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Outside Lands 2017 Comedy Tent And Night Shows Announced

VIDEO: Outside Lands 2016 Coverage with Jackie Hollywood
By Dallas

SAN FRANCISCO (LIVE 105) – We’ve been waiting to which comedians would be apart of this year’s Barbary lineup for next month’s Outside Lands in Golden Gate Park and today they unveiled it.

We’ll apparently being a tent twice as big as previous years. Jeff Goldblum’s jazz band is a nice surprise on the lineup as well as Black Flag’s Henry Rollins.

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The festival also dropped their night show lineup:
Instagram Photo
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Tickets are still available at their website, SFOutsidelands.com.
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Artist Put iTunes Terms & Conditions Into Comic Book Form, Giving You Reason To Finally Read Them

Artist Put iTunes Terms & Conditions Into Comic Book Form, Giving You Reason To Finally Read Them

Who among us has actually read through the terms and conditions for every device, service, e-tailer, or telecom provider in our lives? Would you be more inclined to pore over that tedious legalese if it were in a more enjoyable form, like say, iTunes Terms and Conditions: The Graphic Novel?

Cartoonist R. Sikorayak is trying to inject some fun into the process of reading through thousands of words…

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In the footsteps of the bookstore crawl

In the footsteps of the bookstore crawl

By Dimitra Chronopoulos

How do independent bookstores in Toronto survive and thrive in today’s day and age? By knowing and caring about their customers, participating in conferences and community events, hosting events, and specializing. These were just some of the answers Editors Toronto and PWAC members heard during Editors Toronto’s inaugural bookstore crawl on Saturday, November 19, 2016.

Ben McNally Books


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Think Tank: How Dark is Too Dark?

Think Tank: How Dark is Too Dark?

When you create anything, be it a book, movie, or video game, you always have to set the tone.  This will give your audience a general feel of how the story is going to work, and the overall attitude of the characters and setting.  Most tones fall into either the lighthearted and fun, or dark and brooding category.  Today, let us put our collective minds together in the think tank, and ponder the…

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