South Bend Indiana Elected A Dufus As Mayor

I don’t pay much attention to South Bend.

I’d never heard of Pete Buttigieg until I fell over this article.

“Pete Buttigieg, Asked About Joe Biden Calling Mike Pence A “Decent Guy,” Says Pence Has “Absolutely Fanatical” Views”

That’s just the title of the article, not the opening paragraph

Mike Pence used to be the Governor of my beloved home state, Indiana.

(And Pence was the first person I ever heard refer to Indiana as “beloved”.)

Now, Mike Pence is Vice President of the United States.

Pete Buttigieg is the mayor of the 4th largest city in Indiana…

…and a homosexual…

…and an opportunistic dufus.

Buttigieg says (about Pence):

” I mean to your face, if he were sitting right here, you’d think that this guy is very polite. But that masks this absolutely fanatical view about how the world works or how the universe works that has led to these incredibly hurtful, dangerous, and harmful policies, and that’s what we have now in the White House. And I think it chills a lot of us, especially in the LGBTQ community, to see that somebody like that can be in that kind of position of power.”

This is a better title for the article if you ask me…

(Begin Satire)

Buttigieg is a homosexual so I can trust him completely.

Homosexuals are always right.

Homosexuals never lie.

Pence is an outspoken Christian.

Everyone knows Christianity is full of hurtful, dangerous, and harmful policies.

That is common knowledge that doesn’t need to be demonstrated.

The LGBTQ(rstwxyz) community is chilled!

They’re CHILLED I tell you!

That’s all the evidence I need to know that Mike Pence has fanatical views.

I haven’t heard Pence express anything fanatical…he’s too smart for that!

He keeps his wild-eyed hatred hidden from the public.

Thank God for gay mayors!

Homosexuals have X-Men powers.

They can sense fanaticism.

It chills them.

(End Satire)

To my fellow Hoosiers living in South Bend: You elected a dufus as mayor.

He embarrassed you in Buzzfeed.

Next election, vote for somebody less hateful and stupid.

You have the 4th largest population in the state…surely you can find somebody.

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