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Being Black Or Gay In Chicago Makes You More Prone To Hate Crimes

CHICAGO (CBS)–Hate crimes rose by 24 percent last year, Chicago police data shows, with gay men and African Americans targeted more than other groups.

Records show 15 more hate crimes were reported in the city in 2018 compared to 2017 when police logged 62 total hate crimes.

Race, sexuality and religion were the primary motivators, according to data from Chicago police, which shows Jewish people were targeted more than all other religious groups.

Conversations about hate crimes moved front and center in January when Jussie Smollett, who is black and gay, told police he was targeted in an attack.

Smollett’s claims were discredited by a police investigation that led to a grand jury indicting the former ‘Empire’ actor for 16 felony counts of disorderly conduct, but police data shows hate crime exists as a tangible problem in Chicago.

And being black and/or gay are the most common triggers for hate crimes, according to police statistics that show African Americans were targeted in 22 hate crimes in 2018–more than any other group.

Gay males were the second most-targeted group, with 13 homophobic attacks reported last year, the data shows.

Anti-semitic hate crimes were the third most common, with 12 last year. White people were the fourth most-commonly targeted group, with 11 anti-white hate crimes reported in 2018 in the city of Chicago.

The number of hate crimes saw a year-to-year increase in all those categories, except crimes against Jewish people, which fell by 25 percent in 2018, the data shows.

Muslims were targeted in three reported hate crimes last year, and one anti-Catholic hate crime was included in the data.

Butterfly Pride – Issue #40

Butterfly Pride – Issue #40

Hello, everyone!

Welcome to this issue of Butterfly Pride. We hope you enjoy!

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Youtube’s LGBT+ Restrictions

Youtube is a place where you can let your visual creations go wild, whether you’re a vlogger, animator, special effects technician, or a gamer. However, some things have changed on Youtube recently that is restricting people from viewing certain content.

So, let me explain.

Youtube has brought in a restricted mode to allow more users to use the site. For example, high schools that had once…

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Our Spring Writing Contest

Our Spring Writing Contest

Entries must be in English.

Click HERE to enter a piece of work.

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A World Without ‘Women’

A World Without ‘Women’

Warning: This article speaks of Sexism. If you believe this may offend you, please skip the article or proceed with caution.


Take a look around you, look at how much women do in today’s society. For me, I have three woman teachers and one man. My principle is a woman. All of my college teachers last year were women. A large proportion of the writers here, at Live Love Laugh Ranting, are women.

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Butterfly Pride – Issue #39

Butterfly Pride – Issue #39

Hello, everyone!

Welcome to this month’s issue of Butterfly Pride! We hope you enjoy;


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LGBT+ Fiction

Around five years ago, I came out as Queer – this was a big step for me, and it changed my fiction!

I began writing My Mate when I was fifteen. My Mate was about a Lesbian couple, one being a Vampyre and another being a Demigod.

And now, as a nineteen-year-old, I’m seemingly writing more and more none heterosexual romances; which I quite like, I find Homosexual, Bisexual, Pansexual, etc, a lot…

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Quick Fix – Issue #79

Quick Fix – Issue #79

Hello, everyone!

And welcome to this week’s issue of Quick Fix.

We hope you enjoy;

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The Invisibility Cloak of Asexuality

The Invisibility Cloak of Asexuality

Being asexual comes with certain pitfalls. In today’s hypersexual society, it’s regarded as almost an affront if you don’t feel sexual attraction to somebody or want to have sex with them, and this applies to both sides: heterosexual and LGBT+. Many people seem to take personal offence if their partner states that they are not sexually attracted to them or don’t want to sleep with them (though it…

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