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SANFIC: Neto Villalobos’ ‘Untamed Helmets’ Casts a Light on Male Friendship

SANTIAGO DE CHILE  — A deadpan comedic ode to male friendship and budding adulthood on the streets of San José, Costa Rica, Neto Villalobos’ “Untamed Helmets” (“Los Cascos Indomables”) is among the eight rough cuts participating at SANFIC’s work in progress section. Armed with a degree in sociology and subsequent studies in film direction from... Read more »

World’s First ‘Water Positive Beer’ Now Being Served In Colorado

(CBS4) – Attention beer lovers! The next beer you crack open could be one that is helping the environment. Costa-Rican based Imperial Cerveza has created what they call a “water positive”” beer, meaning every one made lacks a water footprint. The company is launching its new brand Imperial Silver and chose Colorado as the first state in the U.S. to serve it. “It shares a lot of our values around the environment, biodiversity and social values,” Imperial Ambassador Victor Rutstein said of Colorado. So what is water positive? Rutstein said it is a four-step process involving measurement, reduction, compensation and creation of positive water value. Imperial first measured how much water it uses and made a decision to limit and conserve. Then the beer maker looked at ways to reduce their water usage. “What they did is they looked at all their brewing processes, all the processes of their suppliers and they reduced their water usage by 44 percent,” Rutstein said of the Costa-Rican beer maker. “They did this while increasing the volume of their beer by 70 percent.”
beer Worlds First Water Positive Beer Now Being Served In Colorado

Victor Rutstein (credit: CBS)

For the compensation phase, Rutstein explained Imperial paid landowners not to cut down trees. He said that adds water to the water shed and the water then goes to the metro of Costa Rica. “That got us to be water neutral,” Rutstein said. “So, to be water positive, we have to give back more water than we use. What we do is provide fresh water solutions to communities that need fresh water. That brings us to a place where we give back more water to the environment than we use.” Essentially, Imperial is giving more water than uses by focusing on water recycling and investing in conservation groups. To spread their water positive mission, Imperial is collaborating with the Colorado Water Trust to help fund efforts to restore and sustain waterways in our state. “We’ve invested to provide 62.8 million gallons of water to increase the flow of the Yampa River,” Rutstein told CBS4. “That’s 50 percent of the water needed there this summer.” If a country that sees upwards of 25 feet of rainfall a year cares about water conservation and production, Rutstein said it is important Imperial help a high-desert state like Colorado do the same. “We are thrilled to be in Colorado,” he said. To learn more about Imperial Cerveza and their water positive mission, visit imperialbeer.com.

Man Arrested For Threatening To Stage An Attack At Ariana Grande Show

19 Dead, 50 Injured After Explosion At UK Ariana Grande Concert

By Jon Wiederhorn

(RADIO.COM) – A 22-year-old Colombian man was arrested Sunday by Costa Rican police for allegedly threatening to stage a terror attack at an Ariana Grande concert in Alajuela.

Costa Rican prosecutors said in a statement that the man, Caicedo Lopez, made credible threats online in Arabic and police reacted, reports La Nacion. The concert was staged without incident.

Speaking with the Costa Rican newspaper, the young man’s grandmother painted a different picture. “If you see him, he is a very shy person, he does not smoke or smoke, he does not go to parties, he does not go to concerts, he is very homely, he is a good boy, very calm. Which happened to me, but it was a joke, even innocent, of a person who is very calm. But he will be responsible for his actions and his mistake. He told me that he never thought that this would become such a big deal, because he simply saw it as something vacillating, like something for the moment. He is frightened by the mistake he made.”

Twenty-two people were killed and dozens were injured when a man set off a bomb at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester.

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Arenal volcano, Costa RicaArenal volcano, Costa Rica

We hiked the trail of the 1968 volcanic eruption at Arenal. You can see some of the lava at the bottom of the vertical panorama. You can also see some little puffs of gas escaping from the top of the volcano. Fortunately it didn’t blow while we were there.
Also, my daughter’s use of panorama mode on her iPhone reminded me I had the same mode on my camera.

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