Democrat Technology Is The Next Great Thing!

There’s a new project on Kickstarter.

It’s fantastic!

The Democrats in the House of Representatives put the plans together.

I’m no fan of the Democratic Party but this idea may change everything.

The bugs aren’t fully worked out of the technology yet.

At this point, it’s just an idea that makes people feel warm and happy.

Like universal health care, gender equality, and taxing rich people until they’re poor.

But the Democrats are on to something promising this time – and it’s a much better idea than racism.

The Dems are developing an artificial human soul!

It’s disposable!

After a few weeks of supporting Democratic policies…

…you just throw the tainted soul away and get a new one!

I’m a bigoted, hateful, capitalist so my first question was, “How much will these souls cost?”

I’ll admit the answer surprised me.

Each soul costs nothing!

This is accomplished by years of Democratic policies that place no value on human beings.

Think paper cups or gum wrappers.

Imagine the impact this will have on your life!

You can cheer for infanticide and euthanasia.

You can bask in the progressive applause lavished upon you by your virtue signaling.

You can hate people because they’re white!

You can hate anyone who’s different!

You can celebrate socialist agendas that crush the souls of everyone else!

You can devote yourself entirely to yourself.

Tell the rest of us you’re motivated by love.

And then, at the moment the guilt makes it difficult to sleep or look in the mirror…

…replace your soul with a new one.

A fresh, clean, innocent soul – like a baby from a botched abortion.

As I said before, the technology is still a few years away.

Research and development is scheduled to begin in earnest right after climate change is eliminated.

So you’ll be dead.

Which means you’ll only have one soul.

So you should take care of it.

If it’s covered with guilt you can take it to Jesus and he’ll clean it for you.

Free of charge.

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