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Escaped Prison Camp Inmate Apprehended In San Leandro

SAN LEANDRO (CBS SF) — An inmate who escaped from a Nevada County prison camp earlier this week is back in custody after being found by authorities in San Leandro Thursday.

On Tuesday, the state Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation asked the public’s help in finding Justin Tyquiengco. He was discovered missing at 3:30 a.m. Tuesday morning from Washington Ridge Conservation Camp outside Nevada City, about 47 miles west of Truckee.

In 2015, Tyquiengco received a six-year sentence in Contra Costa County on second-degree robbery with the use of a firearm along with an additional year for a conviction in Alameda County, the CDCR said.

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At around noon Thursday, Tyquiengco was taken in by correctional authorities at a gas station in San Leandro.

He is being transported to the California Correctional Center in Susanville and will no longer be eligible to be housed in a low-security conservation camp.

The Washington Ridge prison camp, run by the CDCR and Cal Fire, houses a maximum of 106 minimum custody inmates who work, most serving time for alcohol or drug offenses as well as property crimes. The inmates are used for firefighting and assist in rescues and floods and landslides. Others are used as support staff.

To be eligible for the fire camp, inmates cannot have any convictions for sex-related offenses, arson, or show violence potential.

Neighbors Rally To Show Support For Blasey Ford In Palo Alto

PALO ALTO (KPIX 5) — Supporters and neighbors of Christine Blasey Ford held a rally Thursday to show they stand with the woman who leveled accusation of sexual assault against Supreme Court Justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Supporters have raised thousands of dollars to help keep her safe.

About two dozen neighbors of Ford marched to her Palo Alto home and stood in the driveway in a symbolic show of support and protection.

“We’ve got her back. Her story is our story. She is one of us,” said neighbor Kristen Podulka.

At the same time, an airplane — reportedly hired by a different group of activists from back east — was flying above Palo Alto towing the message, “Thank you Christine, we have your back.”

“She’s getting death threats. The trolls of the world are not afraid to have their voice spoken,” said Poduika. “So we are trying to drown them out with our voice of love and encouragement and support.”

Blasey Ford emerged from a private life as a wife, mother of two and research psychologist when she came forward to accuse Supreme Court nominee Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her at a party while the two were in high school in the 1980’s.

She has since gone into seclusion.

To help defray security costs for her family, supporters have started two GoFundMe campaigns that have raised about $300,000 combined in two days.

Palo Alto Mayor Liz Kniss was among the voices offering support.

“They’ve come out in droves to support her, their neighbor. I’m very impressed,” said Kniss.

She has encouraged Blasey Ford to take the next big step: tell her story in person at Kavanaugh’s senate confirmation hearings.

“I don’t think she’ll do it publicly, I think that’s uncomfortable for her,” said Kniss. “But I hope in this era when women’s voices are being heard, that she’ll come forward with the ultimate reason for using your voice.”

Patrol units from the Palo Alto Police Department were seen in the neighborhood, but no other security measures were apparent on Tuesday.

Community Bands Together To Support Stockton Police Officer Paralyzed In Crash

STOCKTON (CBS13) — Many members of the Stockton community are coming together to help Officer James Nance, who was left paralyzed after crashing with a vehicle on his motorcycle.

Officer Nance will remain in a long-term rehabilitation facility while he recovers. He talked about his injury and his recovery in a letter to the community.

“Unfortunately, on August 28th while doing what I love, I was hit by a car and critically injured,” said Lt. Kathryn Nance, who was reading a letter written by her husband, motorcycle officer Nance.

He was critically injured while conducting a distracted driving enforcement operation.

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“I have excitement about my release date, and returning to the real world, but I’m working on putting that in the back of my mind so I can just concentrate on learning all of the skills I need to be independent,” she said.

Nance announced he will never walk again.  The 19-year veteran of the department suffered a spinal cord injury after his motorcycle collided with an SUV.

The letter was read during a luncheon for the United Way of San Joaquin County, which is now helping raise money for the officer and his family.

The organization has already raised more than $10,000, but it’s not the only help the officer is getting. The Stockton Police Officers’ Association provides members like Nance financial and emotional support.

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“It was very much, you know, upsetting because we don’t want to see anybody, any of our officers injured,” said Kathleen Gapusan, who lives in Stockton.

The association calls the incident a tragedy, and so do many community members who have been praying for officer Nance’s quick recovery.

“It’s very important we have to show, you know, that is one thing I know about Stockton is we are a caring community, even the poorest of the poor. When they see someone that really needs help, they are willing to help. Our prayers are with you,” she said.

Officer Nance spent 13 days in intensive care and since the accident has undergone several surgeries. He will continue with physical therapy. The crash that caused his injury remains under investigation.