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10 things you should do to improve your day!

I was drafting a blog post the other day after getting a harsh verbal beating. (Which I ended up posting just the other day!) And all I was wanting to do was something to take my mind off it. Although I couldn’t get up and move. I thought “go for a walk” or “read a… The post 10 things you should do to improve your day! appeared first on BayArt.

Not everyone is an asshole

Not everyone is an asshole

My friend (and valued member of my crit group) Richard Parry has some thoughts on his blog about the state of things. About the way people interact, about the negative feedback loops we sometimes get caught up in (go read it now, then come back. I’ll wait).

Some days, it seems like everyone in the world is just trying to annoy me, but then I remember that everything is relative and if I’m…

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