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Iris Moore, Part III

Iris Moore, Part III

The MCA pamphlets said that five copies would be made of Iris’ application form and sent to those men whose likes and tastes most matched her own. If these showed no success, the MCA would progress with those who had slight deviations and so on until an eligible match was found. One was to expect at least three weeks’ time for an answer from the MCA, and guaranteed both a personal letter and a…

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Iris Moore, Part IV

Iris Moore, Part IV

More than a week passed before the answering letter came. By the time she saw the envelope lying square on her little room’s floor, Iris was already convinced that her reply had been too short and mean for Mr. O’Brian to answer it. She had been courteous and written to both Kenneth H. Williams and Trevor Bowden, thanking them for their letters, though, regrettably, she could not continue their…

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Iris Moore, Part V

Iris Moore, Part V

Christian O’Brian’s answer came five days later, just as Iris found out that she had only two more weeks to stay in her room before Mrs. Norman, the proprietor’s wife, would have to ask her to leave the premises. Mrs. Norman could no longer keep Iris on such a low rent without Mr. Norman noticing. Though Mrs. Norman took care of the business of finding suitable lodgers, it was Mr. Norman who…

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Iris Moore, Part VI

Iris Moore, Part VI

Finally, after all the letters were written and all the papers signed, Iris found herself in her small room, a square box now that it was stripped of all her belongings. Two young men were carrying her heavy trunk to the hackney waiting in the street. She had informed Mr. Emerson only the day before that she would be leaving the city for good on the morrow. Mrs. Emerson, who was in the shop as…

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