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Adjustments made to ART construction during Balloon Fiesta

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Albuquerque Rapid Transit construction will continue throughout Balloon Fiesta, but some adjustments have been made. Construction near Old Town has been halted and barricades have been removed. Traffic through downtown will be reduced to one lane. Median and center lane work continues in the Nob Hill area. See below for information about ART construction during the week of October 9. INTERSECTION AND CENTRAL AVENUE CORRIDOR INFORMATION: WEST CENTRAL Coors: Intersection and station installation work continue, expect major delays for commuters. One lane remains open in each direction. Atrisco: Intersection and roadway work continue. Traffic will be split on the south side of Central. Once complete traffic will switch to a split on the north side. OLD TOWN The Rio Grande intersection permanent signal has been activated. For the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta where possible, construction has been halted and traffic barricades have been removed. Access is being maintained for pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles. DOWNTOWN/EDo 1st to Locust Traffic Shift: All westbound traffic will be on the north side, right-hand lane only. All eastbound traffic will be on the south side right-hand lane only. Left hand turns and northbound/southbound traffic will not be allowed at Walter or High. Broadway: North and southbound traffic is allowed. Left hand turns onto Westbound Central will be allowed. UNM/NOB HILL University: Median and center lane work continues. Commuters are advised to use extreme caution at the University intersection. Girard: Paving operations will begin Tuesday, October 10th at Girard intersection and continue through the end of the week, expect delays. Yale Blvd: Intersection work is scheduled to begin Thursday, October 12th at Yale Blvd. and Central Ave. The duration of this phase of work is scheduled to last through the beginning of the following week. Washington: Southbound right hand lane closure beginning Monday, October 9th. INTERNATIONAL DISTRICT Monroe St. to San Mateo Blvd.: Various lane closures will exist for rumble strip installation. San Mateo Blvd. to Louisiana Blvd.: Various lane closures and traffic shifts will exist for roadway striping and utility adjustments.  
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New drone footage shows progress on ART project

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Drone video released on the Albuquerque Rapid Transit Facebook page is offering a bird’s eye view of the project. The video takes viewers through the corridor, showing the stations along the route and the construction as it continues along. Mayor Berry says the project is now 80 percent complete. The biggest work to be done at this point is traffic signals, paving and striping.  
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ART asphalt sealing work starts Wednesday on Central from Coors to Yucca

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – The daily commute will face some more obstacles starting Wednesday as ART construction impacts another section of Central. Wednesday through Friday crews will be doing asphalt sealing work. The work will span Central from Yucca to Coors and both directions of traffic, east and westbound lanes, will be affected. Side streets and some driveways during this time are also expected to be affected. Drivers will also not be able to utilize on-street parking in areas where work is being done. ART officials say drivers need to maneuver carefully around the asphalt sealing work and if they go over it, it’s at their own risk. At last check, officials say ART is about 70 percent complete.
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City ramps up security for ART busline with cameras and guards

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Eyes and ears will be everywhere on the new Albuquerque Rapid Transit buses. The city said it’s an attempt to change the perception people have about city buses. “I’ve seen dozens of people get stabbed on the buses on Central,” said Craig Keahey. City buses haven’t always had the best reputation, from fights and stabbings, to an officer attacked with a stun gun. “Sometimes I do feel uneasy based on some of the people that do get on the bus,” said Robert Tafoya. There have been issues, but the city is working to change the perception many people have about public transportation. “We do want to improve the overall experience,” said Dayna Crawford with ABQ Ride. She said ART buses will have major security upgrades from the ones currently on the streets. “The buses have 18 cameras, and those cameras feed to the real time crime center,” said Crawford. The two other Central buses only have 12 cameras on each bus. “At each of the stations we’ve got four security cameras,” she added. Another big security feature will be the emergency button at every ART stop. “You need immediate help, you push the button and it goes directly to 911,” said Crawford. There will also be more security guards throughout the bus system. “They’re sole mission in life will be roving on and off the buses, just kind of moving people along, who maybe don’t belong there,” she said. Crawford said most of the stops are in the middle of Central for a good reason. “They’re really well lit, and people that are doing nefarious activities, they’re not interested in doing it in front of everybody,” said Crawford. All the changes are well taken by people who ride the buses. “It would feel nice to have some type of security on the bus as well as cameras, just in case there’s any incidents,” said Tafoya. Crawford said the cameras and emergency buttons are in the process of being wired, she said they’ll be up and running by the end of November. In addition, there will be a customer service button at each ART kiosk that riders can use if they have any questions.
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Central not only street impacted by ART construction

ALBUQUERQUE, NM (KRQE) – After almost a year of construction on the Albuquerque Rapid Transit project, drivers are still seeing red at intersections like Broadway and Central. So why not take care of the construction at the busiest intersections quickly instead of working on them bit by bit for a year? ART spokesperson Joanie Griffin said the construction was never going to focus on one area at a time, even at intersections like Central and University where construction during the school year causes a major headache. Commuters also deal with rush hour traffic trying to get through Central at Rio Grande or on Oak by I-25. The city said this is the more efficient way to get everything done. “Rather than do a section, then do a section, then do a section and be in construction for three years, we opted to do it all simultaneously and get it done in a 14-month time frame,” Griffin said. They hope to have all the major construction done in November, and Griffin encourages people to not let the construction keep them away from the restaurants and stores on Central. “There are some dicey parts during rush hour, but other than that it’s really easy to get around so I would encourage people to come back to Central,” she said. Griffin said the Rio Grande work should be done before all the tourists start pouring in for Balloon Fiesta next month. “The goal is to have it done by Balloon Fiesta,” she said. “We’re already pretty much done over by State Fair… Nob Hill is really getting close and then Rio Grande and Central is getting close right behind it. The area which goes from Broadway to Presbyterian Hospital has probably also been one of the more challenging areas because it’s so narrow, so that work will be continuing for a while. And then we’re finishing up on the westside.” Drivers can check real-time travel and construction updates along the ART corridor here. 
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