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Nearly half of respondents report first-hand experience in review of City of London’s harassment policies

Many people described the complaint process itself as the situation in which they experienced harassment, discrimination, bullying, intimidation or reprisal.

Indiana Police Chief Accused Of Harassment Faces Calls To Resign

CHICAGO (CBS) — Calls continue for the top cop in St. John, Indiana, to step down over allegations of harassment. At a rally Wednesday night, residents and current and retired police officers called for St. John Police Chief James Kveton to resign over what they call a culture of fear in the department.

Kveton has been accused of assaulting an officer, and penalizing officers who failed to meet ticket quotas.

Five officers went to the City Clerk and several patrolmen have contacted CBS 2, all with identical stories about harassment and fear and a quota for the number of tickets issued each day.

“People are afraid of losing their jobs,” said Corporal Steven Rudzinski of the St. John Police Department. “We have officers with years on that are applying with other departments.”

Rudzinski says one of his fellow officers was allegedly battered when he was called into Police Chief James Kveton’s office for failing turn in his time sheet.

“The chief had words with him and battered him,” Rudzinski said.

The officer says Kveton slapped him. One officer tells CBS 2 he could hear it from the hall.

The St. John Clerk’s office and town council are investigating the allegations.

Kveton has yet to respond to interview requests.

#ThatsHarassment Campaign Launches In Chicago

Chicago (CBS) – The city of Chicago is taking new steps to raise awareness about sexual harassment in the workplace. Mayor Rahm Emanuel and actor David Schwimmer are launching a series of public service announcement videos called “#ThatsHarassment.”

The campaign encourages victims and bystanders of harassment in the workplace to speak out and provide tools for employers to create a safe work environment. The public service announcements will appear on City billboards along the highways and information panels throughout the city, and in Creative Mobile Technologies and Curb Technologies taxicabs.

“By confronting sexual harassment, discrimination and misogyny directly, we can help more people understand their rights and responsibilities when it comes to this incredibly important issue,” said Mayor Emanuel. “The #ThatsHarassment series is part of a coordinated, concerted campaign to educate and empower everyone to recognize and respond to unacceptable behavior in the workplace. Together, we can create safe, empowering professional environments for all.”

“No longer does the shame of sexual harassment and assault belong with the victims and the survivors,” said actor, producer and director David Schwimmer. “These PSAs showcase the pervasiveness of abuse in the workplace, and make very clear that perpetrators who use positions of power to demean, deride, discredit, harass and assault anyone will be held accountable.”

David Schwimmer and his team created the project to highlight behaviors that are unacceptable and to end institutional silence and complicity. The films take place in various professional settings and depict scenarios of sexual harassment where men in positions of power cross the line. Based on real events, the videos include: “The Boss” starring Zazie Beetz and David Schwimmer, “The Coworker” starring Grace Gummer and Joseph Sikora, and “The Doctor” starring Cynthia Nixon and Michael Kelly. The PSAs can be found at: www.CityofChicago.org/ThatsHarassment.

Every day hundreds of Americans are affected by sexual violence and abuse. The U.S. Equal

Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) estimates that one in four women face harassment in the workplace, and many are hesitant to report it. Sexual harassment is pervasive across industries, especially in low-wage service jobs. More than 25 percent of sexual harassment charges filed with the EEOC in the last decade came from industries with service-sector workers.