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My drawing of coat by me Gloria Poole,RN,artist of/in Missouri

My drawing of coat by me Gloria Poole,RN,artist of/in Missouri


This is my drawing of lesson 26 in my drawing workbook. I, Gloria Poole, drew this, made a note about it also and signed it and sprayed it with fixative to preserve it. It is graphite on the page provided for that lesson. I am drawing fifty different lessons to improve my art I create. Michelango the famous artist who painted the Sistine Chapel said to be a great artist one must “draw, draw,…

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As I feel it.

As I feel it.

Some people are bond to us by an unknown relation, they are there, always there.

My soul, as I witness, at times undergo a revolting process, a cyclone, a storm takes over my body and jolts my heart, and burdens it.    I feel and I wish to leave this monotony at once and run to venture something that might give me new emotions, that’ll eradicate the inborn toxicities from me.                    …

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Code of Life

Hello my dear Humans!

Today we would like to touch one of the most complicated subjects: Life…

What is Life? 

Life is a mystery and to understand it we need to create a pathway that it easier to walk through the woods. Sometimes people are so complicated that they don’t understand the meaning of life. Humans search for materialistic and physical pleasures, and the just a little is never enough.…

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Finite Creatures

In a memory of a very good friend     

Eugene Lerner (1979-1993)

mother cry 2jpg

I waited for him all day until very late, and when I got home, I called him and there was no answer.

I could not close my eyes all night. Something was not right. I felt scared and nervous.  When I called him back in the morning, his brother answered the phone.

Where is he?” What do you mean he is not coming?! – I asked again with…

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