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Quick Fix – Issue #78

Quick Fix – Issue #78

Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s issue of Quick Fix.

Unfortunately, this week’s issue is a little small, but we’re planning on bringing in some new writers when we find them!


Click the cover for this issue!
Click the cover for this issue!


The LLLRanting Family ♥

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Happy Fridays: Why do you identify as a Slur?

Happy Fridays: Why do you identify as a Slur?

Most people know that I’m Queer, possibly the Queerest person you know, because it’s impossible to pinpoint my gender and sexuality like others can. Some people can say they’re Lesbian, or Gay, or Bisexual while being Non-Binary, Cisgender, or Trans. For me, it’s not as simple. Which is why I go by Queer, because my sexuality and gender are weird, even to me.

However, on many occasions, I’ve been…

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Some Good LGBT+ News

Some Good LGBT+ News

The media seems to have fun being killjoys and hiding all the good things that are happening within the LBGT+ at the moment. So, here is some good things and their responses – which some are negative, but I’ll put some good ones, too; don’t worry.

  1. Prince William has been shortlisted for the Straight Ally award a year after being on the cover of LGBT+ magazine, Attitude. Personally, I’m quite…

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08. Cottage/Shepherd’s Pie (GF/LF/EF)

08. Cottage/Shepherd’s Pie (GF/LF/EF)

These two pies are some of the most favoured in the UK, and although they’re similar there are subtle differences. One of them being: Cottage Pie is Beef Mince, while Shepherd’s Pie is Lamb Mince.

However, I will quickly say this: I don’t discriminate against what meat is in what pie because the traditional recipes that I follow with these two pies show a lot more differences than just the Mince.

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Happy Fridays – An Old ‘Poem’?

Happy Fridays – An Old ‘Poem’?

I’ve recently been quite pro-active and cleaning my room and my computers. And in doing so, I’ve found some old things and one of them I think I should share with you because I never did.

So, here is my poem, if that’s what you want to call it, titled: Stop.


Just stop for one second and think of what you’re doing.

It’s hard and painful, and you don’t think you can cope anymore, but you can.

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The Romanticisation of Mental Illness

The Romanticisation of Mental Illness

Trigger Warning: This article is a rant, it is about the romanticisation of mental illness. This article talks about Depression, PTSD, OCD, Anxiety, Bulimia, Mental Health, Cancer, Medication, Illness, and my experience of the mental health issues. If you are triggered by any of these issues or topics, please skip or proceed with this warning in mind.


Bad mental health is not romantic; it’s…

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07. Veggie Chow Mein (GF/EF/LF)

07. Veggie Chow Mein (GF/EF/LF)

Chow Mein has been one of my favourite meals for a long time, and with my gaining allergies, I have had to find a way around them in order to continue eating my favourite foods.

So, here is my Veggie Chow Mein.


  • 4 tablespoons of Gluten Free Soy Sauce – this can be bought from Morrisons for £2.48.
  • 4 medium sized Mushrooms– if you don’t like mushrooms, you can use red cabbage, cucumber,…

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Lush – What do you think is Lush?

Lush – What do you think is Lush?

Lush: something that is luxurious, rich, attractive.

For a long time, I used to describe certain items and meals as lush. It was my way of expressing my love for something. And I still do it now, I just don’t use the term lush as much anymore – but it is still very relevant! So, here are a few things that I think are lush:

  • Chicken: I love chicken! When I was 12, my obsession with eating chicken…

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1. Spring Writing Contest

1. Spring Writing Contest

At LLLRanting, we love finding new talent!
So, we are now hosting trimonthly writing contests.
This contest starts on February 9th 2017 and ends April 24th 2017.

Now for the who can enter:
You must be over the age of 16 years old, this is due to our target audience being at least 16, but generally over the age of 18. Anyone can enter, from any country, but the writing must be in English as we…

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