to pass her business down to her daughter, Stormi: “If she’s into it,” she said.

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Brits Aim To Make Green Day’s ‘American Idiot’ No. 1 Song When Trump Arrives

(CNN) — Oh, the things President Trump will be greeted with this week when he visits London: demonstrators, a giant “Trump Baby” balloon — and a uniquely British musical protest.

For the past couple of weeks, a social media campaign has sought to make Green Day’s classic 2004 jam “American Idiot” the No. 1 tune in the UK by the time Trump arrives Friday. The “Get American Idiot to No.1 for Trump’s UK Visit” Facebook page has been advocating for some type of musical protest during a Trump visit to Britain pretty much since the start of his presidency. After Trump’s “working visit” — as opposed to a formal state visit — was announced in April, the effort went into overdrive.

The campaign asks people to download “American Idiot” between Friday, July 6, and Friday, July 13, to push the 14-year-old single to the top of the Official UK Charts.

So far the effort appears to be working, with the song checking in at No. 18 on the chart Tuesday. It’ll take a particularly strong push though to get the song to the top of the chart by Friday.

A British tradition

For Americans all of this may seem, well, kind of weird. But the Brits have been waging campaigns to get certain songs to chart for a decade.

Back in 2008, a DJ, tired of singing competition winners clogging the charts at Christmas, began a Facebook campaign to get Rick Astley’s 80s anthem “Never Gonna Give You Up” to No. 1. Since then there have been numerous attempts to get tunes as varied as Iron Maiden’s “Number of the Beast” to the themes from “Star Wars” and “Pokemon” to the top of British charts in time for Christmas.

The politically-charged “American Idiot” was a Billboard Hot 100 hit for Green Day back in the fall of 2004 when George W. Bush was President.

That’s not the only protest

Trump is not exactly popular in the UK right now, and his unpopularity with the Brits is shaping his first official visit there. He’ll meet Queen Elizabeth and huddle with British Prime Minister Theresa May but, in a break from custom for a visit by a foreign leader, he will not visit Downing Street.

He really won’t spend too much time at all in London during the three-day visit, as the President’s handlers seek to minimize the risk of awkward encounters with angry protesters in the streets. Or in the air for that matter.

During a planned “Stop Trump” march in central London on Friday, a 19-foot-tall orange balloon — shaped to look like a baby version of Trump — will be flown as high as 98 feet in the air near Parliament.

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Republicans Question Apple, Google On Smartphone Data Privacy

(CNN Money) — Apple and Google are facing questions from House Republicans over smartphone data privacy, suggesting members of Congress are broadening their scrutiny of how the tech industry handles users’ personal information.

The Republican leadership of the House Energy and Commerce Committee sent letters on Monday to Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, and Larry Page, the CEO of Google’s parent company, Alphabet, requesting details about their smartphone data collection practices.

The letters, signed by the committee’s chairman and the heads of three subcommittees, asked for details on how iPhone and Android devices collect audio and location data. They also asked about any limits Apple and Google place on third-party app developers in collecting data from users’ devices.

“Protecting our users’ privacy and securing their information is of the utmost importance. We look forward to answering the Committee’s questions,” a spokesperson for Google said in a statement provided to CNNMoney.

Apple declined to comment on the letter.

The questions come roughly three months after Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was grilled by members of the same House committee over the company’s data collection practices. The hearing followed news that Cambridge Analytica, a data firm with ties to President Donald Trump’s campaign, accessed information from as many as 87 million Facebook users without their knowledge.

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Citing media reports, the lawmakers raised concerns that smartphones could “in some instances” collect data from conversations taking place near the device, even if the user did not deliberately trigger the voice assistants by saying, “Hey Siri,” or “OK Google.”

The letters also cited a 2017 news report claiming Google collected data from cell towers even when location services were disabled. Both companies were asked to clarify their policies on this issue.

In the aftermath of Facebook’s data scandal, Cook positioned himself as a champion for user privacy. Cook told CNNMoney last month that Apple believes “privacy is a fundamental human right.”

“The privacy thing has gotten totally out of control,” he said. “I think most people are not aware of who is tracking them, how much they’re being tracked and sort of the large amounts of detailed data that are out there about them.”

Google, with an ad-based business model similar to Facebook’s, has faced more privacy scrutiny.

The Wall Street Journal reported earlier this month that Google lets outside developers scan the inboxes of Gmail users. In a blog post, Google didn’t dispute the practice but said that it vets the developers and allows users to control the access developers have.

In the letter Monday, lawmakers asked Google to explain how many developers “are permitted to access a user’s email contents with or without consent on Gmail.”

Apple and Google have until July 23 to respond.

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