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A New Rule of Attraction

It’s hard to practice what you preach sometimes. This week I have felt incredibly envious of a younger woman because I didn’t feel like I could match up to her. My partner used to have a crush on this woman who is a friend of his and I noticed this when I met her and…

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Celebrate Those Small Victories

I’m not where I thought I’d be at this time in my life. When I envisaged the future I thought I’d be doing a job which was leading to an amazing career in the arts, living in my own flat or house and maybe even married, though I was never to sure about that one.… The post Celebrate Those Small Victories appeared first on BayArt.

Born to Shine

born-to-shineAs believers, children of God, sons and daughters of the living King, we are born to shine!

Today as I listened to a preach at church about Jesus being the light of the world, God started talking to me.

He reminded me that as His children we too are the lights of the world and that we need to shine.

In the bible it is full of references to Jesus being the light of the world and I love this…

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