How To Vote Without Losing Your Soul

When I first started voting in national elections, casting a vote required some thoughtfulness.

Most of the candidates had similar integrity and character.

At least, they claimed to have character and integrity.

Voting is much easier these days.

Many candidates have quit pretending to be human and are running, unashamedly, on a platform that kills children.

(Democrats. It’s Democrats that do this.)

These candidates tell us that killing babies is necessary because women need health care.

But that’s not really the reason babies are aborted.

Abortion for “health concerns of mother” is 4%.

Babies are aborted because their mothers are selfish.

Democrat candidates never use the word “selfish” to describe mothers.

Democrat candidates use words like, “afraid”, “abused”, “marginalized”, “desperate”, or “helpless”.

Those words may be appropriate in some cases.

Desperate, fearful, abused, helpless people can also be selfish.

Selfishness kills your soul.

Voting for a Democrat is approving selfishness.

Democrats manipulate fearful, abused mothers to get votes.

They tell scared, helpless girls that abortion has no consequences.

They lie.

Selfishness kills your soul.

What does it profit you to gain the whole world and lose your soul?

There are no perfect candidates.

But some are better than others.

Never vote for a candidate that encourages selfishness.

You could lose your soul.

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